‘Depressed, anxious, nauseated’: Katie Hill reacts to allegations Matt Gaetz shared nude images of women on House floor

katie hill matt gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida (L) and former Rep. Katie Hill of California (R).

  • Former Rep. Katie Hill said Saturday she felt “nauseated” following the Matt Gaetz allegations.
  • Hill was forced to resign in October 2019 after nude images of her were published by the DailyMail.
  • Gaetz has been accused of showing his colleagues nude images of women on the House floor.
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Former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill said she felt “depressed, anxious, and nauseated” following reports that former colleague Matt Gaetz faces a sex trafficking investigation.

In addition to allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution, Gaetz this week has been accused of showing other lawmakers images of nude women he claimed to have slept with, according to a CNN report. The Florida Republican is said to have shown these photos both in private and on the House floor.

Hill was forced to resign in October 2019 after nude images of her were leaked by British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The report also detailed claims she was involved in a polyamorous relationship with her ex-husband and a female campaign staffer during her run for Congress, an allegation she later admitted to and apologized for.

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She blamed her estranged husband at the time for the publication of the photos and left Congress vowing to combat revenge porn.

“The last few days I’ve been depressed, anxious, nauseated, and haven’t wanted to leave the house or even talk to people I love,” she said on Twitter on Saturday. “If you’ve been a victim of non-consensual intimate image abuse and are feeling the same way, please reach out to CCRI. You’re not alone.”

Hill and Gaetz struck an unlikely friendship while serving together in Congress.

In 2019, Gaetz defended Hill during her scandal, tweeting at the time: “I serve on Armed Services with Katie and while we frequently disagree on substance, she is always well-prepared, focused, and thoughtful.”

Hill also jumped to Gaetz’s defense in 2020 when he revealed that he had raised a young man from Cuba as his son.

Revenge porn” is the act of non-consensually sharing explicit photos online. It has been an increasing concern for celebrities and public figures. It especially affects women.

Many experts say the name “revenge porn” is misleading because it implies the victim must have done something to deserve the crime when this is almost always not the case, Insider reported previously.

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