Prehistoric cavemen starved themselves of oxygen to induce hallucinations and inspire their ancient paintings, study finds

cave paintings
Prototype of painting of the facsimile of the Chauvet cave, which contains some of the earliest known cave paintings Arc, in Vallon-Pont-d’Arc.

  • Prehistoric cave dwellers living in Europe starved themselves of oxygen to make art, researchers say.
  • An Israeli study found that cavemen purposefully did this to help them interact with the cosmos.
  • The study explains why so many ancient paintings are deep inside cave systems.
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Prehistoric cave dwellers living in Europe purposefully starved themselves of oxygen to hallucinate while creating their decorative wall paintings, a groundbreaking new study has found.

Researchers have been questioning for years why so many of the world’s oldest paintings were located in often pitch-black tunnel systems, far away from cave entrances.

But a recent study by Tel Aviv University now reveals that the location was deliberate because it induced oxygen deprivation and caused cavemen to experience a state called hypoxia.

Hypoxia can bring about symptoms including shortness of breath, headaches, confusion, and rapid heartbeat, which can lead to feelings of euphoria, near-death experiences, and out-of-body sensations. The team of researchers believes it would have been “very similar to when you are taking drugs”, the Times reported.

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“It appears that Upper Paleolithic people barely used the interior of deep caves for daily, domestic activities. Such activities were mostly performed at open-air sites, rock shelters, or cave entrances,” the study says, according to CNN.

“While depictions were not created solely in the deep and dark parts of the caves, images at such locations are a very impressive aspect of cave depictions and are thus the focus of this study,” it adds.

According to Ran Barkai, the co-author of the study, the cavemen used fire to light up the caves, which would simultaneously also reduce oxygen levels. Painting in these conditions was done deliberately and as a means of connecting to the cosmos, the researcher says.

“It was used to get connected with things,” Barkai told CNN, adding that cave painters often thought of the rock face as a portal connecting their world with the underworld, which was associated with prosperity and growth. The researcher also suggested that cave paintings could have been used as part of a kind of initiation rite.

The fascinating cave paintings, which date from around 40,000 to 14,000 years ago, depict animals such as mammoths, bison, and ibex.

“It was not the decoration that rendered the caves significant but the opposite: The significance of the chosen caves was the reason for their decoration,” the study reads, according to CNN.

The study focused on decorated caves in Europe, mostly in Spain and France. It was published last week in the scientific journal “Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness, and Culture.”

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NASA shares breathtaking image of a wind-sculpted sea of blue dunes on Mars taken by the Odyssey orbiter

blue dunes on mars
A sea of dark dunes, sculpted by the wind into long lines, surrounds Mars’ northern polar cap.

  • NASA shared an image of dunes surrounding Mars’ northern polar cap.
  • The false-color image shows a sea of blue dunes and yellow wind-sculpted lines on the red planet.
  • The photo has been released to mark the 20th anniversary of the Mars Odyssey orbiter.
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On Thursday, NASA released a stunning photo of a sea of dunes on Mars.

It also shows wind-sculpted lines surrounding Mars’ frosty northern polar cap.

The section captured in the shot represents an area that is 19 miles wide, NASA said. The sea of dunes, however, actually covers an area as large as Texas.

The photo is a false color image, meaning that the colors are representative of temperatures. Blue represents cooler climes, and the shades of yellow mark out “sun-warmed dunes,” the US space agency wrote.

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The photo is made of a combination of images captured by the Thermal Emission Imaging System instrument on the Mars Odyssey orbiter, NASA wrote.

Captured during the period from December 2002 to November 2004, the breathtaking images have been released to mark the 20th anniversary of Odyssey.

The Mars Odyssey orbiter is a robotic spacecraft circling Mars that uses a thermal imager to detect evidence of water and ice on the planet.

It was launched in 2001, making it the longest-working Mars spacecraft in history.

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Trump wants you to start calling it the ‘Trumpcine’ instead of the COVID-19 vaccine, report says

trump vaccine operation warp speed
Trump greets the crowd before he leaves at the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit on December 08, 2020 in Washington, DC.

  • Former President Donald Trump wants the vaccine to be called the “Trumpcine,” Newsweek reported.
  • He has repeatedly expressed his frustration that he isn’t getting credit for the COVID-19 shot.
  • In March, Trump claimed that people “probably” wouldn’t get the vaccine at all if it wasn’t for him.
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Former President Donald Trump wants you to start calling the COVID-19 vaccine by a different name.

“Trumpcine” is the former president’s desired moniker for the life-saving jab, CNN reporter Kevin Liptak said on Twitter.

Trump made this request to hundreds of donors during a rambling 50-minute speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Saturday night, Newsweek reported.

It’s the latest sign that the former president is growing increasingly frustrated that he isn’t receiving credit for the development or rollout of the coronavirus shot.

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In early March, Trump released a statement falsely asserting that he was primarily responsible for the shot’s rapid development.

“I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 (often referred to as the China Virus) Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all,” the statement said.

There is no evidence to suggest that Trump’s efforts would have shaved four or five years off from a COVID-19 vaccine being developed, Insider’s Tyler Sonnemaker previously wrote.

In November, Insider’s Mia Jankowicz reported that Trump was furious that President Joe Biden may get credit for the vaccines. He was reportedly upset that Biden would “steal” the plaudits from him, Jankowicz said.

Trump made the latest plea for credit at a speech to his most dedicated supporters during a Republican National Committee retreat.

In addition to touting the “Trumpcine,” he reportedly spent several minutes deriding Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao.

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Ever Given ship forbidden to leave the Suez Canal until its owners pay up to $1 billion in compensation for the chaos it caused

Ever given
The “Ever Given” container ship operated by the Evergreen Marine Corporation, sails through the Suez Canal.

  • The Ever Given can’t leave the Suez Canal until compensations are paid, officials said Thursday.
  • It is still unclear how much has to be paid, although it could be up to $1 billion.
  • The owner of the Ever Given said it hadn’t officially heard from Egyptian authorities yet.
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While the giant Even Given container ship might have been freed from the banks of the Suez Canal, it still finds itself stuck, embroiled in a row of who should pay for dislodging it from the waterway.

Egyptian authorities said that they wouldn’t release the massive ship, which was stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week until its owners agree to pay up to $1 billion in compensation.

“The vessel will remain here until investigations are complete and compensation is paid,” Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, who leads the Suez Canal Authority, told a local news station on Thursday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We hope for a speedy agreement,” he said, adding that the “minute they agree to compensation, the vessel will be allowed to move.”

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Rabie said that Egyptian authorities would demand $1 billion to cover the costs of freeing the vessel.

The figure will cover the expense of the equipment and machinery used to clear the way, damage to the canal itself by the dredging, and compensate around 800 people who worked to release the 200,000-ton ship, Rabei said.

It will also refund the costs from the blocking of the canal, which ended up causing an epic traffic jam of more than 400 ships on either side of the channel.

Rabie did not say how exactly he arrived at that figure.

According to London-based financial firm Revenitiv, the Egyptian state lost transit fees worth $95 million because of the blockage.

suez canal plane picture
An aerial view of the Suez Canal in Egypt, taken from a commercial flight on March 27, 2021.

It is also still unclear who will pay for Egypt’s demand for compensation. Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd., the Japanese owner of the Ever Given, told the Wall Street Journal that it hadn’t officially heard from the Egyptian authorities.

Eric Hsieh, the president of Evergreen Marine Corp, the charterer of Ever Given, said that the company is “free of responsibility from cargo delays” because “it will be covered by insurance,” Bloomberg reported.

The 1,300-foot Ever Given made headlines on March 23 when an unexpected wind storm caused it to steer off course and get lodged in the sandbanks of the Suez Canal, disrupting global trade. It was freed six days later.

Egypt has since opened a formal investigation into how the vessel got stuck in the first place.

The ship, its cargo, and the 25-person Indian crew of sailors will remain at anchor in Egypt’s Great Bitter Lake until the investigation is over. Earlier this month, authorities told Insider that the crew of the ship is safe and will continue getting paid.

Rabie said that he would prefer to settle the matter of compensation outside of court, although he didn’t rule out a lawsuit.

“We could agree on a certain compensation, or it goes to court,” he said, according to CNBC. “If they decide to go to court, then the ship should be held.”

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Matt Gaetz thought he could ‘do what he wanted’ with women’s nudes, a colleague said. That’s not how it works.

Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) awaits the State of the Union address in the chamber of the House of Representatives on February 4, 2020 in Washington, DC.

  • Matt Gaetz once said the recipient of a private image could do with it what they want, his former colleague said this week.
  • The Florida lawmaker has recently been accused of sharing nude images of women in Congress.
  • Insider spoke to an expert to find out why this common assumption is wrong and also dangerous.
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When the state senate in Florida passed a bill that would ban nonconsensual pornography back in 2015, only two lawmakers voted against it. One of them was Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Former state Rep. Tom Goodson, who was the main sponsor of the legislation at the time, told the Orlando Sentinel this week that when he met with Gaetz to discuss his opposition, it was clear that “Matt was absolutely against it.”

“He thought the picture was his to do with what he wanted,” Goodson said, according to the Sentinel. “He thought that any picture was his to use as he wanted to, as an expression of his rights.”

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Gaetz’s supposed outlook has become even more problematic now that the lawmaker is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly showing several colleagues in Congress nude videos and images of women he’d slept with. This is on top of an already existing sex trafficking probe.

What is most striking about Goodson’s claims this week is Gaetz’s supposed assumption that the recipient of a private photo can do what they want with it. This is not only wrong, but also dangerous for victims of image-based abuse.

According to the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, the very definition of nonconsensual pornography, otherwise known as revenge porn, is “the distribution of private, sexually explicit images of individuals without their consent.”

Amy Hasinoff, an associate professor at the University of Colorado Denver who recently co-authored a study on image-based abuse, told Insider: “Just because someone consented to send a photo doesn’t mean the receiver has consent to distribute it. That’s a completely separate act.”

“If somebody wants to distribute your sexual images, they have to get your permission first,” she added.

For Hasinoff, this should be a no-brainer. It should be obvious that certain pieces of information – whether it’s health, financial, or sexual information – are meant to be private. It should be obvious that, like any other sex act, consent should be sought before sharing private images.

But unfortunately, nonconsensual pornography is still far too prevalent. A nationwide study in 2017 found that 1 in 8 Americans who have social media have been targets of image-based abuse. Women were significantly more likely to have been targets compared to men.

On top of this, the consequences of this crime can be devastating: 51% of US victims have contemplated suicide, according to research carried out by the campaign End Revenge Porn.

“We need to dispel the myth that the victim has done anything wrong”

Many victims of image-based abuse suffer from bad mental health because they end up becoming the subject of slut-shaming and victim-blaming. The very name “revenge porn” is misleading because it implies that the perpetrators are motivated by revenge.

Former Rep. Katie Hill, who was forced to resign from Congress in 2019 after nude images of her were leaked, told Fortune last year: “We need to dispel the myth that the victim has done anything wrong. When you hear…’She should never have taken those photos’ we’re talking about photos in many cases that were not even taken consensually, let alone distributed consensually.”

Hill is still struggling from the fall-out of what happened: She recently lost a lawsuit against the Daily Mail for publishing the photos of her (her team plans on appealing the case.)

katie hill congress
Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) answers questions from reporters at the Capitol following her final speech on the floor of the House of Representatives on October 31, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Like many victims, her mental health has also suffered. “One of the most overwhelming feelings is knowing that the vast majority of people who know who I am if I encounter them on the street and they recognize me. I have to hold it within my mind that there’s a very good chance they’ve seen my naked pictures,” she told Fortune.

“That’s a really shitty thing to think about,” she added.

After leaving Congress, Hill vowed to campaign against revenge porn, most likely why the recent Gaetz allegations have hit her hard.

Last week, the former Representative tweeted that she felt “depressed, anxious, nauseated” by the new claims, especially because she once considered Gaetz an unlikely ally (he had defended her during the scandal.)

“I have to wonder about what his motives were when he defended me back then,” Hill said in an interview with CNN on Friday. “Knowing now that that could’ve been just because he was trying to kind of cover-up for whatever his own indiscretions were or be able to use my name and invoke that defense later on. It’s just gross.”

For Hill and other campaigners, the fight is still far from over.

At the time of writing, 46 states, the District of Columbia, and one territory have revenge porn laws. However, they’re still relatively new, contain many loopholes, and change drastically within each state. Conviction rates also remain very low.

Masinoff told Insider that one way to solve this problem is to make it clear to people that behavior like this is unacceptable – and even deadly. And it starts with not assuming you can share a private image as you wish.

“Most of the response to this problem has been to create sort of new criminal laws to try to punish people for doing it,” Masinoff said. “I understand that that’s sort of the tool that we have right now, but it’s wrong that this is one of the only ways we can tell people that their behavior is bad.”

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Trump spent several minutes insulting ‘dumb son of a b—h’ Mitch McConnell during a rambling speech to GOP donors at Mar-a-Lago, say reports

trump mcconnell insults gop
Former President Donald Trump took aim at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for not supporting him enough during his February impeachment trial, Politico reported.

  • Former President Donald Trump insulted Mitch McConnell during a speech to donors at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Trump referred to the Senate Minority Leader as a “dumb son of a b—h,” Politico reported.
  • He spent several minutes ridiculing both McConnell and his wife, The Washington Post said.
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Former President Donald Trump derided Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell during a 50-minute speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Politico reported.

Trump referred to McConnell as a “dumb son of a b—h,” three people familiar with the remarks told Politico.

He then spent several minutes detailing his qualms with McConnell, the media outlet said.

The former president complained that McConnell had not done enough to defend him during his February impeachment trial, according to Politico.

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Trump also attacked McConnell’s wife, former Transportation Secretary, The Washington Post reported. “I hired his wife. Did he ever say thank you?” Trump said, according to The Post.

mitch mcconnell
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, former Trump Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, arrive for Joe Biden’s inauguration.

He then proceeded to ridicule her for resigning following the January 6 insurrection, the paper said.

The former president also falsely claimed that he had won the Senate election for McConnell in Kentucky, The Post added.

The Kentucky senator was not the only Republican to be derided. Trump also claimed that former Vice President Mike Pence lacked the “courage” to send the Electoral College certification back to state legislatures, MailOnline said.

The former president was speaking to hundreds of GOP donors as part of a Republican National Committee retreat in South Florida, according to CNN.

Donors were shuttled from the retreat’s main venue, about 10 minutes away, to this closed-door audience with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, CNN reported.

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A college student hit a police officer over the head with his skateboard during the Capitol riot, says indictment

capitol riot siege
Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC.

  • A college student has been charged for striking a police officer with his skateboard during the Capitol riot.
  • Grady Douglas Owens, 21, was caught on bodycam footage striking the officer over the head.
  • The officer, who was not named, was left with a concussion and an injury to his finger.
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A Florida college student has been charged with striking a Metropolitan Police officer over the head with a skateboard at the Capitol riots, according to a Department of Justice press release.

Grady Douglas Owens, 21, from Winter Park, Florida, was arrested on April 1 after being caught on bodycam video using his skateboard, which bore the phrase “White Fang,” to hit a police officer over the head.

The officer, who has not been named, was left with a concussion and an injury to his finger, according to an affidavit released earlier this month.

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The 21-year-old, who is a student at Full Sail University, has been charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, and violent entry of the Capitol building, among other things. He faces 36 years in prison if convicted.

Federal investigators were able to track him down with the help of social media. His Instagram account, which described him as a “mix and mastering engineer,” according to the New York Post, has since been taken down.

An employee of Full Sail University later positively identified him.

More than 400 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection, which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a police officer.

Of the cases, at least 32 are from Florida, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he hired private investigators to find out why Fox News isn’t letting him speak on air

mike lindell fox news
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

  • Mike Lindell said he’s hired investigators to find out why Fox News isn’t letting him speak on air.
  • Lindell told Steve Bannon on Friday that several entities are conspiring against him.
  • Fox News and the MyPillow CEO have both been sued by Dominion Voting Systems for defamation.
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said Friday he’s hired private investigators to find out why Fox News isn’t letting him go on the network as a guest to talk about his baseless claims of election fraud.

Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News and Lindell for defamation last month, seeking $1.6 billion and $1.3 billion, respectively. The conservative news network is also facing a $2.7 billion lawsuit by Smartmatic allegedly spreading election misinformation earlier this year.

Lindell, who has continued to push voter-fraud conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” podcast to talk about the lawsuit and Fox News.

The CEO said he believes that Fox News and their reluctance to speak about the election fraud seem suspicious to him, adding that it is allegedly among several entities involved in a conspiracy against former President Donald Trump.

In a video of the interview, posted to social media, Bannon says to Lindell: “I don’t remember seeing you on Fox recently…Why are the Murdochs afraid of Dominion? Why is Mike Lindell not on Fox and why do they seem to say, hey, when Dominion says something, we’re just gonna shut up about it and talk about Biden’s tax bill?”

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“You know, I’m gonna have those answers soon, ’cause I’ve hired private investigators and I’ve spent a lot of money on them to investigate everything,” Lindell responds.

“The bots and trolls, who’s behind them? Why is Facebook involved, Wikipedia involved? And then the big question: why isn’t Fox having people on? Why isn’t Fox on there talking about Dominion and Smartmatic and the election fraud?” he added.

Watch the moment below:

This is not the first time Lindell has accused the network of conspiring against him.

Last month, the CEO complained to the “Eric Metaxas Radio Show” that he’s unable to go on Fox News to talk about the “absolute proof” he claims to have found about election fraud, adding that he believes the conservative TV network is “in on it.”

“I want to say one thing here – here’s things that don’t make sense,” Lindell said. “Let’s just talk about Fox. You’re already sued! It’s too late to close the gate. The cows are already out of the barn!”

Even though Lindell hasn’t appeared as a guest on Fox News for months, his company is still the leading advertiser of the network’s most-viewed show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Insider has reached out to Fox News for comment.

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Video shows Virginia cops holding a Black Army officer in uniform at gunpoint and pepper-spraying him during a traffic stop

virginiai cops
Caron Nazatio gets pulled over by police during a traffic stop on December 5, 2020 in Windsor, Virginia.

  • A Black Army lieutenant is suing Virginia police officers for assaulting him during a traffic stop last year.
  • Bodycam footage shows two officers holding the lieutenant at gunpoint and pepper-spraying him.
  • The lieutenant’s lawyer said his client is “definitely not doing too well” after the incident.
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A US Army lieutenant is suing two Virginia police officers for holding him at gunpoint, pepper-spraying him, and throwing him to the ground during an illegal traffic stop that took place last year.

Caron Nazario, a Black and Latino man who is a second lieutenant in the US Army Medical Corps, was driving home from his duty station on December 5, 2020, when police pulled him over, attorney Jonathan Arthur told The Associated Press on Friday.

The officers, identified as Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker, later claimed they pulled Nazario over because he had tinted windows and was missing a rear license plate.

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According to a report included in the lawsuit, Crocker radioed in that the driver was “eluding police” and that it was considered a “high-risk traffic stop,” the Washington Post reported.

Nazario had attempted to explain at the time that he wasn’t trying to elude the officer but wanted to stop in a well-lit area “for officer safety and out of respect for the officers,” Arthur said, according to AP.

The lawsuit says by the time the two officers reached his SUV, the license plate was visible.

Body camera footage of the incident shows the officers shouting at Nazario to get out of the car. The Army lieutenant, who is seen holding his hands in the air, says: “I’m honestly afraid to get out.”

One of the officers, holding a gun to Nazario’s face, responds: “Yeah, you should be!”

At one point, Gutierrez threatened the Virginia university graduate that he was “fixin’ to ride the lightning.” AP reported that this is a reference to the electric chair which was also a line from the movie “The Green Mile,” a film about a Black man facing execution.

“I don’t even want to reach for my seatbelt, can you please?” Nazario says, his hands shaking. “My hands are out, can you please – look, this is really messed up.”

In the lawsuit, filed earlier this month, the police officers were said to have “approached with guns pointed at the car, gave opposing instructions to a uniformed soldier behind the wheel, and then pepper-sprayed him – all while threatening him with different charges and levels of violence for non-compliance,” Complex reported.

Watch the moment below:

Nazario has sued Gutierrez and Crocker, claiming violations of his constitutional rights under the Fourth and First Amendments. Asked about Nazario’s condition after the incident, Arthur told AP: “He’s definitely not doing too well.”

The lawsuit says: “These cameras captured footage of behavior consistent with a disgusting nationwide trend of law enforcement officers, who, believing they can operate with complete impunity, engage in unprofessional, discourteous, racially-biased, dangerous and sometimes deadly abuses of authority …”

Both Gutierrez and Crocker filed reports with “near-identical” misstatements, the lawsuit said according to the Washington Post.

Their reports of the incident claimed that Nazario refused to show his hands and slapped theirs away when they tried to get him out.

Crocker and Gutierrez still work for the department, according to AP.

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Video shows sailors fighting off a pod of killer whales with poles and flares after they break boat’s rudder

A pod of killer whales surround the vessel Serena IV in the waters of the Gibraltar Strait, on April 3, 2021.

  • A video shows the moment sailors on a boat in the Strait of Gibraltar fought off a pod of orcas.
  • Crew members desperately tried to scare the giant whales away but were still left without a rudder.
  • An expert told Insider that while these incidents have been going on since 2020, they’ve got less intense.
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A new video shows the moment sailors aboard a ship in the Straits of Gibraltar fought off a pod of killer whales with poles and flare lights after the giant sea creatures broke off part of the vessel’s rudder.

The incident happened on April 3 off Morocco’s coast of Cape Spartel, when the pod approached the Serena IV sailboat and started ramming its rudder.

The captain of the boat, Antonio Busse, told Real Press that he had been on watch duty that evening when he heard an unfamiliar noise and rushed to the back of the ship, witnessing what he counted to be four orcas.

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In the dramatic video footage published by the DailyMail, Busse can be seen using a long pole to hit the side of the boat as well as the water in an attempt to scare the orcas away.

Meanwhile, other crew members are seen desperately throwing items into the water and shouting at the whales, telling them to “get off the boat.”

At one point, the sailor filming the video can be heard shouting: “Look, they hit the wheel a bit! They don’t like the wheel, they always go for the wheel.” The orcas eventually broke off part of the vessel’s rudder.

One crew member eventually lights a red flare and throws it in the water, prompting the whales to swim away.

Despite a partially broken rudder, the boat managed to continue on its journey and anchor in the Spanish port of Tarifa.

Watch the video below:

Busse, who has sailed across the world, said that the incident had been very scary, adding that “something like this had never happened before” in his lifetime, according to the DailyMail.

“I have been in Antarctica and I have never seen something like this,” he said.

The incident is not the first of its kind in the area. In September 2020, the Observer reported that killer whales had been causing damage to more than a dozen boats in the Straits of Gibraltar, in some instances even leaving crew members seriously injured.

Researchers told the Observer that it was not unusual for orcas, which are highly social and curious animals, to follow boats or even playfully interact with them and that ramming the rudder is not unheard of.

However, many were still left scratching their heads as to why some of the incidents were aggressive in nature.

Ruth Esteban, the head of international relations for the Orca Atlantica Working Group, who studies these orcas, told Insider that since last year the interactions have still been happening, but they’ve “not been as intense.” This is partly also because of the season, she added.

The last interaction was on April 1, Esteban said, adding that there has been a lot of activity in the Strait of Gibraltar area.

“We don’t like to call them attacks because it comes across as more playful. We still don’t fully know why they do this but from watching videos of the different interactions, it is obvious they behave differently depending on the speed of the boat or the type of boat,” said Esteban. “When we watch these videos, for us, it doesn’t look like they’re ‘attacks.'”

Esteban also added that although the orcas had scared crew members on ships, they had not yet posed a significant danger to humans.

Wild killer whales have never fatally attacked humans in the ocean. However, there have been cases of captive orcas killing or injuring handlers at marine theme parks.

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