We’ve tested dozens of women’s underwear brands to find the best ones – here are the 6 we recommend most

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Parade underwear review

  • Underwear, an everyday essential, should be the most comfortable and durable clothing you own.
  • Brands like Tommy John, Everlane, and Parade make comfortable and stylish underwear that we love.
  • We gathered the six best places to shop for underwear for women, plus our favorite styles from each

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Underwear. You won’t give it a second thought if it’s fabulously comfortable, but if it’s anything less than that, it’s all you’ll be able to think about. But thankfully, there are plenty of options these days that are as comfortable as they are playful, and you really can’t ask for more when it comes to your undergarments.

But how do you know if your underwear is or isn’t working for you? The most important factor to consider when shopping for underwear is comfort. Your underwear should stay in place all day long rather than ride up. It’s also crucial to look at the material. The fabric should not only be soft and cozy, but sound enough to withstand several washes. And if you have a more active lifestyle, you might want to find underwear that’s made of stretchy, breathable materials.

This may seem like a lot to ask, but we promise it isn’t. Brands like Tommy John, Everlane, and Parade are getting it right time after time.

The 6 best places to buy women’s underwear in 2021:

Tommy John

Tommy John

Tommy John may have started off with men’s underwear, but its new feminine Second Skin and Air underwear collections prove that the company’s designers know a thing or two about what people look for in a great pair of underwear. That means no scrunching, chafing, bunching, or riding up. And boy does Tommy John’s underwear deliver on its promise that there will be “no adjustment needed.”

The Insider Reviews team tested out both the Second Skin and Air underwear collections and loved every pair. From the sexy thong and cheeky styles to the practical and attractive briefs, Tommy John’s underwear is super comfortable.

The Air collection is fantastic for hotter weather or workouts because it’s made with improved ventilation, moisture-wicking, and deodorizing fabric. The Air underwear comes in briefs, cheeky, and thongs that are made from 77% Nylon mesh and 23% Spandex.

What to buy:

Second Skin Brief (small)Air Mesh Cheeky (small)Air Mesh Thong (small)Women’s Air Mesh Cheeky (3-pack) (small)


If you don’t want to spend more than $20 on one pair of underwear, you’re in luck, because our favorite basics brand Everlane has an underwear collection. The online company is known for its transparent pricing and ethically produced clothing, so you can feel good about the underwear you’re buying.

Everlane’s underwear collection features bikini, thong, hipster, and high-rise hipster styles that are all made with Supima cotton that’s grown in the United States and made into underwear at ethical factories. The cotton’s extra-long fibers are super soft on your skin and the material is breathable. 

Our team reviewed Everlane’s cotton underwear and recycled nylon underwear and we loved them. The cotton high-rise hipster was a group favorite with its full coverage and comfortable feel. I also personally loved the regular hipster style, which is both sexy and comfortable. Those of us who prefer thongs were also impressed with Everlane’s take on that classic sexy style.

What to buy:

High-Rise Hipster (small)The Cotton Hipster (small)The Thong (small)The ReNew Hipster (small)


You only have to pay $25 for six pairs of underwear from Aerie, but just because it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic piece of underwear. Beyond the unbeatable price point, Aerie also makes truly comfortable and dependable underwear. Simple and unfussy, the majority of these undergarments are made of good ol’ cotton. But we’re not fazed by the lack of rayon, satin, and silk. 

To say that Aerie has a wide selection would be an understatement — no matter what kind of style, color, or print you’re looking for, this brand has it.

If that’s not enough to convince you to give Aerie a try, perhaps the message that the company is trying to send will do the trick. The brand’s #AerieReal campaign may have first debuted in 2014, but it’s still appealing to people who aren’t buying feminine underwear from airbrushed supermodels. The company has long pushed for honest acceptance of people’s bodies, and when it makes underwear this wearable, it’s pretty easy to accept yourself. 

What to buy:

Eyelash Lace Bikini Underwear (small)Lace Boybrief (small)Cotton Eyelash Lace Striped Thong (small)Cotton Bikini Underwear (small)

TomboyX 2  Photo Credit  Lyndsey Byrnes

TomboyX makes gender-inclusive underwear that ranges in style from thongs to 9-inch boxer briefs, and comes in sizes XS to 4X. TomboyX adapted masculine-style underwear like trunks and boxer briefs to suit women’s bodies, giving people who prefer wearing underwear styles that aren’t traditionally feminine a more tailored option.

If, for example, you prefer wearing men’s boxer briefs, but you’re sick of feeling that annoying bunching that comes from creating space for certain parts of male anatomy, TomboyX has boxer briefs for you. Whether you want boyshorts, 4.5-inch long shorts, 6-inch long shorts, or 9-inch long shorts, TomboyX has you covered. The company also makes more traditionally feminine styles like thongs, bikinis, and briefs. 

The underwear is made with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex cotton that’s eco-friendly. You can also get MicroModal and athlete-friendly Active Drirelease fabric if you prefer. A few members of the team have tried TomboyX’s underwear, and we all love it. Our reviewer Jen Gushue loves the cotton boyshorts

What to buy:

Boy Shorts (small)Hipster (small)High Rise Boy Shorts (small)Bikini (small)

Parade underwear brand startup models

Parade is known for stretchy, comfortable, can-barely-feel-them underwear — from cheeky-cut briefs to high-waisted thongs. The underwear comes in two materials; the Re:Play fabric is made of breathable, recycled yarn, while its Silky Mesh is stretchy, breathable cotton you can barely feel against your skin. There are also six different styles to choose from, so you can always get a comfortable pair of panties.

The Insider Reviews team tested Parade’s underwear and found all of the styles they tried to be super comfortable. Reporter Mara Leighton relies on the Parade Thong as her go-to workout undergarment, because of the material’s silky feel and non-roll waistband. 

Parade also wins points for its commitment to fun colors and patterns. The brand constantly rolls out new collections, from bright neons to kitschy mesh dots. The only drawback — Parade can sometimes have low stock in its popular styles, especially during the brand’s many sales. So, be sure to grab your favorites when they’re available.

What to buy:

Thong (small)Boyshort (small)Hip Hugger Universal (small)Brief (small)

Two feminine people on their backs, wearing matching MeUndies bralettes and underwear; light blue bralettes and martini themed underwear.

MeUndies has made a name for itself with its softer-than-soft materials that are sustainably sourced and breathable. The brand carries hipster, cheeky brief, thong, and boyshort styles, among others. Plus, you can wear these undies in a bunch of different solid colors and playful prints.

Whether you go for a pair that’s made from stretch cotton or eco-friendly MicroModal, we’ve found the brand’s underwear to be some of the most comfortable to wear. We should, however, mention that the fit tends to run a bit small, so we’d recommend sizing up.

MeUndies also has a membership program where shoppers can choose a new pair of underwear each month. Members can save up to 30% on every order, without any added costs.

For those who prefer to buy in bulk, you can shop packs of undies across multiple styles. You can even build your own pack, starting at $45. To hear more about why we love all of the brand’s offerings, check out our full review of MeUndies

Women’s Membership (small)Hipster (small)Boyshort (small)Stretch Cotton Mid-Rise Thong (small)

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