US: Midterm election day tests voters, voting systems amid election lies

Even before the outcomes are decided, the final day of voting in this year’s midterm elections arrives Tuesday with an intense focus on voting itself after two years of false claims and conspiracy theories ignited by former President Donald Trump following his loss in the last presidential election.
Trump and his allies succeeded in sowing wide distrust about the way votes are cast and counted by promoting false claims of widespread fraud.
The effort has eroded public confidence in elections and democracy, led to restrictions on mail voting and new ID requirements in some GOP-led states and prompted death threats against election officials.
Election Day this year is marked by concerns about further harassment and the potential for disruptions at polling places and at election offices where ballots will be tallied.
Election officials say they are prepared to handle any issues that arise, urging voters not to be deterred.
This bipartisan, transparent process administered by election