This Rolls-Royce features a starry ceiling display of the sky on the night its owner was born – see inside

Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

  • The Rolls-Royce Koa Wood Phantom Extended is a highly customized car built for a single collector.
  • Inside, it’s inspired by a beloved koa wood rocking chair and has a display depicting the night sky on the day its owner was born.
  • It took the Rolls-Royce Wood Specialist three years to find the perfect koa log to use.
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Rolls-Royce is a company that continually reminds me the sky’s the limit as long as you’ve got the money.

I’ve seen the automaker customize cars with contemporary African art and literal bird feathers. What I haven’t seen is a Rolls-Royce that was inspired by a rocking chair. 

Until now.

This is the Rolls-Royce Koa Wood Phantom Extended – a custom Phantom created for one Jack Boyd Smith Jr. and inspired by a koa-wood rocking chair that’s been in the family for years, according to a company press release.

As this was a purely custom job, Rolls-Royce did not reveal how much the Koa Wood Phantom cost. But a regular Phantom starts at $463,350, if that’s any indication. Inside, there’s actual koa-wood veneer, which was very rare and difficult to come by. It also features a light display showing the night sky on the day Smith was born, because loving yourself is important. Even if sometimes you love yourself a little too much.

Read on to see more.

This is the Rolls-Royce Koa Wood Phantom Extended.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._20
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

From the outside, it looks like a dark blue Phantom.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._19
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

But it is a meticulously customized one-off for a client named Jack Boyd Smith Jr.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._30
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

His initials are visible on the driver’s door.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._29
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

His wife Laura’s initials can be found on the passenger door.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._4
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The Phantom wears a coat of “Packard Blue” exterior paint.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._18
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

It was color-matched the 1934 Packard Twelve Coupe from Smith’s personal collection.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._17
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

But the Koa Phantom is named as such because it was inspired by a beloved koa-wood rocking chair that the Smiths have had in their home for many years.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._16
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

This is that chair.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._2
A koa-wood rocking chair.

The Smiths have always been very taken with koa wood, since they’ve spent so much time in Maui, Hawaii.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._15
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

Koa trees only grow in Hawaii. They are protected on a state and national level.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._14
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The only way to get it is by harvesting it from private growers.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._31
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The Smiths waited three years for the Rolls-Royce Wood Specialist to find the perfect log of koa wood.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._23
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The specialist “negotiated with a supplier for a highly prized log from his own, personal collection.”

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._1
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

Source: Rolls-Royce

Smith really wanted to capture the warmth of koa-wood in his car.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._5
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The log that the specialist found had a particularly beautiful textural finish.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._8
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The dash-mounted clock is a staple in nearly all modern Rolls-Royces.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._10
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

Why, yes, there is a champagne fridge.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._21
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

Why, yes, it comes with a crystal decanter.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._11
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

And there is a pair of initialed champagne flutes.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._7
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The rest of the wood went toward creating this picnic hamper.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._25
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

It’s made from koa wood, saddle leather, and stainless steel.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._27
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The 12-piece stainless steel cutlery set was hand-made in England.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._26
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The set also includes hand-made wine glasses and decanters from the Hungarian Ajka Crystal factory.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._28
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

A personalized plate reminds you who this car was built for.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._24
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The Smiths’ names can also be found in the personalized treadplates.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._12
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The Starlight Headliner, with 1,420 fiber-optic lights, shows the constellation of the sky above Cleveland, Ohio, on the day Smith was born.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._9
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The Koa Phantom marks the fifth Rolls-Royce to become part of The JBS Collection of Jack Boyd Smith Jr. in Elkhart, Indiana.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._22
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

The Koa Phantom was a custom job, so there was no pricing announcement.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._6
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

A regular 2021 Phantom starts at $463,350, though, so expect the price to have only gone up from there.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom._13
Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom.

Source: Car and Driver

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