These are the 6 best online LSAT prep courses, and one of them is completely free

The LSAT is designed to assess the skills needed most to succeed in law school, including critical reading, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and persuasive writing skills, to name a few. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) – which creates and administers the LSAT – uses data from a survey of faculty at about 90 ABA-approved law schools to determine the most impactful skills and then format each year’s LSAT to best measure them.

As a result, spending 20 hours per week re-learning algebra or interpreting graphs would be a poor use of a prospective law student’s time. Instead, students must strengthen their deductive and inductive reasoning skills and ability to organize evidence into a sharply written argument.

Prospective law students can find free preparation tools online, or pay up to $2,247 for a course that lends structure and advantages such as one-on-one tutoring and support from top LSAT scorers. Most programs, like The Princeton Review and LSAT Max, offer money-back guarantees around a certain score improvement (with conditions attached). 

LSAT prep sites chart (Updated Dec 2020)

The prep course you choose will depend upon variables such as budget, schedule, as well as what your starting score and goal score are. Below, you’ll find a few of the most popular LSAT prep options available online, and a short rundown of what you can expect to pay and receive from each.

Read on to learn about the best LSAT prep programs:

Princeton Review

Princeton Review

Price range: $800 – $1,800

The Princeton Review offers a self-paced online course for $799, a fundamentals course with 30 hours of classroom time for $999 (originally $1,099), and an LSAT 165+ course for $1,499 (originally $1,699). You can also opt for private LSAT tutoring for $1,800.

The most popular, according to the company, is the LSAT 165+, which guarantees you (under certain conditions) an LSAT score of 165, which should make you competitive for a top 25 law school. LSAT 165+ comes with 84 hours of instruction by an LSAT expert, 150 hours of online drills and explanations, six full-length practice LSAT tests, and more than 8,000 LSAT exam-style questions. You can find out more info here.



Price range: $600 – $1,500

LSAT Max offers three programs with more than 100 hours of video detailing test-taking strategies and techniques. Additionally, students have access to weekly office hours, four textbooks, and analytics to determine weaknesses and maximize prep time. Lifetime access, a money-back guarantee of a higher score for two of the programs, and the ability to simulate an actual digital LSAT test also help set this program apart. 

Its three program tiers are LSAT Max 60 for $595, which lasts 60 days; LSATMax 180, which runs $995 and lasts for 180 days; and LSATMax 365 for $1,495 that gives you year-long access. Each comes with one free hour of private tutoring, and the latter two also include a higher score guarantee. 


LSAT courses Blueprint

Price range: $700 – $1,500

Blueprint offers three options for its LSAT program: a three-month plan for $699 ($747 total if you pay by month rather than a one-time payment), a six-month plan for $999 (or $1,494 total if you pay by month), and a 12-month plan for $1,499 (or $2,988 if you pay by month). The six- and 12-month plans also come with score-increase guarantees. 

Students receive unlimited access to live online office hours six days per week, a personalized study plan, practice sets, more than 8,000 real LSAT questions, and score reports on practice exams with explanations of right and wrong answers.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy LSAT prep

Price range: Free

For those on a tight budget, Khan Academy, which was founded to bring education to anyone with internet access, has an entirely free prep program. The company reportedly collaborated with the makers of the LSAT to offer students access to thousands of official practice questions from real tests.

Students are able to complete problem sets, timed practice tests, instructional videos, as well as get access to strategies, tips, and more. The program is also designed to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses in order to create a custom practice plan that takes your goal score, schedule, and starting skill strengths into account.


Magoosh LSAT Prep

Price range: $278 – $2,247

Magoosh’s premium LSAT plan —which comes with a guarantee of an LSAT score increase of five points — gets you eight full tests, more than 7,000 LSAT questions with video explanations, 200 Logic Game explanations, timed practice tests, and email assistance from tutors. 

Magoosh offers two LSAT premium options: The one-month program, which costs $278 ($179 plus $99 for a year of LSAT Prep Plus), and the year-long version for $2,247 (currently discounted for $278 total). The latter is essentially the same as the one-month premium version but offers longer access to materials. 



LSAT courses Kaplan

Price range: $700 – $1,200 

Kaplan offers three currently discounted LSAT programs: self-paced for $700 (originally $799), and a live online lecture for $1200 (originally $1,299). 

Kaplan’s live online courses include eight four-hour sessions, two proctored practice exams, more than 60 LSAT exams with self-proctoring tools, and LSAT prep books. With an upgrade to Kaplan’s Live Online PLUS, you’ll also get three hours of one-on-one coaching.

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