The man who wrote the theme song for the Kardashians’ show is now a DeFi specialist at a crypto trading firm backed by Steven Cohen

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  • Aaron Lammer’s journey to Wall Street has been anything but traditional.
  • Now a DeFi specialist for a crypto firm, Lammer previously edited cookbooks and wrote music. 
  • He became interested in crypto five years ago and now explains DeFi to finance professionals. 

The writer of the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” theme song is now DeFi specialist for a crypto-trading firm backed by Steven Cohen.

Forty-year-old Aaron Lammer, who co-wrote the Kardashian song titled “Morning,” started in his new job at crypto quant-trading firm Radkl in October, according to his LinkedIn profile. The firm, which launched in September, is personally backed by Cohen, the billionaire founder of hedge fund Point 72 Asset Management, The Wall Street Journal reported previously

Lammer’s journey to Wall Street has been anything but traditional, according to Bloomberg, which first reported the news. He’s written songs with Drake and Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, edited cookbooks, and launched a website for long-form journalism and a podcast to go with it. 

He dove into the crypto world five years ago and in 2018 launched and hosted a podcast called “CoinTalk.”

After appearing on a Bloomberg podcast in May to discuss DeFi concepts, Radkl managing director Jim Greco reached out on Twitter to say he “learned a ton” and wanted to “chat,” Bloomberg reported. 

The rise of ethereum, a decentralized blockchain that writes smart contracts, and the subsequent so-called dApps that power DeFi guided Lammer’s move into the crypto world, Bloomberg said. Now, when he’s at playdates and birthday parties for his daughter, he often finds himself explaining DeFi to parents in the financial sector who know the term but not much else about it. 

“My own curiosity drew me to crypto,” Lammer said in a message to Insider. “And the first development that really made me want to work in crypto was DeFi. So it’s a hobby turned job.” 

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