The importance of not burning any bridges

Earlier in the year I started looking for some extra side work as my full-time job had been reduced to 4 days a week.

I picked up a plumber wanting to run some Google Ads in their area, I was charging AUD $165 per month to create ads, campaigns and manage their account.

3 months when by and they were getting good results and about 30 phone calls a week through ads, they then wanted to scale up their Ad Words so they decided to go with a ‘proper agency’ which was charging AUD $750 per month.

Fast forward 2 month to today and they have asked me to take over their Google Ads account again as their results have dropped off dramatically.

I am now charging them AUD $650 per month (includes other services too)

Treat your clients right and let them explore other options if they want to – sometimes they will figure out that the grass isn’t always greener.

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