The Gaza Strip will run out of fuel for its electric generators by Sunday, an Israeli official told the Times of Israel

Palestinians walk near destroyed building in Gaza
Palestinians walk next to the remains of a destroyed 15 story building after being hit by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, Thursday, May 13, 2021.

The Gaza Strip will soon go without electricity as the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continues to escalate, an Israeli defense official told reporters.

Gaza is expected to run out of fuel to power its electric generators by Sunday, the official – speaking anonymously – told The Times of Israel.

The area is down to only 5 hours of electricity per day since fighting began this week. Gaza had about 16 hours of electricity per day before the violence, the Times reported.

The fuel shortage is due in part to Israel shutting down the border crossing at Kerem Shalom. Hamas militants also struck electrical lines heading into Gaza during one of its rocket attacks, the Israeli official said.

Violence between Israelis and Palestinians was reignited last week amid religious tensions in Jerusalem and efforts to remove Palestinians from parts of the city. Hamas started firing rockets from Gaza on Monday, and Israel has responded with airstrikes of their own.

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