The best Apple deals we expect on Prime Day 2021 – save on AirPods, MacBooks, and iPad Mini

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be held on June 21 and 22. Over the two-day period, the sales event will offer tons of deals on a variety of tech products.

Apple deals are no exception and we look forward to seeing what savings are in store for this year’s event. A few new Apple devices, like the AirTags and AirPods Max, weren’t available during last year’s sale, so Prime Day 2021 could be the first time we see notable discounts on these products.

In past years, we’ve seen deals on AirPods, MacBooks, Apple Watches, iPads, and more. Ahead of this year’s Prime Day, we’re rounding up the best deals on everything Apple.

You don’t need to be a Prime member to shop current deals, but many deals will be exclusive to subscribers when Prime Day 2021 begins. If you’re looking to give membership a shot, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial now. Prime memberships start at $13 a month after the trial ends.

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Frequently asked questions

When is Prime Day?

Prime Day 2021 will begin on June 21 and run through June 22. Prime members will be able to take advantage of non-stop deals on a variety of products and services over the two-day sale.

This year’s Prime Day comes roughly two months after Apple announced new iPads, AirTags, colorful iMacs, Apple TV 4K (second-generation), and more at its April event. It’s unclear what new Apple products will be on sale during Prime Day 2021, but expect to see deals on older models at the very least.

How to shop for Apple products

Before buying new Apple products on Prime Day, you should keep in mind that discounts tend to appear more often on previous-generation Apple devices. For example, a product like the Apple TV 4K (first-generation) is more likely to go on sale since the new second-generation model was just released in May 2021.

When comparing prices, you should also keep in mind that Apple offers discounted refurbished products on its own website, including previous generations of the MacBook Pro, iPhone, and more. Apple’s trade-in program can also give you additional money toward a refurbished product, as well, when you send Apple your old device.

For detailed buying advice on how to choose the right Apple product for your needs, check out our various Apple device guides and deal roundups:

The best Amazon deals on MacBooks right now

Starting in early 2020 Apple launched a number of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

The key difference compared to older models, is that the latest MacBooks include Apple’s M1 processor, a chip that offers faster performance. We recommend the more affordable Air for most people, but the Pro is still a great buy for shoppers who crave a bit more power, slightly longer battery life, and superior speakers and microphones. You can read our full comparison of the latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro here.

The best price we’ve seen the new MacBook Air (256GB) sell for so far is $899, so we expect a similar or better deal on Prime Day. The last time the previous version of the MacBook Air dropped to its lowest price – $799 – was February 2021. If stock is still available, we could see it sell for even less during Prime Day.

You’ll also want to keep your eye on the price of the MacBook Pro with Apple’s M1 Chip. Earlier this year, the price went down to $1,099, which is $200 less than its full price. It’s on sale right now for $100 off, so a better deal could be available on Prime Day.

2020 MacBook Air (M1 chip, Core i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)MacBook Pro (M1, 13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

The best Amazon deals on AirPods and Beats headphones right now

Prime Day 2021 will be the first Prime Day since the launch of the AirPods Max, Apple’s premium over-ear headphones. The headphones haven’t seen many deals since their debut, so Prime Day could be the first time we see a discount larger than $30.

The AirPods Pro, standard AirPods, and AirPods with wireless charging case have seen many deals over the years, so we expect big discounts on Prime Day. You can check out our full breakdown of the best AirPods if you’re torn between different models.

The AirPods Pro have maintained a price around $200 from October 2020 through May 2021. The lowest we’ve seen them sell for was $169. You should expect a similar discount for Prime Day 2021.

Amazon typically sells the AirPods with a wireless charging case for $150 to $170. Meanwhile the standard AirPods typically sell between $120 to $140. We recommend jumping on any Prime Day 2021 deal prices that are lower than those ranges.

Aside from Apple’s headphones, there are a number of Beats-branded headphones to keep an eye on during Prime Day 2021. These include the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones which will likely drop to $120 or less.

Airpods Max (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Airpods with Wired Charging Case (Newest model) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Solo3 Wireless Headphones (medium)Powerbeats Pro (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Flex Wireless Earphones (medium)

The best Amazon deals on Apple Watch right now

There are a number of Apple Watch models to choose from but we recommend the 40mm, Series 6 (GPS) model thanks to its health features. We didn’t see the Series 6 fall in price during Prime Day 2020, but it fell by nearly $50 the following month. We recommend any deal that brings the Series 6 below $350.

Other Apple Watch models include the Series 3, the lower-cost alternative to the Series 6 with a wide range of bells and whistles, as well as the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch SE hasn’t dropped below $230 on Amazon while the Series 3 hasn’t fallen below its May 2021 price of $198.

Watch Series 6 (40mm, GPS) (medium)Watch SE (40mm, GPS) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Watch SE (44mm, GPS) (medium)

The best Amazon deals on iPads right now

Apple’s latest iPad Pro models, starting at $799, launched in May. The 11-inch iPad Pro did get a $50 discount in May, but it’s not clear if we’ll see any major discounts over Prime Day since the 2021 models are so new.

There are older iPad models that have seen more frequent sales on Amazon, including the 2020 iPad Air, the 2020 iPad, and the 2019 iPad Mini. These older iPad models lack Apple’s new M1 processor but they still make good buys for most people. The 2021 Pro models, on the other hand, are really only necessary for creative professionals that need top-notch performance.

iPad Air 2020 (4th Gen, 64GB) (medium)2020 iPad 10.2-inch (8th Gen) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)iPad Mini (5th Gen, 32GB) (medium)

The best Amazon deals on Apple iPhone accessories right now

Apple’s iPhone line has supported MagSafe chargers since the iPhone 8. While we typically see the charger for $5 off on Amazon, it dropped to $10 off in May 2021. We recommend any deal on Prime Day if it’s $10 off or more.

The MagSafe Duo Charger, a charger for two Apple devices, hasn’t seen any sales since its first price drop – roughly $16 off – in April 2021. We anticipate a similar or better deal during Prime Day 2021.

The EarPods with a lightning connector – Apple’s wired headphones option – have been anywhere between $14 to $20 since May 2020. Any deal price lower than that would be worth jumping on during Prime Day.

MagSafe Charger (medium)MagSafe Duo (medium)EarPods with Lightning Connector (medium)

The best Amazon deals on Apple AirTags right now

Since the AirTags launched in April 2021, Amazon has yet to substantially drop their price. The AirTags typically start at $29 and can help you find lost items with Apple’s FindMy app.

Despite no traditional discounts, you can always save $17 by purchasing the AirTags in a four-pack rather than buying four individually.

The AirTags might be too new to get a big discount on Prime Day, but we’ll keep this page updated with any deals if we see them.

AirTags (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirTag (4-pack) (medium)

The best Amazon deals on Apple TV right now

While it’s unlikely we’ll see deals on Apple’s latest Apple TV models and accessories during Prime Day 2021, we expect to see deals on older models.

This includes the Apple TV 4K (first- gen) and the Apple TV HD (fourth-gen) featuring the original Siri Remote (first-gen). While these models are still quality options for streamers, the newer versions include an improved Siri remote (also sold separately).

When sold for the same price, the newer Apple TV models are a better buy, but if the old versions get big discounts on Prime Day, they could present a better value.

TV 4K (2021) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)TV 4K (2017) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)TV HD (medium, Preferred: Amazon)

The best Amazon deals on iPhones right now

Apple’s iPhones rarely get discounts on Prime Day. The new iPhones were just announced in October 2020, and carriers and retailers will likely discount older models to make way for the new ones.

It’s unlikely that the deals will be on Amazon, though, as the online retailer only sells models that are locked to Cricket Wireless.

Some older models to keep an eye on include the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. You can check out our guide to some of the best iPhones for every budget in 2021 ahead of your next iPhone purchase, as well.

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