The 8 best cookie cutter sets to buy in 2021 for Christmas, Hanukkah, and all occasions

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  • Easily transform a basic sugar cookie or gingerbread dough into exciting shapes with cookie cutters.
  • You can get any shape from precisely measured biscuit cutters to jumping reindeer and Christmas trees. 
  • We found the 8 best cookie cutter sets for home bakers to use during the holiday season and beyond.

Cookie cutters can make the most basic dough exciting. They provide a clean-cut canvas for decorating or building festive scenes, and if you’re short on time, a fun shape can stand on its own. Most cookie cutters are made of stainless steel or durable plastic, and while some of them are dishwasher safe, it’s not a bad idea to hand wash your cutters. That way you can ensure the detailed outlines stay in shape.  

For the best results, dip the edge of your cookie cutter in flour (or cocoa powder for chocolate cookies). This will help you get a clean cut without the cutter sticking to the dough. Also, chill your dough before cutting out shapes. Always follow the recipe’s specific instructions, but in general, chilled dough cuts easier and holds a better shape when baked.

We rounded up eight of the best cookie cutters so you can make sandwich cookies, perfectly shaped biscuits, or a Christmas cookie spectacular.

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Ann Clark Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

Ann Clark 11-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set, $20, available at Amazon

During Christmas, we apply the same rule of thumb to cookies and loved ones: the more, the merrier! Set up your baking station with 11 Christmas cookie cutters, including two Christmas trees and a reindeer. The festive decorations are up to you and your helpers, but the included recipe book provides ideas and inspiration.

Hanukkah Cookie Cutters

Ann Clark Hanukkah Cookie Cutter Set

Ann Clark Hanukkah Cookie Cutter Set, $10, available at Amazon

Nothing compares to homemade latkes, but a menorah-shaped cookie is a pretty good alternative. You can make menorahs, dreidels, and stars of David out of dough with this Hanukkah cookie cutter set even after the festival of lights is over.

Concentric cookie cutters

Ateco Snowflakes Cookie Cutters

Ateco Plain Edge Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set, $20, available at Amazon and Walmart

Concentric cookie cutters are the same shape in increasing sizes. These are great for sandwich cookies or Linzer tart cookies, in which you cut a small shape out of the top cookie to reveal the filling. You can get a set of five stainless steel squares, diamonds, or even snowflakes.

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Alphabet cookie cutters

Wilton Cookie Cutters Set

Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set, $18, available at Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond 

You’ll be ready for any cookie moment with the 101-piece set from Wilton. In addition to the whole alphabet and numbers one through nine, this set includes holiday shapes like Halloween ghosts and Valentine’s Day hearts. The cutters are 3.5 inches in diameter and dishwasher safe. The bright colors and variety make this a perfect set for a house with kids. 

Biscuit cutters

HULISEN Biscuit Cutter Set

Hulisen Biscuit Cutter Set, $13, available at Amazon

These stainless steel biscuit cutters are all about precision. They come in five sizes from 1.75-inch to 3.75-inch diameters, and the measurements are marked on the outside edge. Because they have taller sides and a handle for extra leverage, these cutters can also be used for thicker, breakfast biscuits or scones.

Fluted cookie cutters

Crate and Barrel Fluted Biscuit Cookie Cutters

Fluted Biscuit and Cookie Cutters Set, $10, available at Crate and Barrel 

A fluted edge adds flair to your cookies or biscuits. However, the flutes are shallow, so it is especially important to make sure your dough is chilled in order to hold the shape. These cutters also have a smooth edge and are dishwasher safe.

Thumbprint cookie cutters

Williams Sonoma Thumbprint Cookie Cutters

Thumbprint Cookie Stamps, $17, available at Williams Sonoma

These spring-loaded cutters give you professional-looking thumbprint cookies. The outside edge cuts the cookie and the center spring lever leaves an indentation, perfect for a filling, sprinkles, or just added depth.

Cookie stamps

Nordic Ware Heirloom Cookie Stamps

Nordic Ware Heirloom Cookie Stamps, $24, available at Amazon and West Elm

Though not exactly a cutter, cookie stamps still give you a clean and elegant cookie. You push down the stamp and it leaves a pattern pressed into the cookie dough. Since it doesn’t have a raised, sharp edge, you have to roll the cookie dough into balls before using a stamp.

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