Tesla’s solar panel business has been hit by the supply chain crisis, causing project delays: report

Workers installing a Tesla Solar Roof on a home in the SunHouse at Easton Park community.
Workers installing a Tesla Solar Roof on a home in the SunHouse at Easton Park community.

  • Tesla has told customers that their solar panel installation timeline may be extended, Electrek reported.
  • The company attributes the delay to supply chain issues, per Electrek.
  • A energy shortage in China has crimped production of polysilicon — a key material in solar panels.

Tesla is having problems getting solar panels, leading to project delays for some customers, Electrek reported.

The news website, which covers transportation and sustainable energy, cited Tesla’s emails to customers attributing the delay to supply chain issues.

“Due to supply chain delays, your installation timeline may be extended. These delays are broadly impacting the U.S. solar industry and are outside Tesla’s control,” the company said in their email, per Electrek. Tesla Solar also said it does not have a firm timeline on when the delays will end, reported the outlet which focuses on electric transportation and the green ecosystem.

Tesla doesn’t expect more solar panels till next month, Electrek added, citing a source familiar with the issue.

The company did not respond immediately to Insider’s request for comment.

Last month, Tesla emailed the company’s solar employees to inform them of delays to solar installations, according to Eletrek.

Globally, the solar industry is facing a number of issues including soaring shipping freight rates, and higher input costs including those for labor. An energy shortage in key producer China has also led to a shortage in polysilicon — a basic material in solar panel manufacturing.

Tesla’s energy generation and storage business contributes just about 6% to the company’s overall revenue in the third quarter of this year, according to the company’s October investor presentation. Tesla’s auto business contributed 88% according to the same report. 

However, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla Energy will “be rougly the same size as Tesla Automotive” in the longterm, according to a transcript of an earnings call in July 2020.

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