Tesla is well on its way to smashing last year’s sales record

Tesla factory Fremont
Tesla sold more than 200,000 cars over the last three months, beating Wall Street estimates slightly.

  • Tesla reported second-quarter sales on Friday.
  • It sold 201,250 cars from April to June, beating the record it set the previous quarter.
  • At this rate, the company should crush its 2020 sales by a wide margin.
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Tesla had its best quarter to date by far, delivering 201,250 vehicles to customers in the three months between April and June.

The electric-car company beat the 184,800-vehicle record it set the previous quarter. At this rate, it’s also set to comfortably clear the annual sales record it set in 2020, when it moved just shy of 500,000 cars.

Shares of Tesla were flat in early trading Friday.

Tesla beat Wall Street’s sales estimates slightly. Analysts had expected the company to deliver just over 200,000 vehicles.

Tesla hasn’t issued concrete guidance for 2021, but has said it expects sales to grow at least 50% year-over-year, which would indicate 2021 deliveries somewhere around 750,000 units. Wall Street expects Tesla to move at least 800,000 cars in 2021 as the company expands production capacity worldwide and as demand for electric vehicles accelerates.

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