‘Rugrats,’ the classic ’90s cartoon franchise, returns in an all-new series on Paramount Plus

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"Rugrats" (2021), an original series on Paramount Plus
A scene from “Rugrats” (2021), an original series on Paramount Plus

  • Rugrats” is back in the form of a brand-new CGI-animated series on Paramount Plus.
  • The original cartoon launched 30 years ago on Nickelodeon.
  • Paramount Plus costs $6/month with ads, or $10/month without commercials.

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A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do, even when they’re decades old.

The “Rugrats” are back nearly 30 years after their original show premiered on Nickelodeon. This time around, the babies are animated in CGI and available to watch on Paramount Plus.

Rugrats” (2021) follows Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Susie, Phil, and Lil as they embark on adventures around the home. The series kicked off May 27 with five episodes. All voice actors from the original series’ last season are back for the new show, including E.G. Daily, Nancy Cartwright, and Cree Summer.

Where to watch ‘Rugrats’ (2021)

The first five episodes of “Rugrats” (2021) premiered on May 27 exclusively through the Paramount Plus streaming service. It’s unclear when the remainder of the first season’s 26 episodes will premiere, but Paramount Plus said they’ll release more episodes on a “later date.”

Rugrats” (2021) will also air on the Nickelodeon cable channel after it streams on Paramount Plus, but there’s no release date yet.

You can subscribe to Paramount Plus for $6 a month with an ad-supported plan ($60 a year) or $10 a month with an ad-free plan ($100 a year). These plans typically include a seven-day trial, but you can get a 30-day trial if you sign up before May 30.

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Aside from “Rugrats,” Paramount Plus offers a number of ViacomCBS titles including other Nickelodeon shows like “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “iCarly.” More Paramount Plus original shows and movies are on the way in the coming months. You can read our full Paramount Plus review here.

Where to watch old ‘Rugrats’ cartoons

Before “Rugrats” (2021), the franchise included two TV shows, two direct-to-video specials, one mini-series, and three movies.

All nine seasons of the original “Rugrats” series, five seasons of the spinoff “All Grown Up!,” and two direct-to-video specials are available on Paramount Plus. You can also watch the original “Rugrats” on Hulu, with plans starting at $6 a month.

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Other video-on-demand (VOD) streaming providers, like Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, and Google Play, will let you buy individual “Rugrats” episodes or seasons. Episodes typically cost $2 each.

The “Rugrats” series made its way to the big screen as well. Films include “The Rugrats Movie,” “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie,” and “Rugrats Go Wild.” The first two films – “The Rugrats Movie” and “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie” – are available on Netflix.

Rugrats Go Wild” – a crossover flick between the “Rugrats” and “The Wild Thornberrys” franchises – is available through VOD streaming providers with rental fees starting at $3. However, it’s currently unavailable on subscription streaming services.

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