Phrendly Review: Flirt and Make Money Online With Phrendly APP

Last Updated on December 12, 2021 by Justin Su

Do love to flirt? Then you will love Phrendly as well. Making money online while flirting is what most people don’t know. But with Phrendly, yes, you can earn money while flirting.

In this Phrendly review, you will get to know everything about the Phrendly app, are legit or not, how to join, and much more.

It is said that you can earn up to around $1000 per month from Phrendly. Let’s check out if you can or not.

What Is Phrendly?

Phrendly app or website is a place where each can earn money to flirt online with strangers.

There are many dating or flirting apps available but nothing matches with Phrendly because here you can earn money as well.

You can send text messages, video calls, voice calls, send images or videos, and can do lots of fun. You can sell your inbox for videos, if someone likes your video then he can purchase from you.

As it is a virtual place, people can also offer you a virtual drink which comes in monetary form. All our information is claimed to be safe and hidden from the public.

How Does Phrendly Works?

The first step which is similar to every other app is registration. You have to create a profile using your personal details. You have to submit as many details as you can do for more coverage.

It has features like a filter which includes age, ethnicity, relationship, and price. Hence it is recommended to submit more details.

If you are the first who send a message then you will have to pay, which means the first person who contacts has to pay. You can then ask for images, videos, or anything else.

Platform Requirement

Phrendly as the platform is growing very much so before joining the platform you should aware of their requirements.

The phrendly can be used on any device computer or mobile. You should be at least 18 years old and nothing else does require.

It doesn’t ask for any verification while using but in some cases they may ask for it, to know more you should read their Terms Of Services.

How To Make Money?

There is a very simple method to make money on Phrendly.

In my opinion, women or girls have more chance of earning money.

After creating an account you will start receiving messages from boys, who want to talk with girls. To talk with you they will pay money.

But for that, you have to upload your attractive images. The more you chat with others the more you have a chance to earn.

You can also sell your images and videos. You can also earn money for talking on call.

Your followers can also send you a virtual gift which is at the end money.

Phrendly APP

Does phrendly have an app?

Yes, phrendly has a mobile application as well.

But their application is available only for Android devices. Click here to access the Android version of the app. App has more than 500K downloads.

The app is not available on App Store. Why is phrendly not on the app store? Because developers didn’t develop. 🙂

Phrendly APK Download

You can find the latest version of the app here on APKPure. The size of the application is around 55MB. The current version of APK is v2.9.5.786.


Is Phrendly Real and Safe?

Yes, Phrendly is 100% safe and real.

From the public review, it seems they have problems that are related to the app crashing only. Overall they are legit and safe to use.

Apps Like Phrendly To Make Money

There are some alternatives which are the best to make money. For example FlirtBucks, and there are some other alternatives which you can find under the article Get Paid To Talk Lonely People and Get Paid For Sexting.

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