Pass Rev Online Test: Rev Transcription Test Answers 2020

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Do you want to join the Rev transcription platform? But don’t know the answers to their questions? Don’t worry most of the users really don’t know their answers and sometimes users know the answers but not able to submit the correct one, There can be much reason.

Before knowing the Rev transcribing test answers let’s understand what is Rev first and how does it work.

I am not going to tell you in details as I already published another article where I wrote a brief review of Rev. Click here to read the previous article.

What Is Rev Transcription?

Rev is a transcription platform where users can join and do foreign language or general transcription work. Users can easily earn somewhere between $2 to $7 per minute. It is active since 2010 and since then they hired more than millions of users.

Once you join them I guaranteed you that you will get job for sure. They have worked with many big companies and they have always demand of workers.

How Much I Can Earn With Rev?

If you are a good in typing and have free time then you can easily earn somewhere between $50 to $150 each day and $3000 to $15000 per month.

It all depends on you how you work and how much you work.

Rev Transcribing Test Answer 2020

If you are newbie in transcribing or transcription world and have not worked with any other website in past then you might not get their answers.

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Hence I decided to find out the answers of Rev test. Their are some YouTubers and bloggers who shared the answers but I know most of you are not able to find them. Because of some random reasons.

As they ask 25 to 30 questions in a test it is hard to write them here, hence I decided to share the original posters links.

Check below video from Prism. He posted rev transcription test answers of 2020 which you can find in his video.

Or you can find written answers here on Google Doc which is shared by some random blogger. This page is getting updated with every new test.

Some of their questions and their answers are as below.

Q. “She didn’t even… she really didn’t know how to accept the news.”

A. She really didn’t know how to accept the news.

Q. “It’s raining today, so unless you wanna get drenched, you’re gonna need your umbrella.”

A. It’s raining today, so unless you want to get drenched, you’re going to need your umbrella.

Should I Use These Answers?

Definatelly yes, If you are not aware of them then nothing is wrong in using this answers. You can pass the test in few seconds and can start making money online.

Conclusion: This answers are provided by third party users who shared this answers publically and I am sharing this for just knowledge purpose. In fact you can learn new things and can understand how to submit new questions.

Rev transcription grammar test answers

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