Nepal faces significant fall in imports from China, traders bear the brunt

Traders in Nepal are facing delays and inconsistencies in import orders from China, leading to unprecedented monetary losses.Despite China’s assurances to increase the number of containers for imports, they have failed to execute the plan. China’s withholding of trucks and containers at the Nepal-China border has become a concern for traders in Nepal, leading to delays and disruptions.Statistics show a decline in exports to China from the past three years. According to the Trade and Export Promotion Centre, exports in the last fiscal year 2020-21 fell by 14.7 per cent from 2019-20 to Rs1 billion, reported The Kathmandu Post.Although, imports have ramped up since the last fiscal year, from Rs 60.12 billion to Rs 94.30 billion during the initial four months of the present fiscal year, reported The Kathmandu Post.”A meeting was held with China’s TAR Port and commerce-related authorities. Discussions were made to increase the number of cargo going to Nepal from Kerung and facilitating the