Need help concerning dual monitors

This is gonna be a long post and I’m not that experienced in the tech industry so please bear with me and any help is appreciated

So I’m started a job with a company soon and it is a work at home position with my own personal laptop. I have met all the requirements except for one that I am having an issue with.

They require us to have 2 external monitors to work on and both have to be minimum 17 inches. Currently I’m a student and only have a laptop connected to ONE external monitor via HDMI. I must have an Ethernet connection for the position but I’ve already sorted that out.

My question is can my work company see or detect that I am working on a monitor that is not 17 inches. Preferably I want to just work on my laptop screen with an extended monitor, and if they can’t detect anything I’ll just go with that.

However if they can I will need a docking station so any cheap ones that you guys recommend would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a Lenovo ideapad S540 IWL as my laptop

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