Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos’ family, and a former NFL player were among the crowd that welcomed the flight crew back to Earth – see who else was there

New Shepard First Human Flight
Jeff Bezos hugs his mom, Jackie, after his spaceflight.

  • A swarm of well-wishers showed up for hugs and champagne after Jeff Bezos’ spacecraft landed.
  • The group included his parents, Mike and Jackie, and his son, Preston.
  • Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, and former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, were there too.
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On Tuesday morning, Jeff Bezos and his fellow passengers floated down to the West Texas desert after a successful flight to the edge of space.

The voyage, which took mere minutes, was the first human spaceflight for Blue Origin, the space exploration company Bezos founded in 2000. After the capsule touched down shortly after 9 a.m., Blue Origin employees rushed to ensure all passengers were safe and ground the spacecraft, which carried a static charge from its trip skyward. Then, they released the door, allowing Bezos, his brother, Mark, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, and 82-year-old Wally Funk to disembark.

They were quickly swarmed by family members, friends, and Blue Origin employees – unsurprisingly, hugs and champagne showers ensued.

Here’s who we spotted among the crowd of well-wishers.

Jeff Bezos’ mother, Jackie, was the first to hug him after he exited the capsule.

Jackie Bezos hugs Jeff Bezos after Blue Origin spaceflight

Mike Bezos, the Bezos brothers’ father, squeezed in to hug Mark.

Mike Bezos hugs Mark Bezos after Blue Origin flight

Preston Bezos, Bezos’ eldest son, was in attendance, along with his younger siblings.

Preston Bezos greets Jeff Bezos after Blue Origin spaceflight

Lauren Sanchez, Bezos’ girlfriend, sported a matching cowboy hat and was there to hug Bezos upon landing.

Lauren Sanchez goes to hug Jeff Bezos after Blue Origin flight

Former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez got a peek inside the capsule. He was previously in a relationship with Sanchez, and the two have a 20-year-old son.

Tony Gonzalez outside capsule after Blue Origin flight

Joes Daemen, the chief executive of a private equity firm, embraced his son, Oliver. The elder Daemen paid for his son’s seat on New Shepard.

Oliver Daemen hugs Joes Daemen after Blue Origin spaceflight
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