I need to get out of sales

Hi everyone, this is a long post and please be patient with me.

When I was 22 I took my first outta college job as a marketing program manager at a small tech agency. I will admit it was a little over my head but I was slowly getting the groove of things. Nine months later I transitioned teams and could not ramp up in time. After three weeks I was let go. I fell into depression and applied to whatever job that was available.

Three months later I took a tech sales development job. In terms of work it was mindless and something I really did not want to do. But I was so worried about being jobless and as someone who got fired I stuck it out.

Now I’m a senior SDR with no hopes of going into sales. It’s genuinely soul crushing. I want to move back into marketing, but I feel like a majority of my skills are specific to sales. I also lack a lot of marketing skills and everything I know is freelance work I picked up. Any advice on how to transition out?

Edit- I’m 25 now and have been working as an SDR for 1.5 years.

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