I booked a crowd-free private jet-like experience for $99 on JSX – here’s why I can’t stop recommending it

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JSX Airlines
JSX promises no crowds, private terminals, and jets with business class legroom.

  • For my first post-pandemic flight, I chose the regional airline JSX to avoid airports and crowds.
  • JSX is a lot like flying private; it feels elite, posh, and is much easier than traditional flights.
  • JSX looks very expensive, but it’s not. The experience cost me just $99 to fly between LA and Vegas.

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I’m a travel writer and frequent traveler, but due to COVID, I didn’t board a plane for more than 500 days.

Now that I am fully vaccinated, and with case numbers steeply declining, I planned a quick trip to Las Vegas from my hometown of Los Angeles.

With travel safety as my top priority, I chose JSX over traditional carriers. JSX is a hop-on jet service that isn’t technically a private jet, but offers many of the perks of one. Simply put, it’s private flying for the public.

While it sound like it must be expensive, get ready to be surprised. I paid just $99 for my JSX flight that had me feeling like a celebrity, and maybe even looking like one, too.

What is JSX?

JSX airplane in Burbank
JSX airplanes park in private hangars where travelers wait.

JSX is a private regional airline that feels like a posh private flying experience, though it’s not because the public can purchase tickets.

But unlike major commercial airlines, JSX caps flights at just 30 people, and operates out of private terminals and hangars (technically known as “fixed-base operators,” or FBOs), which are adjacent to many major airports.

“JSX flights are classified as public air charters, which means they can depart from general aviation terminals and that comes with a number of key perks in the COVID-19 era,” explained Scott’s Cheap Flights Senior Member Operations Specialist Daniel Burnham, who will be including JSX fares in its new Elite deals platform launching later this month.

“Unlike a true private jet charter, JSX schedules flights in advance on a set route map. To fly, you’ll buy a seat ticket online like any other airline,” he said. “However, JSX flights have their own private hangars and waiting areas away from the main airport terminal, so you can show up right before your scheduled departure and breeze onto the plane without needing to go through a TSA checkpoint.”

Is JSX safe?

With JSX, you’ll bypass the traditional airport altogether by traveling through a private jet terminal. You also won’t encounter crowded and TSA lines, but you can still feel secure: JSX uses TSA Secure Flight, the same TSA-provided background check processes that major airlines use.

They also have extensive COVID safety measures in place, including requiring masks and new sterilization and contact-less protocols. More detailed information is available here.

Where does JSX fly?

JSX Airplane
You only have to arrive 20 minutes before your flight.

The regional airline flies between major cities and destinations in the west and Texas, including Burbank (Los Angeles); Concord (East Bay/Napa); Las Vegas; Oakland; Orange County; Phoenix; Dallas; and Houston; with seasonal flights to places like Mammoth. It also serves Destin, Florida. You may view more details on routes here.

While still regional, JSX saw a 55% increase in new leisure market customers from February 2020 to February 2021, according to a statistic provided by the brand’s internal analytics team. And that’s a pretty huge stat for the COVID era.

In fact, COVID perhaps only increased demand for this hybrid style of flying as people sought out safer travel experiences.

“JSX has been well-positioned to serve this shift in priorities, and their domestic-heavy route map in Texas and California hasn’t been heavily impacted by testing requirements or closed borders,” Burnham said.

JSX fares

When booking a ticket, passengers select between one of two fare types. The cheaper fares, dubbed “Hop On,” include two checked bags, but are nonrefundable and have change fees.

The more expensive fares, “All In,” are fully refundable and include three checked bags. Everyone can bring a carry-on bag, regardless of which fare you choose.

There is only one class on JSX flights.

How to book JSX

JSX Airplane
On my route, JSX flies either a 135 or 145 Embraer jet with 30 seats.

Although it sounds highly specialized, you can book JSX tickets as you normally would any commercial ticket through the airline’s website, or through its booking and mobile boarding app. You won’t find it on online travel agency websites or aggregators like Kayak or Expedia, however.

Is JSX expensive?

In most cases, JSX is very affordable. Entry-level $99 fares are common on routes with advance booking and off-peak dates, making for an overall excellent value.

For example, a recent search identified plenty of $99 options between Phoenix and Burbank, or $149 between Oakland and Orange County. These are comparable to many commercial airlines such as the no-frills Southwest. For instance, you might fly JSX for under $100 between Burbank and Las Vegas, compared with Southwest’s $129 Wanna Getaway fare on the same route.

Of course, like all flights, popular days and periods see higher fares. But JSX also serves snacks, cocktails, and nonalcoholic drinks for free in flight, with coffee and tea for free in the terminal. Pets also fly free and so do checked bags.

JSX also offers many exclusive partner offers for discounts and savings on hotels in their destinations and is also a partner with JetBlue. And if you do want to experience a true private flight, JSX is available to charter.

My JSX flight

JSX in Burbank
Free coffee and tea is available while you wait to board, as are bathrooms.

Because my dates were flexible and I was only looking for one night in Vegas, I booked tickets for my husband and me on the Sunday of a holiday weekend. Because it wasn’t a desirable travel day, the price was cheap and I only booked about five weeks ahead of the trip. I paid $99 per ticket for a total of $198 for my husband and me.

Because our return flight fell on Memorial Day – an extremely popular travel day – a JSX ticket would have been much higher, well over $400. So I booked us on a traditional carrier for the return. However, it would still be far cheaper than flying an actual private plane.

Arrival and check-in

JSX terminal in Burbank
The JSX terminal in Burbank with a Curbstand valet station out front.

We only needed to arrive at the airport hanger about 20 minutes before our flight due to the simple check-in process.

We took a Lyft and didn’t need parking, but valet parking was available for $28 per day. For comparison, LAX central terminal self-parking costs $30 per day.

From there, we walked right in and showed our IDs for check-in at a small counter with no one else waiting in line. The capped flight number and lack of TSA checkpoints mean there are never long waits.

With JSX, passengers may bring one personal item onboard that fits under the seat in front of you; there are no overhead bins. With our fare category (the popular “Hop On” fare), we were permitted to check two bags weighing 50 pounds each for free. We rolled our bags over to the staff person, got our boarding passes, and pre-boarding was done.

JSX aircraft at terminal
Our JSX aircraft waits to be boarded in the Burbank terminal.

The JSX hangar has just a check-in counter, a station for free coffee or tea, and a bathroom. It’s a simple but delightful experience for aviation enthusiasts as you’ll be right next to the planes. The hanger is also wide open with full ventilation, which is an added safety bonus during COVID.

There are no eateries, shops, or other concessions like you’ll find in airports, so be sure to bring what you will need for the flight.


Boarding the JSX
Boarding our JSX flight in Burbank.

We boarded the plane about 15 minutes before the scheduled takeoff. The small group of passengers walked a few dozen yards across the tarmac to the waiting plane, entering by way of an outdoor flight of stairs.


JSX interior cabin
The JSX cabin interior was nicely streamlined.

On this route, JSX flies either a 135 or 145 Embraer jet with 30 seats and the plane was about two-thirds full. The configuration is two-seats-by-one, which means no middle seats and there are no overhead bins.

JSX seats
The configurations on a JSX plane are two and one, so no middle seats

My 6-foot-1-inch husband remarked on the substantial legroom, with the seat pitch a minimum of 36 inches.

There wasn’t much time in the air, but the flight was pleasant and comfortable. The cabin decor was greyscale and elegant and not heavily branded. Power outlets were available at seats.

Try tables and leg room on JSX
Tray tables are available and legroom is spacious.

Our flight attendant came around offering drinks, both alcoholic and non. Next, she made the rounds with elevated packaged snacks such as cheese straws and dried snap peas.

I used the bathroom once in flight and it was similar to those on any commercial flight.


Deplaning in Las Vegas from JSX
Deplaning in Las Vegas was a cinch,

We deplaned via an outdoor staircase and picked up our bags outside the aircraft without any delay before entering the private aircraft terminal. There is no luggage carousel as you’d find with a commercial flight.

Passing through, we headed outside to a quiet parking lot to await a Lyft to our hotel.

JSX terminal in Las Vegas
The JSX terminal in Las Vegas was similar to the one we waited inside in Burbank.

The bottom line

Flying JSX was a seamless, comfortable, and exciting experience, and one that looked extremely posh to my social media followers.

From arrival to check-in, and the in-flight experience, JSX feels exclusive and private. The aircraft even looks like a private jet and feels like one too since there are no crowds or security lines, a max of 30 passengers, plus free checked baggage, snacks, and drinks.

While the service routes are limited, if my destination is on the JSX map and the price is right, I’ll fly JSX 100% of the time compared with commercial flights. The perks are numerous, it’s a great flying experience at a great value, and I enthusiastically recommend it.

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