How to simply re-order groceries with Walmart+

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Walmart+ grocery delivery

  • Walmart Grocery offers delivery of food, household items, electronics, and more in as soon as two hours.
  • Timesaving features such as pre-saved lists and automatic re-ordering add convenience to grocery shopping with Walmart.
  • Walmart+ members can save even more on groceries by receiving free delivery on most orders.

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Walmart Grocery is a convenient and socially distant way to shop for food, household items, personal care products, toys, and electronics – many of which can be picked up or delivered in as soon as two hours. This feature is available to all Walmart shoppers, and tools such as pre-saved grocery lists and automatic re-ordering can streamline the grocery delivery process.

Walmart+ members can save even more by receiving free delivery, avoiding a $7-$9 per-delivery fee that non-members are ordinarily subject to. For Walmart+ shoppers, two-hour Express Delivery is also available for a flat rate of $10, with no order minimum required. We’ve broken down some of the ways in which Walmart shoppers can conveniently organize and re-order groceries below, and you can learn more about Walmart+ here.

Grocery lists

Walmart+ grocery delivery list

Shoppers can create a grocery list by clicking into the “My Items” section of the top-right corner of the webpage once they’ve created a Walmart account. From there, options are available for creating new lists, editing existing lists, or automatically re-adding all items to your cart. You can search for items to add to your grocery list directly on the page, and if a certain item is out of stock, Walmart Grocery will offer available alternatives. There’s also a collaboration option if you’re looking to share your list with family members or friends, which allows your list to be shared through Facebook, Twitter, or a sharing link.

Buy again

Walmart+ grocery delivery

If you’ve already placed an order with Walmart Grocery, you can access and re-order all of your past purchases under the “Buy Again” tab. From there, you can filter by product category to select specific items to re-order.

Monthly Subscription (small)

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