How to request substitutions for out-of-stock Walmart Grocery items

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Walmart Grocery substitutions

  • Walmart Grocery offers shoppers substitutions for out-of-stock items before checkout.
  • You can select an alternative product before ordering, or you can opt into Walmart Grocery making substitutions as their team shops for you.
  • If real-time swaps are made, there are no additional charges. Learn more here.

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Walmart Grocery is a contact-free, user-friendly way to order food, household items, toys, and more. The service makes ordering (and re-ordering) groceries simple, and free delivery is available for Walmart+ members.

Naturally, product availability will vary as items come in and out of stock at local stores. Walmart Grocery’s substitution process is fairly straightforward, and there are a few options available for substitutions before and after placing your order.

Substitutions before ordering

Walmart Grocery order substitutions

If a specific item is out of stock before placing your order, Walmart will suggest similar products that are available. From there, shoppers can decide whether they’d like to swap in an alternative item or remove the item from their cart. The price will be updated accordingly, and the order will be placed with the alternative as a predetermined grocery item.

Real-time substitutions

It’s possible that Walmart will need to replace items that have recently become unavailable between the time the order is placed and when the actual shopping is done. If this is the case, Walmart will provide an alternative that they feel is similar in product quality, size, and type. If you would not like an item to be substituted in real-time, you can specify so at checkout before placing your order.

Even if the price of the newer item is higher, you will not be charged for the price increase. If you’re unsatisfied with the alternative selected, you can request a refund by following the steps outlined here. You will not have to return the substituted item, even if you request a refund. Walmart breaks down the substitution process in full here.

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