How to put your Etsy shop in Vacation Mode and pause new orders while you’re traveling or fulfilling old orders

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You can put a pause on your Etsy shop using vacation mode.

  • You can turn on Etsy’s Vacation Mode through your account’s “Shop Manager” menu.
  • Vacation Mode stops new orders from coming in, letting you manage your current orders without closing your account.
  • Etsy’s Vacation Mode can be a useful option if you’re sick, traveling, or need to catch up on existing orders.
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Life happens, and sometimes we need a break from it all. For Etsy shop owners, there’s an option called Vacation Mode that allows you to step away from your shop for some time. 

As the name suggests, Vacation Mode allows Etsy sellers to take a break from managing their Etsy shop. While it’s on, you won’t receive any new orders, but you’ll still able to manage and fulfill existing orders. You’re also still able to issue refunds to customers, cancel orders, and print Etsy shipping labels.

You’ll also be able to set up an auto-reply to anyone who messages you, and put an announcement on your shop page letting people know that you’re away. Here, Etsy shoppers can sign up to be notified via email when your shop returns.

Here’s how to set up Vacation Mode.

You can turn off Vacation Mode later by returning to this menu and clicking “Off.”

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