How To Find Internship: 15 Best Sites To Find Internship Anywhere

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In this article, we are mainly going to know how to find Internship, why an internship is important, what are the best websites to find internships are, how to find an online internship, and much more.

Finding a job might not be tough but finding a suitable and stress-free job is a bit hard. To make your job-finding process simple and easy Internship is the most important factor.

Internships can be done by anyone and anytime, which directly helps you in finding a job but do you know how to find Internship? Even going in search of an Internship you need to spend lots of time, doing research, selecting the best website to apply to, and much more.

But you don’t need to worry as in this article we bring the best methods to find internships and the best websites to find internships.

Why Internship Is Important?

Most companies or startups are hiring new employees with experience only and in that case, when you pass out from your college you will not have any experience.

But when you tell those companies that you have done an internship for 6 months or 12 months then they will consider your application more. Internships are counted as experience as well.

When you apply for an internship, you will find that some companies are also hiring interns after interns complete the internship period.

It also gives you the benefit of learning how is the work culture in companies and how the world works, definitely as a student you might don’t know much about companies things.

The fourth benefit is that internships help you to gain personal development, you learn how to talk, how to respond, and how to behave.

When I Should Do Internship?

Companies hiring interns for internships have an age restriction of 18 years. So probably at the age of 18 or 19, you might be in college or in the 12th class.

You should start finding internships as soon as possible, when you turn 18 you should start your findings. But it doesn’t mean you can do an internship at the age of 22 or  23. Normally students at the age of 22 or 23 are pursuing their Masters’ Degree.

In my opinion, you can start doing an internship at any time. Even if you have completed your degree and searching for a job then do an internship for 2-3 months to gain some experience or join any company as an intern that offers a job after an internship.

You may get selected for an internship immediately but for the job, it may take 2 to 3 months to join and these 2-3 months are worth doing the internship.

What Type Of Internship I Should Choose?

There are many types of internships you can do like work-from-home, work-in-office, no incentive internship, less incentive, high incentives, big company, small company, medium size company, job offer after an internship, incentive plus commission, only commission based, etc.

If you are good in study (still studying) and have some basic skills then always go for high incentive and work-from-home (WFH) internships. Company doesn’t matter to you.

If you are not good in study and doesn’t have any skill then go with any incentive size and work-from-home internships.

How To Find an Internship?

Here we are going to cover how to find internships for students, college students, pass-out persons, and everyone else. It doesn’t matter at what stage you are, still you can follow the below points to find an Internship.

Learn English

Believe me, if you are going to find a job or internship online then 90% of companies will see if you can speak English or not. Even if they don’t put language requirements, still having strong knowledge of English will help you to find internships and pursue work.

You may want to stick with your local language but in this world of globalization, you may have to work with different companies that are located in different places and have clients or employees from different locations in such conditions proper language knowledge can help you to communicate better.

It is not mandatory but it is important.

Improve & Focus On Your Skills

Coding, business management, designing, writing, SEO, and development are some of my areas of work. If you want to become the best developer in the future then you must start learning the basics of coding & languages to start doing an Internship.

If you don’t have basic skills in coding then getting hired as an intern in the company for a developer position might not be easy for you (or maybe not be possible).

Keep learning and improving your skill through videos, practices, and discussions. Watch videos & read courses to increase your theoretical knowledge, do practices on your laptop to improve your actually skill, and discuss with others to learn new things.

Start Searching Internship As Early As Possible (But Being Late is Not End)

Companies looking for intern doesn’t hire just after you apply. So basically it takes time to get a new intern hired, it may take a week or month or sometimes more than a month.

It depends on how busy the recruiter is and how many applications they have received. Start sending your resume and applying for an internship as soon as you got to know about the internship.

While applying just don’t apply for one company or internship, apply to as many as internships you can.

Also, some of our readers might be thinking that they lost time when they turned 23 or 24 or did postgraduate. It is never late to do an internship. The internship is also the first step to moving forward from your fears.

Prepare Resume

Whether you are looking for a job or internship you need to provide your Resume. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not but creating the best resume is very important.

Try to add as many as details you can like email, number, study, projects you have completed, the important certificate you have received, skills, etc.

Watch Videos & Read Courses

On Youtube, you will find every type of video and it also includes videos that teach you how to apply for an internship, and what to add to your resume, in some videos you may also find people sharing their experiences with internships.

Courses are not much important but if you want to be perfect out of perfect for an internship then you may read & complete courses.

8 Websites To Find Internship

Now let’s check out the top 15 websites where you can find internships and jobs as fresher as well.


AngelList Talent is a premium and free website to find jobs and internships. Companies like Doordash, Roblox, honey, Postmates, IFTTT, Plaid, Airtable, etc. have used AngelList to hire employees.

Already there are more than 130K jobs available to grab in different fields. Every type of company and start-up is listed over here with every detail including funding, team, jobs, salary, etc.

To search for internships first register & login on AngelList then go to the jobs page. Click on the Filter option, scroll down under Job Details choose Internship. Then click on View Results.


CollegeRecruiter is one of the oldest education and employment-finding platforms for college students. It was founded by Steven Rothberg in 1991, with headquarters in Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area, Great Lakes, Midwestern US.

It is a highly popular website in the USA for college students because it helps them to find career opportunities and internships as well.

To date, more than 15 million students have used the platform to search for jobs & internships. Currently, there are more than 124K jobs listed to grab and it includes Internships too. is owned by Chegg. Chegg is known for its better user experience and quality services, students can get help in their studies from top-class teachers or tutors.

You can find more than 65K active jobs listed on Internships from different companies.


IdeaList was founded in 1995 in New York as a Non-Profit organization. To date, they have connected more than 130K organizations with job seekers. Organized more than 300 grad-school fairs & build a directory to help job seekers.

Organizations like World Food Program and other government bodies are using this platform. Currently, there are more than 360 active internship opportunities and more than 6000 active jobs to grab.

A fun fact is that there are 88K volunteer opportunities.


USAJobs has been there since last many years helping Americans to get jobs including internships. Advertisers are posting more than 1000 jobs per and currently there are more than 5 million active profiles

If you are from USA then this site is suitable for you. Simply you will find list of available jobs from all over the USA and remote jobs as well.

InternJobs is bit premium in compare to USAJobs. Here advertisers has to pay to post their vacancy ads. Hence you will find more legit and true jobs here.

It is working in more than 100 countries it let you find internship from all over the world as it has many remote jobs as well.


The good fact is that they have list of seasonal jobs/interns. Like Spring, Fall, Summer, and Virtual internship jobs. It was founded in 2001 and active since then.

The fact that I don’t like about them is they do charge users too much for internships. And platform is not much user friendly as well.


The student who is looking for internship is big giants and top notch companies are highly invited to go with WayUp. You will find list of internships as per its category or location based internships.


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