How to enable Snapchat’s dark mode on your iPhone, if you have it

woman looking at smartphone in darkness
Dark mode is a new feature for Snapchat’s iPhone users.

Many social-media apps have a “dark mode” these days, allowing users to change the color of their app’s interface to darker tones instead of bright ones, which can feel easier on the eyes and sometimes save battery life.

For a long time, Snapchat was one of the few major social media apps without a dark mode. But since last year, they’ve been rolling out dark mode to more and more iPhone users. Most iPhone users will be able to use Snapchat’s dark mode now – unfortunately, it’s still missing for Android users.

Here’s how to check if Snapchat’s dark mode is available on your iPhone, and how to enable it.

How to enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone

1. Open the Snapchat app on your device and log in if you’re prompted to do so.

2. In the upper-left corner of your screen, tap on your profile picture.

Snapchat home screen
Tap your profile avatar in the top-right corner.

3. In the upper-right corner of your profile page, tap on the “Settings” icon that looks like a gear.

Snapchat profile page
Tap the gear icon.

4. In the “My Account” section of the Settings menu, scroll down until you see an option called “App Appearance.” If you can’t find “App Appearance” listed, it means you can’t use dark mode yet.

Snapchat Settings menu
Tap “App Appearance.”

5. In the “App Appearance” menu, tap “Always Dark” to enable Snapchat’s dark mode. You can also choose “Match System” to have the app sync with your iPhone’s settings, so if your iPhone changes between light and dark automatically throughout the day, Snapchat will too.

Snapchat App Appearance page
Select “Always Dark” or “Match System” to have the app mirror to your system settings.

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