How to clean your iPad’s screen without damaging it

Someone cleaning an iPad
Cleaning your iPad’s screen won’t take long.

  • To clean your iPad’s screen, wipe it in circular motions with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • If a dirty spot won’t come out, you can lightly dampen the cloth with water or 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • The iPad has an oleophobic screen, making it easy to wipe away oily smudges.
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If you’ve owned your iPad for more than a week, you’ve noticed that it doesn’t look nearly as good as when it first came out of the plastic. Fingerprint smudges, dust specks, grease streaks – it’s hard to keep a device clean.

Luckily, iPads are easy to clean. Here’s a full guide on the Do’ and Don’ts of cleaning your iPad.

How to clean your iPad’s screen properly

ipad screen clean
A microfiber cloth should work just fine for cleaning off dust, grease, and fingerprints.

  • If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with water or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. If you do this, make sure to only wipe the hard and non-porous surfaces (the casing and display). This should also help if something is stuck on your iPad’s screen, like a piece of dirt. Just make sure to dampen the cloth itself – don’t pour or spray water directly onto the iPad.

If you’ve used a wet cloth, you can polish the screen afterwards with a dry microfiber cloth.

Maya Kachroo-Levine contributed to a previous version of this article.

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