How can I monetize my Instagram through affiliate marketing?

Hi guys!

I started my account on Instagram about six months ago, and at the moment, I have more than 110K followers. I don’t post regularly. Sometimes I post several times a day and other times twice a week. It all depends on my mood. I don’t do this professionally since I have a main job which I adore.

When I started my account, I didn’t have any specific goal. It’s just that one of my friends asked why I don’t have an Instagram account, so I created one and started posting photos and following interesting people.

My content includes personal care, clothing, travel, motivation for change, and even jokes about politics. In general, I post everything that interests me in my daily life on my Instagram.

I recently made a post about the beauty salon that I visit regularly. Without any secret motives, I just described the professionals who work there. A few days later, the manager called me and said that my next procedure would be free because, thanks to my post, they had several new clients. It surprised me and made me incredibly happy. I also thought about monetizing my account.

But after researching this topic on the Internet, I read that if you want to be invited into the affiliate program, you should cover a specific niche, and it’s not supposed to be as fragmented as mine. The account should have a certain number of real followers and good engagement activity.

The engagement on my account is pretty high, especially if I describe hilarious situations from my daily life or post photos with my cat. But the problem is that the requirement for the affiliate that I want to participate in is 150K, so I’m thinking of getting a boost of followers from services like to reach this number, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be banned because of the sheer number of followers gained in a short time.

I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if it can harm my attempts to monetize my account or is it a viable strategy. I’d also be grateful for any advice or tips on monetizing the account without having a specific niche. Thanks in advance, guys!

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