Guys please hear me out for a second

I gotta share this with you because it’s drives me crazy and I’m not gonna lie I’m kinda depressed right now. I got some questions regarding affiliate marketing and let me also say I’m a complete rookie when it comes to Affiliate marketing, however here are some things I’ve noticed during watchi 200+ YouTube videos (half of them are pure garbage and nothing more than a bait).

“Here is how you can make 300$ in a day”. “Earn $500 with this simple method”. “Make $217 selling clickbank products” or “Make $200 through clickbank as a beginner”…

Why do people do shit like this? So annoying. There is literally no way you can make $200 in a day as a beginner, no way.

Here is what I learned so far (and please guys let me know if my observation is incorrect)

  1. In order for you to start selling products on clickbank or any other affiliate site you need audience period! So you need to build your IG page or Facebook page which could take months to build if not years.

  2. Second very important thing I noticed is that you need to pick a specific niche you know everything about because in order for you to sell some products you gotta be familiar with the topic at hand so you can provide some value to your audience.

  3. You can go the other way and start doing Facebook or YouTube ads. In this case you gonna need money in fact a lot of it especially if you’re beginner. And Facebook ads aren’t easy and also watch out before your ad account gets banned, Facebook does that a lot.

  4. YouTube ads: with this method you gotta grow your YouTube account which is gonna take you at least a year if not more. So this option goes into toilet also.

  5. Another free method is Facebook groups… not so fast buddy! You gonna get banned from the group wht the quickness. In b4 “that’s why you go and start your own group”. Yeah in this case see you in 3 years when your group hits 20k members lol.

  6. Build email list: sure you can do that, it’s gonna take you 3 years to build it.

It’s almost like you’re in the maze. I’ve probably watched over 200 videos in the past 2 weeks and the outcome is always the same…

You need to build your audience in the niche you’re familiar with. So basically first you need to build your presence (takes years) then you can start your Affiliate marketing career otherwise you won’t sell shiat.

Is this accurate? I really wanna know if there is alternative way to do affiliate marketing. WhatI learn so far is that you need to build your brand/audience otherwise you ain’t gonna make it.

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