Email Services for Restricted Niches/Verticals

Problem: If you’ve tried to do affiliate marketing in one of the commonly restricted niches, you might find out sooner or later the hard way that not every email service will work with every vertical.

These niches are actually pretty common and you would be surprised by what niches many ESPs say they don’t allow.

Some do not allow affiliate marketing as the niche (promoting affiliate marketing as a way to make money, not promoting affiliate offers.)

Obviously if you conduct your business very professionally you will have less issues.

When working with those niches, I personally recommend using Mautic or Sendy and using an MTA like Amazon SES.

The absolute worst case scenario would be if those SMTP servers will not work with you (likely due to being an adult website) you can install and configure a server like Postal from Atech. Note: Most MTAs will still work with it as long as the language is not vulgar and there is no adult content in the emails themselves. The rules vary from service to service.

Is this solution easy? No honestly it is very difficult compared to using something like MailChimp, but if they won’t work with you, then you really don’t have an option.

Here’s a list of common options for email marketing automation options and whether they restrict the relatively harmless niches of gambling or dating.

Reminder: Affiliate links should never go in emails. They should always be on a page on your site, even if your landing page is just a bridge page that forwards them with a javascript redirect.

Note: This list is by in no means exhaustive and may not be 100% accurate.

  • name gambling_advice dating_advice note
  • Mautic yes yes self Hosted
  • mailchimp no no
  • moosend no no
  • constantcontact no yes
  • emailoctopus restricted restricted
  • sendy restricted restricted sends via Amazon SES
  • phpList Yes yes self Hosted
  • MailTrain yes yes self Hosted
  • activecamapign no yes
  • clickfunnels no yes
  • hubspot unknown unknown
  • keap aka infusionsoft no no
  • Klaviyo no no
  • convertkit unknown unknown
  • sendinblue restricted restricted
  • mailerlite no yes
  • mailgun yes yes
  • sailthrough no no
  • sendgrid yes yes
  • MailJet no yes
  • PostMark no yes
  • Autopoilet App unknown unknown
  • aweber yes yes
  • getresponse no restricted
  • icontact no yes
  • interspire yes yes self Hosted
  • omnisend no yes
  • sendpulse no no
  • maropost yes yes
  • sparkpost yes yes

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