China boosting Pakistan’s military arsenal by providing assistance: Analyst

As Pakistan is facing more restrictions to get weapons from the US, China has filled the vacuum by proving weapons to boost Islamabad’s conventional and nuclear arsenal.While China has long supplied Pakistan’s armed forces, the relationship has deepened in recent years, with Pakistan making major purchases of top-of-the-line Chinese export equipment, according to the National Interest.”China has sold or licensed to Pakistan the following five weapons program a) Nuclear Weapons Program, b) JF-17 Fighter A-100 c) Multiple Rocket Launcher, d) VT-1A and e) HQ-16,” writes Charlie Gao an analyst in the National Interest.One of the major aspects that Pakistan has focused on military acquisition from China has been on acquiring the necessary Air Defence for its Ground Forces.Pakistan military has relied primarily on its Air Force for providing the defence of its formation on the ground.Further, Pakistan is also in negotiations to buy the longer-ranged Chinese HQ-9 system, a Chinese analogue .