How to use Aero Shake in Windows 10 to focus on a single open window and minimize clutter

Aero Shake allows you to minimize other windows on your PC by shaking the window you want to focus on. This can be helpful if you have a lot of programs and files open on your desktop. 

Not only can you use this to select what you want to focus on, but if you weren’t aware of the feature, you might accidentally shake something and not know how to return the rest of your open windows or documents.

When you minimize all extraneous windows by using Aero Shake, you can’t access the other windows as readily. Once you use Aero Shake again to bring the rest back in view, they will appear back on your screen.

How to use Aero Shake in Windows 10 to focus on one window 

1. To use Aero Shake to prioritize the windows you want to focus on, start by left-clicking on the top bar of the window.

Left-click on the top bar of the window you want to prioritize.

2. Then slide your mouse side to side to shake that window into priority.

3. You will now have just the one window open while the rest are minimized.

How to use Aero Shake in Windows 10 to return the minimized windows to your screen

1. If you have other windows open but minimized, left click on the one window that is still open.

2. Shake the window or document side to side and it will bring the others back to the desktop.

Left-clicking on the window that is front and center will pull up the other minimized windows.

3. When the other documents and windows are back on the screen, click on those other ones to access them.

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