Teach English online to Latino adults or children

Still stuck at home during the pandemic and looking to make some extra income?

Apply to become an online English teacher for adults or children across Latin America with very flexible working hours. All the teaching material is provided and you still get paid if no students show up to a class. You need to be a native English speaker and it’s highly recommended that you have your TEFL certification.

Use this priority review referral link to get your application reviewed faster than other candidates: https://latinhire.com/r/i1083 (Yes, I get a referral fee for successful applicants.)

If you pass their application review phase, they will invite you to an interview within 5 business days. Also, if you don’t hear from them in 5 business days, you will know your submission did not pass their first filter.

Other info:

– Classes are private 1-1s (20 minutes) or groups of 1-9 students (45 minutes). You get a random mix of these during a shift.

– You get paid for the whole hour even if you just teach a 20 minute class within the hour.

– Starting salary is from $7-11USD/hour depending on the time you’re teaching (highest rate on the weekends, lowest rate on weekday mornings/early afternoons), but you can move up to $8-13USD/hour within 2-3 months.

– You can work up to as much as 48 hours a week to as little as 16 hours a month.

– Shifts are two hours, which means you’re paid for the two hours, but within the two hour period, your actual teaching time will be only about 40 minutes to 1.5 hours so you get a lot of resting time.

– You can drop shifts and pick up shifts up to an hour before the class begins (super flexible).

– If you have about 40 hours a week of shifts (in which you’re only teaching for about 25-30 hours), you can make around over $2000USD a month (from my personal experience)

– Students are awesome and come from all over Latin America. Many private classes will just be a casual conversation with the student, so you’ll get to learn a lot about their culture and fascinating life stories (one of the best aspects of this job).

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a private message 🙂

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253 companies hiring remotely in December (391 jobs)

Hello 👋

I made a public spreadsheet with companies hiring remotely this month (and their job openings).

Timeframe: 1 Dec – 10 Dec
Included: Location/HQ, salary (if found), link to the company website, and the job listing.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11QfN7l3KIfPzdyLcYW-nuDoB71w5QPkIY7P86j8LE0U/edit?usp=sharing

Please enjoy!
(Share with whomever you want.)

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Solidworks product designer seeking home based work

I see a lot of potential for doing work from home as a data clerk or some type of number crunching, customer service and so forth. I am a draftsman/designer with a good 16 years in the manufacturing workforce. I am really good with Solidworks and so so with Autodesk Inventor.

If you were me how would you look for these type of jobs online? Open to any helpful suggestions. Thanks.

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