Does it get any better?

Some of you probably think I’m whining but just bear with me. I’m 19 and just looking to get experience. I’m currently enrolled in software engineering and looking to graduate in 2-3 years.

I recently started a call center job and am doing it for the summer. We just started training and I have to say it is so boring.

Endless presentations and constant speaking from my trainer. Typical 9-5.

I want to know if it gets any better after training? Because right now I’m bored out of my mind due to the constant rambling and don’t know if I can honestly put up with this.

If software and IT jobs are like this as well please let me know based off of your experiences

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Need help concerning dual monitors

This is gonna be a long post and I’m not that experienced in the tech industry so please bear with me and any help is appreciated

So I’m started a job with a company soon and it is a work at home position with my own personal laptop. I have met all the requirements except for one that I am having an issue with.

They require us to have 2 external monitors to work on and both have to be minimum 17 inches. Currently I’m a student and only have a laptop connected to ONE external monitor via HDMI. I must have an Ethernet connection for the position but I’ve already sorted that out.

My question is can my work company see or detect that I am working on a monitor that is not 17 inches. Preferably I want to just work on my laptop screen with an extended monitor, and if they can’t detect anything I’ll just go with that.

However if they can I will need a docking station so any cheap ones that you guys recommend would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a Lenovo ideapad S540 IWL as my laptop

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17yo with chronic illness looking for a job that pays $13+ per hour

So I’m a 17F (18 in September) who’s been dealing with chronic pain and sciatica that has gotten exponentially worse very quickly. I’m an AP art student in high school with a graphic design background and adobe certified– and I’ve been working at a grocery store in customer service since 2019. I’ve started using a cane at work because I can’t stand for more than half an hour to an hour without experiencing serious discomfort, which transitions into pain throughout the core muscles of my body at the 1.5-hour mark, and even with my cane once I hit 2.5 hours I’m done- I need to sit. But now that I am sitting while cashiering the stool they’ve given me is at the heights where it’s just a slightly more tolerable, different kind of pain that’s still extremely uncomfortable.

I currently make 10.70 and it’s just not enough to cover my meds anymore now that my painkillers have increased, not to mention I need to get my license and insurance is through the roof for someone my age (at least in the state I live). I’ve gotten scammed before with fake WAH opportunities and was wondering if anyone knew anything legit I could get into I’d love to hear some suggestions because I’m getting desperate. I’m tired of looking for jobs to apply to and getting redirected through three to four different sites that keep requiring my email or go through tests just to find the actual application.

I’ve become trapped in this cycle of working to pay for my needs, medical in particular- while hurting myself in the process, and I can’t afford to make under 13 an hour bare minimum, I can’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore and with every shift I work, with every day I have to work through longterm pain and discomfort, the more I dread and dislike a job I previously enjoyed and its been taking a large toll on my mental health. I need to work sitting down comfortably, I just can’t do this anymore- please, I’m in desperate need of suggestions, preferably from employees who’ve worked at those jobs who can tell me about them.

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Legit review writing gig: Make an extra $30 a month for 3 reviews plus get 3 free full size products.

Hello, I do not work from home full time, but I do a lot of small side work and gig work on the side.

I have been working with a legit marketing company that pays $35 for the first set of 3 product reviews and then $30 for each set after that. And the timing works out to be approximately once a month. You also get 3 full size products. This is legit and it’s not much, but I use the extra $$ for the beer fund or or movie night or whatever. The products are things like: Natural Room Freshener, Instant Tea powder, natural sweetener drops, hand sanitizer, etc etc..


  1. USA Resident

  2. Amazon Account that’s at least 6 months old, plus having spent a minimum of $50 on there since the account was created.

  3. PayPal Account

After you are verified, staff will email directions about the first product to buy. You put it in your cart to calculate the total and send a screen shot of the cart.

They will then paypal you in advance and usually send a bit extra for any paypal fees. After you verify the payment in paypal, you complete the pruchase and send a screenshot of the order completion and order No.

They do this for 3 different products and they respond very quickly. Remember, they send the paypal in advance of each purchase.

After that, you WAIT about 15-30 days until they email you again and you have a chance to use the products. You do not post reviews until they tell you.
Once you post a review of the products on Amazon (when they tell you to), they then send you $35 for the first three reviews, and $30 for each set of reviews after that.

I usually write my reviews in advance so I’m ready to cut and paste when they tell me it’s time to write the reviews. After than, 3 more products.

You can do it over and over. The only thing is you have to wait 15-30 days between each wave.

You will earn $35 for your first wave of products which is (3) products in each wave and $30 for every wave of (3) products after that…with no limit to the amount of purchase waves. Also, there is no obligation or contacts. It’s strictly gig work.

The company has been extremely fast to respond, very professional and totally on the up and up with payments.

The products cost around $10-$15 each and as a reminder, they pay you in advance of the purchase.

If you are interested, please use the MAIL FUNCTION and send me the following:

  • Your first name
  • Your email address
  • Your PayPal email address, if different than your email address.
  • Amazon Prime membership: Yes or No

This is your first test: Please do NOT use the chat function as I do not use the chat function and I even have the chat button deleted from my browser. Please use the SEND MESSAGE button. If you use the chat function, you will be cheerfully ignored.


[Full disclosure: I am a happy user with this company, but I also get a small bonus for each person that I help to sign up and who completes one wave of reviews, but it’s a one-time payment to me, not an ongoing thing. This is NOT MLM or anything like that. Just a gig writing reviews.]

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Best keyboard, mouse, webcam etc?

I recently got offered a position via work from home that I’m excited about.. and leaving a not so exciting work from home job.. This new job, I’ve just been accept for, requires me to provide my own USB connected mouse, keyboard and webcam. What are some great keyboard, mouse (mice?) and webcam you’ve had a good enough experience with that I can order online and get quickly? Bonus points for fidget items as well!

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Work as a Tutor in Course Hero

Course Hero is a platform for people who want to work as text-based tutors in their respected subject expertise. People who have a Bachelor’s Degree or at least College-level can apply as a tutor. All you need to have is a supporting document like a Diploma or Transcript of Records. There is no interview required, but there will be some questions to be asked if you apply for subjects like Math and Physics.

Payment for each question can go as low as 3$ and can go as high as 26$ (in my own experience). Payment needs to be verified for a maximum of 16 days before it gets credited to your account. The minimum payout threshold is 20$ via PayPal. In my own experience, the payout is always real-time in crediting, so no problems there for now.

In my first month working as a Tutor in Course Hero, I already cashed out at least 500$ in my PayPal. I am expecting at least 700$ for my income in a whole month. Please see this link for proof of my latest payments and total earnings I had when I started working as a tutor. Please be advised that I am on the platform for at least 8 hours a day, making this my part-time job until I find a full-time job.

Now, for the link for applying as a tutor: Link

The non-referral link and referral link are the same because only chosen tutors are allowed to refer potential tutors.

A Referral Code is needed for a referral. If you want to register as a tutor with my referral code, here it is: KJN1L

The referral code will be entered at the very bottom of your application page. For reference, please see this link.

The benefit of using my referral code is that we both will have 5$.


  1. You qualify as a tutor.
  2. You have received at least three (3) Student Helpful Ratings during your first 14 days of approval.
  3. My Account and your account must be in good standing (not removed nor disabled) to qualify.
  4. My Account and your account must have a verified PayPal account associated with our Course Hero’s tutor account to receive payment. (My PayPal account is verified already.)

According to Course Hero, qualified referrals will be reviewed by them at the end of each month and payments will go out via PayPal by the end of the following month.

For any questions or clarifications in regards to my post, please message me so I can help you with it.

Now, with all that being said, register as a Tutor in Course Hero!

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19 yrs old and looking for a relatively simple job that pays 10-30 dollars an hour that requires no experience

I can draw, design, type, write, speak, edit and have working internet and a phone and computer, I was just looking to find something relatively simple I can do, I technically already do freelance art and have a shop open but that stuffs taxing on my hands and can be pretty time consuming. I was hoping for something a little less rigorous than that with a more consistent pay and more flexible hours, so i can balance doing what I love (art) with a decent work from home job. Just basically a second more simple job when art becomes too hard and slow that can be completed faster.

i know there are things like surveys and stuff but most of that stuff has you making 0.01 cents per survey so it takes forever for you to get even 6 dollars

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