[HIRING] Front-End Engineer ( Expertise in React and TypeScript)—- 100% Remote Job– Salary [15-20 $ per hour]

We are a friendly, small, and fast-moving team of motivated individuals, passionate about making Scrolller (7 million monthly active users) into the best it can be. We’re looking to hire people who care about the product they’re creating, and have that sentiment reflected in the work that they do. If you’ve been a long-time user of Scrolller then all the better!
If you secure the role, then you’ll be collaborating within the Scrolller team to provide a fantastic experience to our users. You’ll be working alongside two other full-stack developers to deliver new features, and to enhance existing ones. Our UI/UX designer will work with the developers to prototype solid user flows and interfaces, which you can then implement in production. We’d like you to bring along your own ideas and feedback, and also to help us refine our ideas. Please add the scrolller’s MAU to the top of your comment or it will be ignored.
Our frontend is a single-page web application built with React and TypeScript. Our backend is written in Kotlin and hosts a GraphQL API. We’ll guide you through the codebase once you join to help you settle in. Soon we’re going to create a Scrolller app for mobile, so experience here would be a big plus.
Ideal skills:
– motivated and creative
– good team player
– understanding of software design principles (e.g. SOLID)
– confident developing with both React and TypeScript
– some experience working with GraphQL APIs
– enjoys creating immersive and intuitive user experiences
– web UI animations
– hybrid mobile app frameworks (e.g. react-native)

Pay Rate: 15$-20$ hourly
Estimated Work: 30 hrs/Week
Project Type: Ongoing

If you are interested comment below.

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Transcribe Anywhere – transcription training

Transcribe Anywhere - transcription training

Scam alert!This place is a total scam. No certification is necessary to do transcription and their claim that they are the first school to be accredited by the AAERT is false. All Janet Shaughnessy did was pay a fee and Transcribe Anywhere was listed in the AAERT directory.

Charging people $900 for something that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on at a time when people are looking for legit work is disgraceful.




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How Long After Your Baby Was Born Did You Want to Go Back to Work?

Hey all, first time dad to be here.

How long did you not want to go back to work for after the birth of your first child?

How long until you wanted to go back to work – either part time or on a full time basis

This is geared towards people who are self employed or work at home

Mainly looking for input from men but feel free to leave a comment if you are a mom as well!

Also, did you miss work / feel uncomfortable when you were not working?

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Online job listings and search techniques to land jobs / what’s the best way?

I want to work a part low skill [i.e. clerk, chat agent, data entry, online admin, transcription, internet researcher, virtual assistant, etc.] remote role until I land something better… now the problem is I look at these low skill job postings for these low skill roles in Google’s beta featured web scraper (google’s latest job search function) i find that for every 20 or 30 postings for these low skill roles, 80-90% are fake or garbage job postings where it’s not even actual jobs…

My question: Is google’s job search function the best? I’m assuming it is, but I find myself having to go through each job posting one by one with so much job requirement BS for these different low paying temp job roles…where 80-90% of them are fake surveys or something?

I typically dont use indeed or glassdoor…since google’s job search function is the best in my eyes since it’s 1. Google – the biggest web scrape search engine 2. it’s a one stop shop and is supposed to link me the alternative job board of wherever else the job posting is ALSO listed IF i’m even interested in other job boards…but I’m not since it’s a waste of time cuz I already got ahold of the job posting…if I like the job posting on the google job search, I go straight to the company’s website to apply one by one while catering my resume to the job if it’s for me…

Am I missing hundreds of other legit job postings/opportunities by avoiding Indeed that are real job postings and not fake jobs/waste/MLM sales BS jobs or something regardless if they are low-paying & remote or not?

In other words, I’m avoiding having to waste my time registering and looking at 12 different job boards i.e. (Indeed, LinkedIn, working nomads, flex jobs, we work remotely, remote OK, ZipRecruiter, Dice, Angellist, etc.) since i’m assuming those jobs on these job boards are also auto-listed/come up on the google job search engine as well since they are on the internet/ any other job board on the internet…

If I need to be looking at other job boards, what job boards is worth my time besides Indeed, and LinkedIn? Is it worth me looking on facebook/ certain social media for postings/openings?

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[HIRING] Work From Home Full or Part-Time


AMSOIL Synthetic Oil, Fluids, Filters. Advanced AMSOIL technology delivers premium protection and performance from bumper to bumper

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This Is Where Freedom And Opportunity Meet

Join a community of like-minded people, represent a highly respected product line and chart your own path to success.

Be Your Own


Forget the hassles — it’s time to take charge of your life. Now you have the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want.

Increase Your


As an AMSOIL Dealer, you get to sell something everybody needs and the plan is simple: the more you sell, the more you earn.

Get The Support

You Need

We give you the proven tools you need to be successful, then back you with dedicated customer support to fulfill orders, answer questions and provide recommendations.

Earn 25% Comissions on Sales!

Retain Customers Comissions For Life on Repeat Orders!

Payments are Mailed in Check Form Every 15th of Every Month or Can Be Direct Deposited Into Your Account.


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The pandemic crushed my career, so I shifted gears.

TL;DR: I got comfortable in marketing, lost my edge, the pandemic took my clients away so I took an online tech sales boot camp that helps you to find you a career and costs nothing upfront. It gives you access to other professionals and features Fireside Chats where you can speak with executives that followed a similar trajectory.

I’ve been bouncing between jobs FOREVER just to make my freelance marketing career work. Eventually, I ended up working at an Apple Store, and it was great. I managed to parlay a lot of the customers I’d teach there into clients of mine. It was working out so well that I had to leave Apple just to have enough time!

March 2020 comes around and a large majority of my clients shut their doors. I got lucky and got some work helping restaurants convert to be online-order ready, but that only lasted a couple of months. Many of my regular clients were closing permanently.

I decided to look into tech sales on a whim with the encouragement of some of my friends. I was recommended quite a few boot camps and programs to get up to speed but ended up on Flockjay.

There were many reasons I decided to go with Flockjay, but the main one is how they encourage people without sales experience to enroll, and how their main objective is to make tech a more inclusive industry.

I’m almost finished with the program now, and my resume has been revitalized by their professionals, updated on job boards, and I receive 3 or 4 pings every day about tech sales opportunities. It’s been great and I can’t wait to finish. The link I posted throughout is to a Medium post that goes into a little more detail. Check it out if you like, and decide for yourself. It has my email at the bottom, so feel free to reach out and speak with me.

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