It’s sleep awareness week: Here’s everything we’ve written about getting great sleep, plus exclusive bedding deals for Insider Reviews readers

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Sleep Awareness Week 4x3
  • Sleep awareness week runs from March 14 through March 20.
  • We’ve gathered all our guides on how to get a great night’s sleep in one place – from the best mattresses to the best pajamas.
  • We’ve also arranged some exclusive discounts for Insider Reviews readers on our favorite bedding brands.

We’re big on sleep at Insider Reviews. Over the years we’ve tested hundreds of products aimed at helping you get the best sleep possible: from mattresses to melatonin, and everything in between. Through expert interviews and hands-on testing, we’ve learned three key facts about sleep:

  1. Sleep is really important for your mental and physical health.
  2. Sleep preferences are individual; there is no one-size-fits-all sleep product.
  3. Investing in products that support your individual sleep needs is one of the best things you can do for your own comfort, health, and well-being.

As Rebecca Robbins, sleep researcher, author, and post-doctoral fellow at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, told Insider Reviews in our guide to the best pillows: “No matter your budget, I really encourage people to splurge and invest in these products because they will help. The bed is the foundation of our sleep and if these elements aren’t supportive and not cozy to your personal preference, you put yourself at risk for sleep difficulties.”

This sleep awareness week, we’ve put all our sleep resources together in one place. Below you’ll find links to our bedding and mattress buying guides, how-tos on caring for your bedding, and even some exclusive discounts for Insider readers from our favorite bedding brands. Happy sleeping!

Here are all of our our favorite sleep resources, including discounts on our favorite bedding brands:

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Our favorite sleep products

sleep awareness week_Our favorite sleep products

21 products and apps we swear by to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up well-rested

Our 40+ person team of professional product reviewers are meticulous, picky, and have a lot of opinions about sleep. Above you’ll find a list of some of our all-time favorite products for getting a good night’s sleep, including weighted blankets, essential oils, and fluffy bathrobes.

Here are some highlights:

Weighted Blanket (small)All-Season White Quilted Comforter (Queen) (small)Knock Me Out Herbal Tea (small)

Insider Reviews exclusive sleep week discounts

best sheets 2021 L.L. Bean pima cotton sheets
Most major mattress and bedding brands are offering sales for sleep awareness week. We’ve collaborated wth some our favorite brands to bring even steeper discounts just for Insider Reviews readers. 

Here are 14 discounts you can only find at Insider Reviews this sleep week:

Airweave: $115 off New Mattress, New Mattress Advanced, Luxe Mattress, or Top Mattress with code ‘BISLEEP’

Allswell: 15% off sitewide with code ‘INSIDER’

Avocado: Save $225 on any size Latex Mattress, with code ‘INSIDERSLEEP’; the best offer you’ll find on the web for this mattress

Bear: Save $500 on any size Bear Hybrid Mattress, with code ‘INSIDER’; the best offer you’ll find on the web for this mattress

Brooklinen: 15% off two of our favorite products: the Luxe Core Sheet Set or Weighted Comforter with code ‘INSIDER’

Casper: Save $100 on the Original mattress or $200 on a Nova Mattress or Wave Mattress with code ‘INSIDER’

Cocoon by Sealy: 36% off sitewide with code ‘INSIDER36’

DreamCloud: $200 off mattresses and $399 of free accessories with code ‘INSIDER’

Leesa: Save an additional 20% off Hybrid and Legend mattresses with code ‘INSIDER’

LIVELY: $10 off your first purchase of $60 or more with code ‘SLEEP’

Nectar: $200 off mattresses and $399 of free accessories with code ‘INSIDER’

Summersalt: $10 toward your purchase of $90 or more with code ‘SLEEP10’

Tempur-Pedic: 30% off Tempur-Cloud Mattress with code ‘BI30’

Tuft & Needle: 15% off Original and Mint mattresses with code ‘INSIDER15’

All the sleep deals and discounts happening now

Sealy Ease Adjustable Power Base Bed Frame Upright Position

20+ mattress sales happening right now — including Tuft & Needle, Leesa, and Tempur-Pedic

While our exclusive discount codes will get you some of the best deals you can find this sleep awareness week, many retailers are having special sales of their own. You’ll find discounts on startup mattress brands like Nectar and Leesa, legacy brands like Serta and Simmons, and bedding brands like Brooklinen and Coop Home Goods. Check out our rundown of mattress sales for the latest deals.

The best mattress

Casper Mattresses

The best mattress for every type of sleeper in 2021, according to our rigorous testing

Our sleep reporter has tested more than two dozen mattresses over the last four years. He even has a special testing room devoted entirely to new mattress testing. Like all things sleep, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all mattress, but we’ve outlined picks for all different bodies, preferences, and sleep habits. Here are some of our favorites.

Best mattresses for a good night’s sleep:

Cloud Mattress (Queen) (small)Classic Mattress (Queen) (small)Hybrid Mattress (Queen) (small)

The best sheets

sleep awareness week_The best sheets

The 5 best bed sheets we tested in 2021

Great sheets can make your bed someplace that you’re excited to dive into after a long day. We talked to textile experts and tested 14 sheet sets (and counting) to find the best picks for sateen, flannel, linen, and more. 

Here are the best sheets you can buy:

Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set (Queen) (small)Linen Sheet Set (Queen) (small)Sateen Classic Sheet Set (Queen) (small)

The best pillows

best pillows 4x3

The 7 best pillows in 2021 for side, back, and stomach sleepers

Chances are, you’ve probably struggled to find a pillow you truly love. Individual anatomy and sleep styles means we all have different needs when it comes to loft and support. Our top picks prioritize adjustability and a generous return policy so that you can find the pillow that works best for you. Our top pick by Coop Home Goods is a reader favorite because the shredded foam filling can be added or removed for the perfect custom loft (you can read our full review of this pillow here). 

Here are some of our favorite pillows:

Original Pillow (small)Original Pillow (small)Pillow (small)

The best weighted blankets

best weighted blanket bearaby napper

The 5 best weighted blankets we tested in 2021

While research into the effectiveness of weighted blankets is in early stages, there’s promising evidence that a weighted blanket can help lull you to sleep faster, especially if you struggle with anxiety or other mental health issues that impact sleep. The size and type of weighted blanket you should buy depends on your body size (10% off your body weight is recommended to start) and sleeping situation (you’ll need a heavier blanket if you plan to share with a partner). We’ve chosen a variety of picks that work for napping, couples, hot sleepers, and more.

The best weighted blankets:

Weighted Comforter (15-pound) (small)Blanket (35 lb, Queen/King) (small)Cotton Napper (small)

The best gentle alarm clocks

sleep awareness week_The best gentle alarm clocks

The 5 best sunrise alarm clocks we tested in 2021

Waking up can be just as difficult (if not more so) than falling asleep. One of our favorite products for starting your day (coffee makers not withstanding) are sunrise alarm clocks. These innovative alarm clocks produce a gentle sunrise effect to wake you up slowly and feeling refreshed. The result is a slower and more calming start to the day. Many of these lights can also help you fall asleep, too, by producing sunset-like light effects that let your body know it’s time to wind down.

Here are some of our favorite sunrise alarm clocks:

Smartsleep Connected (small)The Glow Light (small)Restore (small)

The best sleep supplements

Melatonin sleep aid nap

These melatonin gummies are now my go-to sleep aid — they cut my nighttime restlessness in half and help me relax

SugarBear’s melatonin gummies are the first sleep aid that consistently helped me sleep soundly through the night

While you should always consult your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen, research shows melatonin can improve sleep quality and lessen the effects of certain sleep disorders. We’ve tried several melatonin gummies and found they helped us fall asleep easier and sleep better.

Sleep Vitamins (1 month) (small)

The best pajamas

sleep awareness week_The best pajamas

The 7 best places to shop for women’s pajamas in 2021

The best loungewear sets for women that look and feel nicer than your typical pair of sweats

The best men’s pajamas you can buy

While many of us have been living in loungewear for the past year or so, sleep researcher Rebecca Robbins told us she likes to think of pajamas as “technical gear for sleep” in the same way athletes look for performance athleticwear. A great set of pajamas should be breathable, comfortable, and free from any buttons or zippers that might be uncomfortable during sleep. 

Here are some of our favorite pajamas for men and women: 

Cloud 9 Silky Pajama Set (small)The All-Day Stripe Lounge Set Bundle (small)

The best bathrobes

parachute 3

The 7 best women’s bathrobes we tested in 2021

The best bathrobes for men

While not strictly sleep-related, bathrobes are another comfort item that can keep you cozy and calm in those early morning hours when you’re just getting your day started. 

Our favorite women’s, men’s, and unisex bathrobes:

Classic Bathrobe (small)Unisex Organic Waffle Robe (small)

The best slippers

sleep awareness week_The best slippers

We’ve tested dozens of pairs of slippers, and these are the 13 coziest pairs our team recommends

The best men’s slippers

Like a great bathrobe, a good pair of slippers can keep you warm, cozy, and relaxed as you wind down for bed or get your day started. Our favorite picks for men and women include fluffy slippers, moccasin-style slippers, and indoor/outdoor slippers.

Here are some of our favorite slippers for men and women:

Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper (small)Tasman Slippers (small)Faux Fur Slippers (small)

Our other great sleep guides

Sleep Awareness Week Our other great sleep guides 4x3

We’ve written tons of guides about products to help you get the best sleep. Here are some others worth checking out: 





How to clean your bedding

Sheets FAQ best sheets 2021

Once you have mattresses, pillows, and sheets you really love, you’ll want to care for them properly to extend their life. Here are our guides to caring for and cleaning your bedding:

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