Elizabeth Warren is holding up the confirmation of a top Education Dept. nominee to push for better administration of student-loan servicers

senator elizabeth warren
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren is responsible for stalling James Kvaal’s nomination to under secretary of Education.
  • A source familiar with the matter told Insider the stall is not about student-debt cancellation.
  • Rather, Warren wants the Education Department to improve how it oversees student-loan servicers.
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is responsible for holding up James Kvaal’s nomination for under secretary of education, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to Insider.

Kvaal, the former president of the nonprofit Institute of College Access and Success, was nominated for the number three position at the Education Department in February, but Warren has been stalling his nomination because she wants to improve the administration of the student loan program.

The source told Insider that although Warren is leading the effort for $50,000 in student debt cancellation, this is not about cancellation, but rather the administration of loan servicers. The Warren office has engaged in conversations with Kvaal about necessary reforms in higher education, including improvements to the student loan program, the source said, adding that these conversations are continuing.

Bloomberg first reported that a Senate Democrat was stalling Kvaal’s confirmation, but the identity of the lawmaker was unknown at the time.

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