I left New York for a 4-night trip to Savannah, Georgia – here’s what it was like dining indoors, going on booze tours, and singing karaoke without wearing masks

Katie Nave Outdoor mask off dining _Tybee Island
Author Katie Nave and her partner at Tybee Island in Georgia.

  • Katie Nave is a freelance writer based in New York.
  • In early May after getting vaccinated, she and her partner went on a 4-day trip to Savannah, Georgia.
  • Although it was at first unnerving to go maskless, Nave says the trip felt exhilarating and peaceful.
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I went on my first date with my now-boyfriend in March 2020. Two weeks later, COVID-19 took over, our home of New York became the epicenter, and we restricted our dates to Friday night dinners at home. Thanks to our recent vaccinations, we’re slowly taking our relationship out into the “real world.”

One month ago, in celebration of our collective birthdays and Moderna jabs, we took a trip to Savannah, Georgia for four nights. We packed our masks, hand sanitizer, vaccine cards, and a healthy mix of anxiety and excitement for the trip. Here’s what it was like to travel after living in lockdown.

I initially felt conflicted about traveling out of state.

We’ve both taken the virus seriously by wearing masks, keeping our pod small, and respecting the quarantine rules.

As star students of Dr. Fauci, our decision to take a flight was thought over carefully. Even with antibodies, the idea of cramming onto a plane with strangers felt wild. Sure, everyone would be mandated to wear a mask, but they’d also be sipping, snacking, and readjusting throughout the flight.

Ultimately, we decided the risk was low as long as we took the proper precautions. We knew we wanted to keep the flight short, so Savannah became our choice location, with only two hours from takeoff to touchdown.

Since this was our first trip in a long time, we decided to stay at the TWA Hotel the night before our flight.

Katie Nave
Vintage decor inside the TWA Hotel.

The hotel is a fun 1960s throwback with a sunken lounge and a heated rooftop pool. Our room was located near a runway so we were able to watch the planes come and go silently – the glass is very thick – before our trip.

The view of a runway from the TWA hotel room. Katie Nave
The view of a runway from the TWA hotel room.

The next morning, we left our room and took a quick AirTrain right to our terminal.

It was overwhelming to go to the airport and get on a plane again after so long.

As soon as we walked into JFK Airport, I was paralyzed by the bright lights, crowds of people, and logistics of getting to our flight. As a person who’s often anxious, it was a true test of my coping skills.

I felt especially nervous as we stepped into a terminal elevator only to have a cluster of people follow us in. Normally, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take deep, calming breaths, but in this case, it felt unfortunately necessary to hold my breath.

After an ID mishap (TSA PSA: Do not travel with a chipped license), we booked it to our gate and eventually landed in our seats at the back of the small plane, right outside of the bathroom. I remember thinking it was wild to sit so close to a stranger that I could see even the faintest freckles on their arms. Thankfully, I locked into an exceptional book and was able to feel a rush of excitement as the wheels lifted off of the runway.

We got to Savannah in two hours and hopped into an Uber to our Airbnb.

Katie Nave
The author’s Airbnb apartment in downtown Savannah.

While researching for the trip, we’d been intrigued by photos of the oak trees covered in Spanish moss and cobblestone streets in the Savannah Historic District, so we booked an Airbnb apartment there for the first two nights of our trip.

It was perfectly located outside of Oglethorpe Square, where we got coffee each morning and sat and watched squirrels tussle under the sun. Our culinary tour of the town took us to a casual patio overlooking the river, outdoor snacks on the go, and a romantic evening cozying up at a bar and ordering intricate cocktails.

While it wasn’t as jarring as I’d imagined, there was an obviously more lax approach to masks while dining out than we were used to in New York.

Dining in the Riverstreet District in Savannah. Katie Nave
Dining in the Riverstreet District in Savannah.

When I put my face covering on to go to the restroom at one restaurant, a server looked at me curiously and said, “Oh sweetheart, you don’t have to do that.”

Embracing the haunted history of Savannah, we took a boozy walking ghost tour with fellow out-of-towners who also had an affinity for the open container policy. Visiting the Colonial Park Cemetery and The Marshall House, a former hospital during the Civil War, hit extra hard as our guide described the horrors of two yellow fever epidemics.

Exploring downtown Savannah while maskless, with the warm breeze on our faces, felt exhilarating.

Katie Nave Oglethorpe Square _ Downtown Savannah
Trees at Oglethorpe Square in downtown Savannah.

Since the streets weren’t crowded, we embraced the CDC’s recent announcement that vaccinated individuals can safely spend time outdoors without masks.

Still, I found myself wearing my mask under my chin or wrapped around my wrist at all times, perhaps as some sort of declaration that, yes, I do believe in science and will cover-up at a moment’s notice. I doubt anyone was judging me, but I was ready in case they did.

While shopping Broughton Street and touring the SCAD Museum of Art, we happily followed the “masks on indoors” policies. Much to my relief, it seemed everyone around us peacefully adhered to the rules as well and I felt safe throughout our visit.

For the final two nights, we visited an eclectic nearby beach town.

The Tybee Island Lighthouse (1) Katie Nave
The Tybee Island Lighthouse.

Halfway through the trip, we decided to mix things up by renting a beach cottage on Tybee Island. Thanks to our cherry red rental golf cart, we were able to zip around and explore all the top spots.

The locals and tourists alike were extremely friendly on the island and it quickly hit me how much I’d missed conversing with strangers. Still, I never quite figured out if it was appropriate to casually ask someone if they’d been vaccinated.

Tybee Island Golf Cart Katie Nave
Riding a red rental golf cart around Tybee Island.

While most of our time in Tybee was spent outdoors enjoying the beaches, perfect weather, and our cottage BBQ, we lived it up the final night by going out to a local bar and singing karaoke. Masks were on while indoors around others, but came off momentarily while performing onstage.

After packing up the next morning and arriving at the airport for our return flight to New York, I swiped through photos in my phone, reliving all of the best moments of the trip.

Overall, it felt incredible to be able to travel again.

I’m very aware of the privilege that we hold to be able to safely travel. The global vaccine scarcity is devastating with the reports that 85% of shots received worldwide have been administered in high- and upper-middle-income countries. Less than 1% of doses have been administered in low-income countries. The pandemic is clearly not over.

Given these facts, it initially felt selfish to travel during a global pandemic, but I’ve come to see that it was a good choice for me and my partner. We stayed safe throughout, and it was quite amazing how quickly we recalibrated to “normal” life. The mental health benefits of this trip were much greater than any vacation I’ve ever taken, as it gave me great hope that, at some point, we’ll fully return to the ease of normal life. It was healing to have this experience with the person that I love and, thanks to science, I’d do it all again.

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The 10 best hotels in Savannah including historic inns, affordable brands, and luxury enclaves

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best hotels in savannah
  • With preserved architecture, beautiful parks, and delicious food, Savannah, Georgia is a must-visit.
  • Savannah’s hotel portfolio showcases small inns, historic properties, big brands, and niche spots.
  • Our top hotels have been chosen based on recent stays, desirable amenities, and affordable prices.

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Beautiful old town squares, a scenic riverside, important history, dynamic arts, and a thriving dining scene all flanked by swaying Spanish moss all contribute to the striking beauty of Savannah.

Savannah is a relaxed, accessible destination that is family-friendly, eminently walkable, and offers good value outside of peak season. Savannah is like an edgier Charleston, or perhaps a slightly sleepier New Orleans and offers easy day trip opportunities to Tybee Island and Hilton Head.

Hotels in Savannah run the gamut, with high-end historic mansions, large convention hotels, and a dash of design-forward boutique properties. I’ve been visiting and writing about Savannah travel for over a decade, and have stayed in dozens of hotels. The ones on this list are among my favorites. Though, if you prefer a vacation rental, we rounded up our top Airbnbs in Savannah, too.

Browse all the best hotels below, or jump directly to a specific area:

These are the best hotels in Savannah, sorted by price from low to high.

The Hyatt Regency Savannah

hyatt regency savannah

Book The Hyatt Regency Savannah

From the exterior, this large, riverside convention hotel looks fairly unremarkable. Stepping into the Savannah outpost of this international brand, however, changes things.

The lobby opens up into a cavernous space, lined by foliage, rising floors, and is adorned with huge manmade sculptures and tree-house-like cabanas. Even entry-level rooms are blessed with scenic river views, endowing them with a greater sense of space and lots of light.

The fixtures are Hyatt Regency standard issue, which means contemporary comfort with brown and cream accents and popping lime greens. The hotel’s signature restaurant, Moss & Oak, serves high-standard fare and a lavish breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner offers regional delicacies as she-crab soup and chicken-fried chicken.

The property also has a rare indoor heated pool, meaning guests can swim year-round, plus a modern fitness room, and all the expected facilities for a modern business traveler. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here.

Mansion on Forsyth


Book Mansion on Forsyth

This large hotel on the fringes of scenic Forsyth Park typifies the Southern Gothic aesthetic. To add to the macabre ambiance, its former life was as a funeral home.

All sense of morbidity is gone though and the property now serves as an homage to opulence. The public spaces are filled with artworks, complemented by plush fabrics and furniture and it feels like being in an incredibly decadent gallery.

In guest rooms, oversized headboards appear hewn from marble, and bathrooms open up into the bedroom via curtains. It’s all illuminated by reproduction candelabras that emanate a casually spooky chic sense of style.

The hotel’s restaurant, 700 Drayton, is a destination in its own right, with a dining room that summons images of a historic mansion through wood paneling and hunting trophies. There’s also an on-site cookery school should guests want to improve their kitchen skills, a luxe spa, and a small museum dedicated to antique hats.

COVID-19 procedures are available here

Kimpton Brice Hotel

KimptonBrice_guest room

Book Kimpton Brice Hotel

Although this Kimpton hotel opened in 2014, the building dates back to the 1860s, having previously been both a Coca-Cola bottling plant and a livery.

These days, the hotel is thoroughly modern; the lobby and beyond are decorated with artwork from the local Savannah School of Art and Design (SCAD) and the property sells its look as rebellious elegance.

My Deluxe King mixed dark grays (echoing the building’s exterior) with bright yellows in stark contrast, and funky retro patterns and velour drapes gave the space a colorful dynamism.

Pacci is the hotel’s much-vaunted, on-site Italian restaurant that’s open from breakfast through dinner, with a great apertivo hour. In line with other Kimpton hotels, there’s a lovely outdoor pool, guests can borrow yoga mats from the front desk, and there’s a pet social hour, marking this as one of the quirkier hotels in town. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here

The Cotton Sail Hotel

CottonSail_guest room

Book The Cotton Sail Hotel

One of the smaller riverfront properties, this compact and bijoux hotel is part of Hilton’s boutique Tapestry Collection. As with neighboring properties, the structure is a former 19th-century warehouse and maintains its lovely heart of pine wooden floors.

With only 56 rooms, there’s a welcoming personal feel to the service, and it’s one of the city’s better value options. Many guest rooms have plum views over the river, and all boast those original wooden floors. There’s a casually rustic ambiance to the decor, awash with daylight and calming brown and green accents. The building’s untouched bones mean rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so don’t expect uniformity.

The hotel doesn’t have an official on-site restaurant, though it serves a pleasant continental breakfast each morning that is best enjoyed on the sunny deck. Two independently-owned eateries are attached, though, making dining a cinch. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here.

Perry Lane Hotel

perry lane hotel a luxury

Book Perry Lane Hotel

Twin towers separated by a narrow lane constitute this art-forward hotel, which features dozens of artworks from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and beyond. The design is based on a (fictional) back-story of a worldly traveler who returned to the city laden with curios.

The public spaces include lounges and living rooms filled with such intriguing objects, some front and center, others hidden away in drawers as if they were secret museum exhibits.

My Deluxe King room was subtly luxe, with an oversized padded headboard and a plush chaise lounge, framed by contemporary art and a grown-up minibar selection for making your own cocktails.

Three distinct experiences make up the food and beverage offerings. The flagship Emporium Kitchen and Wine Market serves a glorious, European-skewed menu that also pays homage to American classics. The Wayward bar has intriguing decor, including an actual motorcycle hanging from the ceiling. Up top, the rooftop bar Peregrin has murals, deck chairs, and a small pool. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here.

The Alida Hotel


Book The Alida Hotel

This eye-pleasing property is part of a new breed of design-forward hotels that have sprung up across the riverfront. Named for Alida Harper Fowlkes, a local architectural preservationist, The Alida is housed in a converted former warehouse with ample exposed brick and reclaimed wood.

You likely wouldn’t know it at first, but the character-filled hotel is part of Marriott’s niche Tribute Portfolio brand. The original features merge with modern glass and steel and the attention to aesthetics stands out. Even entry-level rooms boast exquisite polished wooden floors, an architectural genuflection to the building’s former life.

The restaurant boasts a suitably southern name, Rhett, and the chef mixes modern regional cuisine with international favorites, and local seafood takes culinary center stage. The lobby bar, Trade Room, has great craft cocktails, and there are also free bubbles for guests at check-in.

An alluring rooftop pool comes replete with cabanas and its own bar, and overall, the hotel showcases wonderful midcentury modern furniture in public spaces.

COVID-19 procedures are available here

The Drayton Hotel

the drayton hotel

Book The Drayton Hotel

Set just back from the river into the historic downtown district, the imposing gray facade of The Drayton suggests a very traditional sense of grandeur. The building was formerly The American Trust and Bank, and there are memorable remnants in the public spaces, including striking turquoise tiling in the corridor around the elevators.

The lobby is a symphony of colorful contemporary design and there’s an unfussy chicness to the rooms. I stayed in a Chamber Double and enjoyed river-facing views, reclaimed wooden floors, and primary colors visually augmented by layered design touches such as a mirrored wooden minibar and a vintage telephone.

The flagship restaurant, Saint Neo’s Brasserie, has one of the city’s best oyster bars and a tempting menu of local seafood. The hotel’s rooftop bar comes into full effect in a low-rise city like Savannah, and there’s a retro aesthetic with the lime green chairs and striped sofas. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here

The Bohemian Hotel


Book The Bohemian Hotel

Another contemporary, converted warehouse riverside property, this hotel is part of both the Kessler and Autograph Collections from Marriott Bonvoy.

Enter through a red brick exterior to the art-filled interior with an immediate plethora of abstract sculptures and carefully curated paintings. There’s an underlying maritime theme, as evidenced by hanging antique kayaks in one of the bars, as well as guest rooms with headboards that resemble wood reclaimed from ancient galleons, and chests of drawers that suggest treasure chests. Light fittings are decorated with oyster shells, conjuring up a sense of aquatic opulence.

Two restaurant bars vie for attention, Rocks on the Roof, and Rocks on the River. The latter is a full-service joint that opens onto the riverwalk, the former arguably the best rooftop bar in the city, with captivating views and tasty, elevated bar food.

COVID-19 procedures are available here.

The Ballastone Inn

ballastone inn

Book The Ballastone Inn

The Ballastone is exactly the type of historic property that Savannah excels at, one of a handful of world-class inns in the city. The 19th-century design features a striking curved staircase and a lobby highlighted by elaborate wood paneling, chandeliers, and a celestial ceiling mural.

The building dates back to 1828, and as such, the rooms are individually shaped. My Sorghum Cane entry-level Garden Room was lovingly appointed with cherry-red linens and original period furniture, with intricate coving around the ceilings that felt classic, while a contemporary bathroom added luxury.

Breakfast is served in the beautiful living room, surrounded by more exquisite Victoriana, and is a joy. Guests are invited to return throughout the day for treats such as the 6 p.m. social hour with wine and charcuterie plates. In the evenings, it feels like the height of sophistication to sip an after-dinner port or sherry in the splendid historic barroom. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn

HamiltonTurner inn at dusk

Book The Hamilton-Turner Inn

One of the city’s most scenic spots, Lafayette Square, is the location for this regal Victorian mansion, dating back to 1873. It represents a fine example of the Second Empire architectural style, with Italianate stylings, tall windows, and beautiful ironwork. A hotel since the 1990s, the owners have reproduced the welcoming sophistication of the city’s golden age of hospitality with period furniture, original light fittings, and antique art.

The rooms all differ slightly. My Thomas Charlton room was set up with an eclectic range of decor, from the sleek Art Deco writing desk and mirror to older, Victorian pieces. Even the bathroom boasted its own chandelier, lighting up contemporary fixtures such as the walk-in shower to great effect.

Breakfast is served to order every half hour in the morning, with fresh local delights such as praline French toast and orange blossom pancakes. There are additional temptations throughout the day in the decorous parlor, with afternoon hors d’oeuvres and evening cookies and cordials. 

COVID-19 procedures are available here.

FAQ: Savannah hotels

Where is Savannah?

This tourist-friendly city of Savannah is in Georgia, around four hours southeast of Atlanta by car, close to the Atlantic coast. It’s not a seaside city, but it is close to Hilton Head Island and Tybee Island. Two hours’ drive up the coast will land you in Charleston, South Carolina, and two hours’ south brings you to Jacksonville, Florida.

What area of Savannah is the best to stay? 

Savannah’s historic downtown is by far the most popular spot and staying here means you can likely walk to most of the sights you’ll want to see. It’s a mix of commercial and residential, with the city built around pretty squares that are lined with historic homes and many luxury and boutique hotels open out onto the squares.

Forsyth Park is a green and quiet area, and there’s also a few hotels that are located on the riverwalk, with views out over the water.  

How much does it cost to stay at a hotel in Savannah?

The cost of a hotel room in Savannah will vary according to proximity to downtown, its historic status, plus the time of year, and the day of the week you plan to visit.

There are budget and mid-range options in the historic downtown that start at around $160 per night, but the more luxurious, boutique properties will start at prices closer to $250 per night.

For a multi-day or weekend stay, budget for at least $450 off-peak, or closer to $1,000 for a peak times in a high-end property. 

When should I visit Savannah? 

For cheap deals, as well as increased availability, visit in shoulder seasons like spring or fall when the weather is still nice and crowds are fewer than you’ll find in summer or during popular holidays and vacation periods. Expect higher prices in summer, especially on weekends.

What is there to do in Savannah?

The downtown historic district of Savannah is an attraction all on its own, with lovingly-preserved and cinematic-looking Victorian architecture. At the same time, new developments have cropped up by the Savannah River and out into the suburbs to cement some modernity, and the world-famous Savannah School of Art and Design (SCAD) offers galleries and museums across the city. 

Is it safe to visit Savannah during COVID?

The CDC currently says that fully vaccinated people can safely travel within the US. Of course, there are still risks and we recommend following CDC guidelines, practicing social distancing, double masking, and washing hands frequently.

More of the best hotels on the East Coast

W Fort Lauderdale Living Room Terrace
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16 charming Airbnbs in Savannah that put you in or near the city’s historic district

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

Savannah  Colorful three bedroom home

  • Savannah is a well-preserved historic city with great weather, pretty parks, and delicious food.
  • Experts and the CDC say private Airbnbs are safe because they promote social distancing.
  • We found top-rated Airbnbs in Savannah with central locations, great decor, and affordable prices.

If you’re looking to steep yourself in a slice of well-preserved history, you’ll want to visit Savannah, Georgia. The architecture and abundance of museums will quickly pull you back in time, while beautiful outdoor parks beg to be strolled, and warm temperatures stay mild throughout winter. Plus, the thriving local dining scene is fit for any foodie.

The best way to discover this charming city is to book a vacation rental like those found on Airbnb and make your home base behind one of Savannah’s quintessential historic facades.

We’ve both spent significant time in Savannah – Paul as a travel writer with a specialty in Savannah and the deep south, and Sarah as someone who’s regularly traveled to the city – and have put our love and knowledge of the city together to find some of the best places to stay.

Browse all the best Savannah Airbnbs below, or jump directly to a specific area here:

These are the best Airbnbs in Savannah, sorted by price from low to high:

Fort tiny house

The Fort Tiny House

Book this Savannah tiny house on Airbnb

Just 20 minutes from downtown Savannah by car, the suburb of Wilmington Island is a different world, and this tiny house is a really fun way to experience this part of the city. 

The most noticeable feature of this unusual property is the craftsmanship on display. Reclaimed wood has been used masterfully to create a rustic, cabin-like home that is immediately cozy and photogenic. Three people can stay here comfortably, and a clawfoot bath adds to the allure.

A kitchenette has you covered for cooking, and relaxing or dining outside is easy on the huge deck. There’s even a tree swing if you’re feeling whimsical. 

Townhouse neighboring Forsyth Park

Savannah  Townhouse neighboring Forsyth Park

Book this Savannah townhouse on Airbnb

Nothing says charming and historical like exposed brick walls and fireplaces (even if those fireplaces are non-working!) and this home offers plenty of both. You can enjoy fresh air without ever leaving the property thanks to both the screened porch and courtyard, which is decked out with a fire pit to help keep warm even on chilly evenings.

The interior is just as accommodating, with a modern kitchen and bathroom, the former of which includes high-end appliances and an inviting island. The home has one bedroom with a Queen bed, but there are inflatable mattresses available for hosting two more guests. 

This townhouse is only two blocks from Forsyth Park so you can easily enjoy the park’s views and sculptures before replenishing yourself at one of the nearby eateries. If you love to geek out on history and art, the Georgia Historical Society, Mansion on Forsyth Park’s galleries, and Savannah School of Art and Design are a short walk away.

Downtown condo with balcony

Downtown condo with balcony

Book this Savannah condo on Airbnb

There’s an intelligent blending of styles in this top-floor condo that comes with its own balcony. Located just off historic Oglethorpe Square (one of the original six town squares), guests can look out over the streets and enjoy a typically seductive Savannah moment sipping mint juleps while the horse-drawn carriages amble by. 

The interior mixes midcentury modern furnishings with both traditional and contemporary looks, alongside a pastel color scheme. Beautiful pine floors and details such as stained glass transoms are complemented by locally sourced artworks.

Modern getaway in 1891 Victorian house

Modern Getaway in 1891 Victorian House

Book this Savannah apartment on Airbnb

This house, built in 1891, is the kind of Victorian that Savannah does best, but this top-floor apartment couldn’t be more modern. Bright white interiors will appeal to minimalists and daylight really floods into the rooms. 

Abstract modernist coffee tables and furnishings pit a sense of futurism against original features such as the brick fireplaces and polished wooden floors. It all comes together beautifully, and features such as the regal patterned tiling in the bathroom are welcome luxe touches. The greenery of Forsyth Park is just a block away and you can be in the heart of downtown in a 10-minute walk.  

Bright, sophisticated house

Bright, sophisticated house

Book this Savannah house on Airbnb

It’s almost impossible not to be cheered up by the interior of this playfully renovated house. The location is a plum one: two blocks from the serenity of the 18th-century Colonial Park Cemetery and a 10-minute walk from the city’s downtown attractions.

The daring color palette lights up the space with bright aqua and coral tones competing for attention. A coordinated blend of contemporary furnishings reins in any chromatic excess, though, with royal blues and dark wooden furniture calming the aesthetic nicely.

Pop art prints cut a youthful swathe through the living spaces and abstract chandeliers belie an artists’ eye for design. A tastefully tiled walk-in shower and casual outdoor patio round out the best features. 

18th-century cottage used in a Robert Redford film

Savannah  An 18th century cottage used in a Robert Redford film

Book this Savannah cottage on Airbnb

Walking into this antique-strewn cottage feels like going back in time, especially due to the all-wood interiors and the horse-drawn carriages passing outside its windows. The cottage offers one Queen bed in the bedroom and two twin daybeds in the living room. If you happen to love places with a spooky past, this home is said to be haunted by a ghost named Laura, which is why it is appropriately dubbed “Laura’s cottage.”  

But it’s not all scary. There’s Hollywood history as well. The cottage was used as a film site for the Robert Redford film “The Conspirator.” The history doesn’t end when you step outside the cottage’s walls either since it’s located in Savannah’s Historic District. The City Market is a short walk away, as is the Historic River Street if you’re interested in a ferry ride or a riverboat cruise.

Find more of the best haunted Airbnbs here

Colorful and historic carriage house

Colorful, Historic Carriage House

Book this Savannah carriage house on Airbnb

There are so many great details about this carriage house that artistically-inclined folk will love. The bold color scheme in the living room of teal and orange really pops, and the carefully curated mix of retro and contemporary furnishings delivers a striking, but not overwhelming, design. 

Everything from large potted plants to colorful abstract art on the walls, and a spiral staircase curling down into the living room contributes to a fun sense of whimsy. The kitchen has muted orange, blue, and green tones that define 50s and 60s glamour. Guests can watch life on Jones Street pass by from the porch and the master bedroom boasts an immersive print of the city’s famous Spanish Moss.   

Chic one-bedroom loft

Savannah Neat and chic one bedroom loft

Book this Savannah loft on Airbnb

Decorated in relaxing earth tones complimenting the exposed brick walls, this small loft boasts an exceptionally orderly layout. The efficient home is nicely set up for those looking to both work and play during their stay. There’s a quiet and secluded workspace in the corner of the loft, and a deep white couch flanked by two leather armchairs and a flat screen TV for when you’re ready to recharge.

The bedroom is simple, but relaxing with a Queen bed and dark wood accents. Pops of color can be found in the kitchen, like the humorous and quirky art piece of a gecko wearing glasses hanging above the small dining table.

Adding to this apartment’s practicality, its location is also ideal. The City Market is a quick walk away, and so are educational stops like the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum and American Prohibition Museum. If you find yourself hungry, you can walk to Jazz’d Tapas Bar, Joe’s At The Jepson, or Lulu’s Chocolate Bar in a jiffy. This place is incredibly close to River Street, so you can easily enjoy views of the water or hop on a ferry ride.

Renovated historic downtown house

Perfectly Renovated Historic Downtown House

Book this Savannah house on Airbnb

This beautiful 1860s house is equidistant from Troupe and Whitefield Squares, and a short walk from the neo-Gothic splendor of St John the Baptist Basilica, with the heart of downtown just a few minutes’ walk beyond that. 

For somewhere so central there’s a wonderfully rustic ambiance to the interior. Preserved, exposed ceiling beams and old brick fireplaces conjure up a cottage-like atmosphere, while the minimalist chandeliers, wooden dining table and floors maintain a bucolic tinge.

The kitchen island is a perfect spot for a communal breakfast before a day’s sightseeing or you could take your morning coffee out onto the sunny balcony. At the day’s end, a clawfoot bathtub awaits. 

Spacious industrial retreat

Savannah  A spacious industrial retreat

Book this Savannah retreat on Airbnb

This home excels at mixing antique and modern design and embraces a fun juxtaposition of original brick with updated features.

The rustic-chic kitchen is a stunning gathering spot with exposed beams and industrial lighting (hello Edison bulbs!). The home has two bedrooms and sleeps up to four guests. Standout features include the old-fashioned clawfoot tub and a balcony off the master bedroom ideal for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

If you’re looking for a fresh and nutritious meal after spending a day exploring, you can take a quick walk through nearby Troup Square and find yourself at Fox & Fig with its veggie-packed menu. Mate Factor, an absolute gem of a coffee shop, is only a few blocks away, as well. 

Carriage house with a hip interior

Savannah  Carriage house with a hip interior

Book this Savannah carriage house on Airbnb

This midcentury modern home fuses ’50s and ’60s design with a bold ’70s-esque color palette. Think geometric accents and oversaturated earth tones creating an undeniably energetic atmosphere.

The home offers guests a patio with outdoor seating, a porch with a fun swing chair, and one bedroom with a King bed. The bathroom is particularly eye-catching with bright wallpaper, gold accents, and a Japanese soaking tub.

Besides pulling design inspiration from different time periods, this home is also based in Savannah’s Historic District and only a short distance from the City Market and the Victorian District. Essentially, it’s an ideal place to stay for a multi-decade experience. Nearby cultural highlights include the Sorrel Weed House and SCAD Museum of Art, while Alligator Soul and Savannah Coffee Roasters are great eateries a quick hop away.

Award-winning historic home

Savannah Sunny three bedroom home

Book this Savannah home on Airbnb

Bright and airy, this home features a surplus of large, beautiful windows that flood the space in natural light. History buffs will also enjoy that this is a renovated historic home dates back to 1899. The hosts even won a preservation award for the meticulous renovation. 

However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a thoroughly modern and comfortable stay. An elegant parlor and gourmet kitchen welcome guests on the first floor, while a floating staircase leads to three spacious bedrooms, including bunk beds in one room that add a sprinkle of whimsy to any family stay. The considerable porch space, spacious floor plan, and plethora of comfy seating mean this home is a great hangout spot.

Renovated historic home with a pool

Savannah  A 2 bedroom oasis built in 1828

Book this Savannah home on Airbnb

This home feels like a personal spa thanks to a calming color palette of blues and creams. The decor strikes a balance of creating a soothing space, while also including subtle pops of color and plenty of abstract arty. The petite pool in the backyard adds to the resort-like vibes.

The home originally dates back to 1828 but was completely updated. The kitchen features brand new appliances, a large marble island, and two dining areas. A (non-working) brick fireplace in the living area adds cozy charm. And in addition to the pool, the backyard has a grill and a large seating area with a spunky red cantilever umbrella.

The Davenport House Museum and the Book Lady Bookstore are a short walk away if you’re looking for a history lesson or a bookworm shopping experience, respectively. For food, Jazz’d Tapas Bar and Leopold’s are top-notch nearby stops.

Eclectic three-bedroom home

Savannah Colorful three bedroom home 2

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With its bright yellow paneling, sea-blue door, pink flowers, and shaded by a canopy of Savannah oaks, this home’s exterior is like a blast of serotonin. Take a step inside, and you’ll find the interiors of this classic revival home are just as playful with an array of artwork and seating that’s eclectic and expertly styled.

First built in 1895, original details like 14-foot ceilings, heart pine floors, brass hardware, glass doorknobs, and pocket doors remain. Truly a quirky gem, this home has plenty of fun details, including a monkey-themed bathroom with monkey wallpaper and a monkey statue on the wall holding two lamps. 

It’s no surprise an entertaining home like this is meant to accommodate, so it offers space for up to 10 guests in three bedrooms. You and your traveling housemates will conveniently be just a short walk away from Forsyth Park.

Vibrant carriage house with a pool

Savannah  An upbeat carriage house with 2 bedrooms

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The abundance of vibrant blue hues, light wood flooring, and intricate accents charge this carriage house with subtle elegance. Design highlights include a winding metal staircase, marble showers, exposed ceiling beams, and a dining nook with a long wooden table and bright pillows.  

A true standout feature is a pool out back with an attached waterfall, which makes for a beautiful view from the home’s windows even when you’re not using it. Natural sunlight saturates the rooms through tall windows and skylights, helping make this home feel open and airy.

Both bedrooms are well-decorated with plants, chic lighting, and colorful accent pillows, so you can sleep well knowing you’re surrounded by the impeccable ambiance. 

Forsyth Park and the Savannah School of Art and Design are right nearby, and a delicious meal at Cotton & Rye is within walking distance. 

Deluxe Washington Square getaway

Deluxe Washington Square Getaway

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Although this property is at the upper end of our price scale, its 10-person capacity, location, and luxury approach to design mean that it still delivers great value. This is the kind of place that we imagine when we think of historic Savannah homes. 

The plush period furniture and paisley, brocade, and damask patterns complement gilt-framed mirrors and polished wooden floors. It’s an aesthetic that walks the line between period and timeless, and guests can live out their upper-class gentry fantasies while enjoying modern luxuries like fast Wi-Fi.

The property is a minute or two from the river by foot, and you can almost smell the live oaks of historic Washington Square from both of the lovely patios. 

FAQ: Savannah, GA

Where is Savannah?

This tourist-friendly city is around four hours southeast of Atlanta by car, close to the Atlantic coast. It’s not a seaside city, but it is close to Hilton Head and Tybee Island.

Two hours’ drive up the coast will land you in Charleston, South Carolina, and two hours’ south brings you to Jacksonville, Florida. 

Where should I stay in Savannah?

Where you stay in Savannah depends a lot on your budget and personal tastes. Savannah’s Historic Downtown is by far the most popular spot and staying here means you can likely walk to most of the sights you’ll want to see. It’s a mix of commercial and residential, with the city built around squares that are lined with historic homes.

Ardsley Park and Chatham Crescent/Midtown are cheaper options but further away from the action, though they are mostly tranquil residential neighborhoods.

Southside is even further out but does have commercial activity, restaurants, and shopping, such as the Savannah Mall.

There are also some lovely, tranquil islands on the edges of the city such as Wilmington Island that are serene, idyllic options. 

How much does a vacation rental in Savannah cost?

If you want to book a private vacation rental in Savannah, the cost will depend on factors such as house size, proximity to downtown, its historic status, plus the time of year, and the day of the week you plan to visit. The average rental cost is $226 according to market analysts AirDNA, but there are variations. 

For example, a simple studio apartment downtown might start at around $100 per night off season, but surge to over $400 per night for a busy weekend. A large, lavish townhouse could be closer to a thousand dollars or more per night at any time.

For better deals, as well as increased availability, visit in shoulder seasons like spring or fall when the weather is still quite pleasant and there are fewer crowds and less competition for properties. If you’re set on a summer trip to Savannah, plan to increase your budget or consider only staying midweek for lower rates.

Be sure to also budget extra fees for cleaning, service fees, and other additional costs imposed by vacation rentals such as Airbnb.

What is there to do in Savannah?

The city’s historic downtown has fascinating architecture and homes that have been converted into museums, such as the Davenport House.

Just walking around the beautiful squares is romantic, with their live oaks and Spanish moss. Join a walking tour: history, the culinary scene, and the cemeteries are all popular subjects.

There’s also a strong literary culture, the most famous book associated with the city being Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and carriage tours point out the most beloved spots. The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a huge part of the city’s cultural landscape, and their Museum of Art is well worth a visit.

Although it has some similarities, Savannah is a different city to Charleston. It’s slightly more bohemian, and more in line with Key West or New Orleans.

Is it safe to travel and stay in an Airbnb?

The CDC says it is safe for fully vaccinated individuals to travel. Additionally, experts told Insider that private Airbnbs are safe, even more so than hotels, because private homes on Airbnb remove interactions with other guests and staff outside of your traveling party. Airbnb hosts are also required to follow enhanced cleaning protocols.

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