How to record a Zoom meeting on any device, and grant others permission to record your meetings

professional on a work conference call form home virtual video call
Once you’ve joined or started a Zoom call, it’s easy to begin recording.

  • You can record Zoom meetings from the desktop and mobile apps by clicking the “Record” button at the bottom.
  • It’s free to record Zoom meetings on the desktop app, but you’ll need a paid subscription to record on the mobile app.
  • Zoom meetings can only be recorded if the host has allowed it, but it’s easy for hosts to change their recording settings.
  • This story is a part of Insider’s Guide to Zoom.

Recording a Zoom meeting can be useful for people who weren’t able to attend the meeting live. It’s also great if the meeting was very long, and you need to refer back to specific segments of it later.

Here’s how to record a Zoom meeting using the desktop app or the mobile app, as well as a guide to setting up recording permissions if you’re the host.

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