14 Cornell classes you can take online for free, from how to structure a business agreement to the ethics of food

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Cornell is one of the most prestigious schools in the world. To set foot on campus as a student, you need to be in the 11% of applicants who had the test scores, extracurriculars, and je-ne-sais-quoi-factor to be accepted.

But, thanks to partnerships with e-learning companies like edX, you can also take a handful of Cornell courses for free – without relocating, adhering to strict class times, or spending a dime. You can also do the same with other Ivy League institutions and top schools including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, MIT, Johns Hopkins, the University of Michigan, Duke, Stanford, NYU, and more.

Below, you can find 14 of the best free Cornell courses available online. Some have the option to pay a small fee for certificates of completion that you can show potential employers or add to your LinkedIn or resume.

14 free Cornell courses you can take through edX:

A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations

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A Hands-on Introduction to Engineering Simulations (button)

Length: 6 weeks

This hands-on intermediate engineering course teaches you how to analyze common problems involving different physics — structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer — using ANSYS simulation software.

Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom

Cornell classes

Teaching & Learning in the Diverse Classroom (button)

Length: 5 weeks

Learn how to create inclusive, student-centered learning environments with tools such as inclusive course design and student-centered pedagogical practices. Students listen and reflect on lived experiences — including their own — as well as explore key research on learning and diversity and its importance in education. 


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Sharks! (button)

Length: 4 weeks

Learn about what makes sharks fascinating through activities — tracking the movements of a wild shark, observing shark habitats and behavior, diving into the fossil record — as well as their functional anatomy, biology, ecological role, impact on human behavior, and conservation efforts among other things.

Relativity and Astrophysics

Cornell classes

Relativity and Astrophysics (button)

Length: 4 weeks

This course combines relativity and astronomy to give students insight and quantitative skills to better understand the universe — from analyzing paradoxes in special relativity to pinpointing daily instances in which relativity is important.

This class is archived, which means you’ll have access to course materials but you won’t be able to upgrade for graded homework or earn a certificate of completion. 

Structuring Business Agreements for Success

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Structuring Business Agreements for Success (button)

Length: 5 weeks

Learn the laws, principles, and guidelines needed to structure business agreements and assess the merits and challenges of different choices.  

This class is archived. 

The Ethics of Eating

Cornell classes

The Ethics of Eating (button)

Length: 4 weeks

This course leads students into an exploration of the ethical issues at play every time we consume or purchase food. Using insights from a diverse group of philosophers, food scientists, activists, industry specialists, and farmers, you’ll consider the morality of food: how it’s produced, distributed, marketed, and consumed.

This class is archived.

An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching

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An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching (button)

Length: 8 weeks

Future STEM faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows learn about effective teaching strategies and supporting science, specifically for STEM classrooms, in this course. Students consider expertise from experienced STEM faculty, educational researchers, and university staff as they tackle course design, teaching strategies, and key learning principles. 

This class is archived. 

Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching

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Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching (button)

Length: 8 weeks

This course prepares current and future STEM teachers in effective teaching strategies and accompanying research to create active, impactful classrooms — including the import of diversity and how to incorporate it into a classroom. This course builds upon the introductory course above.

This class is archived.

American Capitalism: A History

Cornell classes

American Capitalism: A History (button)

Length: 4 weeks

Take a close look at how economic development fueled the US’ rise to power In the end, you should be able to recognize and criticize public policies that interact with American capitalism and have a solid understanding of it as an ever-changing system, even if basic features remain unchanged. 

This class is archived.

Networks, Crowds, and Markets

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Networks, Crowds and Markets (button)

Length: 10 weeks

To understand the interconnectedness of modern life, students get into game theory, the structure of the Internet, social contagion, the spread of social power, and information cascades.

This class is archived. 

The Science and Politics of the GMO

Cornell classes

The Science and Politics of the GMO (button)

Length: 5 weeks

Learn the basics of genetic engineering and biotechnology in this introductory Food and Nutrition course. Students delve into the political debate surrounding GMOs, evaluate how social science concepts affect biotech development and usage, and learn to form good research questions and assess research reports, among other things.

This class is archived. 

The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone

Cornell classes

The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone (button)

Length: 10 weeks

Explore the powerful computer processor that enables smartphones to be so indispensable. Students start with the fundamentals of computing technology and then move into advanced performance techniques and details of processors. 

This class is archived.

Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology

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Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology (button)

Length: 6 weeks

In this course, you use many lenses — psychological, sociological, political, educational, and ecological — to examine how people care for nature and their communities. Among other things, students learn how civic ecology can enable communities with limited resources to cope with disaster and struggle. 

This class is archived. 

Wiretaps to Big Data: Privacy and Surveillance in the Age of Interconnection

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Wiretaps to Big Data: Privacy and Surveillance in the Age of Interconnection (button)

Length: 6 weeks

How does cellular technology enable massive surveillance? Do users have rights against surveillance? This social sciences course grapples with these big questions surrounding privacy issues in modern life and introduces students to related issues in WiFi and Internet surveillance. 

This class is archived. 

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How to use Amazon Watch Party to stream Prime Video movies and shows remotely with friends and family

Watching movies and tv on computer
Amazon Watch Party is comparable to Hulu’s Watch Party or the Teleparty extension.

  • Amazon Watch Party allows you to watch and chat about your favorite shows and movies simultaneously with friends and family remotely.
  • Up to 100 people can watch entertainment and chat simultaneously, but they need to have an Amazon Prime membership to use the feature. 
  • Watch Party is currently still in beta and only available in select countries. 
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Finding ways to enjoy fun activities with our loved ones from a distance is more important than ever. Following the swell of interest in Netflix Watch Party – now Teleparty – other streaming platforms began releasing their own remote watch tools to help friends and family enjoy their favorite shows and movies while miles apart. 

That includes Prime Video’s Amazon Watch Party, a more recent introduction from the streaming platform behind hits like “The Expanse,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Fleabag,” and “The Boys.” It allows up to 100 people to enjoy their favorite TV show or movie together, watching and chatting simultaneously from wherever they are. 

You’ll need an Amazon Prime account to start a Watch Party, and you’ll be limited to streaming titles only from Amazon’s Prime Video library. Luckily, that’s more than 15,000 movies and TV shows to choose from, so there should be something for everyone. 

You can host an Amazon Watch Party on all desktop browsers except for Safari and Internet Explorer. At the current time, the feature is not available on mobile devices. It is also currently in beta, meaning you may notice some errors or other issues while using it, even on the devices it’s compatible with. 

If you’re interested in starting an Amazon Watch Party, it’s easy – here’s how to do it. 

How to use Amazon Watch Party on Prime Video

1. Log into your Amazon account. 

2. Go to Amazon’s Prime Video section and search for any title available in the streamer’s library. 

3. In the media options, click “Watch Party” to launch the feature.

Amazon Watch Party 1
Look for the “Watch Party” button to begin.

4. Enter the name you want to use for the chat. This could be your actual name or a screen name of your choice. 

Amazon Watch Party 2
You’ll need to identify yourself before you can begin watching.

5. Once your name is entered, click “Create Watch Party.”

6. To begin inviting friends, share the customized link that appears to the video’s right by copy and pasting it into an email, instant messaging app, or your preferred method of communication. 

7. If you prefer, you can also choose to Share directly using Facebook, Twitter, or email. 

Amazon Watch Party 3
Share the link with your fellow watchers to start streaming together.

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