Photos show how a pro-Trump mob armed with sticks and metal pipes forced their way through police barriers to storm the US Capitol

A man raises a beam as police block an entrance to the Capitol.

  • The US Capitol went into lockdown as thousands of rioters stormed past police barricades. 
  • The protesters, armed with sticks and metal pipes, fought off tear gas to force their way into the halls of government. 
  • The melee sparked outrage and delayed certification of the results of the 2020 general election.  
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Heads bowed with flags AC.JPG
The crowd gathers opposite police.

Climbing through the window AC.JPG
Flags and gas AC.JPG
Pro-Trump supporters react to tear gas.

Running with flag AC.JPG
One of the first rioters to break through the police line.

Breaking though gate AC.JPG
Rioters overwhelm a police barricade.

Capitol with sea of people, flags AC.JPG
Rioters at the Capitol carry American and pro-Trump flags.

MAGA blood on face.JPG
An inured Trump supporter outside the Capitol.

Steps Capitol Alan Chin
Protesters on the Capitol steps.

Taunting cops AC.JPG
A confrontation between police and a mob of Trump supporters.

Hand on face AC.JPG
Rioters, armed with a seized police shield, attempting to force their way in to the Capitol.

Night falls after protest.JPG
Police use tear gas to clear the area as dusk falls.

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