The 6 best pants hangers of 2021

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  • From plastic to wooden to velvet, pants hangers can add style and compactness to your closet.
  • Our picks effectively organize your bottoms and help keep them pristine.
  • For more clothing hacks, check out our guide on the best closet and drawer organizers.

It may be easy to fold your pants and place them in your drawer, but this isn’t always feasible for tight spaces. Plus, hanging pants can help keep away unwanted creases and cut down on ironing time. A good pants hanger should be no-slip, save on closet space, and allow for easy access to find the exact pair of pants you want to wear. Some upgraded hangers even feature unique designs to further maximize space or 360-degree rotating hooks for easier hanging.

We also spoke with three clothing experts for our guide to the best hangers, who also shared some best practices when shopping for pants hangers. The experts recommend buying thin open ended hangers if you have a smaller closet or hangers with cushioned clips to protect your clothing from imprints and other damage.

From plastic to wooden to velvet, we rounded up the best pants hangers you can buy.

Here are the best pants hangers

The best overall

The Container Store Pants Hangers
The rubber non-slip coating on each hanger prevents clothing from moving around while hanging.

The slim Chrome Metal Pant Hangers allow you to easily access your bottoms while keeping your pants in place.

What we like: Non-slip, efficient open-end design, can be used to hang all types of bottoms

If you’re looking to store bottoms, you’ll want to use efficiently designed hangers. The Chrome Metal Pant Hangers have an open-end design that allows you to quickly get clothing on and off the hangers. Each hanger has a non-slip coating on the bar that prevents clothing from slipping and sliding while hanging in your closet.

The hangers are also thin, allowing you to fit multiple pairs of pants or other bottoms in even the smallest of closets. After extensive testing, the hangers were our pick for best pants hangers in our best hangers guide.

The best for multiple pairs

Hong Feng Pants Hangers
The rotating hooks make hanging extra easy.

The multi-purpose Hong Feng 5-Layer Pants Rack works for pants, skirts, and scarves and can be hung vertically or horizontally.

What we like: Stainless steel, space-saving design, can be hung horizontally or vertically

We love a multi-purpose closet organizer, and what better way to bring compactness to small spaces than a 5-in-1 hanger? The Hong Feng 5-Layer Pants Rack can easily hang multiple pairs of pants, as well as skirts and scarves in its segmented compartments. The hangers help compress your apparel to save on space without adding any wrinkles. 

The durable stainless steel structure is sturdy yet lightweight, and you won’t have to worry about fabrics getting caught in the hanger with its smoothly-padded, non-slip stoppers. The open-ended design makes it easy to access your pants and doesn’t leave any clamp marks. You can attach the hanger horizontally (ideal for closets with a single top rod) or vertically (great for more compartmentalized closet organizers). What’s more, it’s a great way to organize your denim to distinguish washes and styles.

The best wooden

Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Deluxe Wooden Pants Hangers
The high-grade lotus wood is extra durable.

The Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Pants Hangers are simple to use, versatile, and look good.

What we like: Traditional bamboo design, smooth texture, cushioned clamps for hanging

Wooden hangers provide a clean and polished look to your closet and, unlike velvet material, won’t be prone to dust or wear and tear. The Nature Smile Solid Lotus Wood Pants Hangers come in a 10-pack and feature a sleek and minimal design, with natural bamboo wood and steel grip clips for your pants.

The wooden hangers are sturdy, while the chrome 360-degree hook allows for easy control when organizing your trousers or midi skirts. The smooth surface also prevents clothes from abrading, so both your clothes and closet organizers will stay in good shape for the long haul.

The best velvet

Home-it's Pants Hangers (10 pack)
These hangers make it easy to hang tops and bottoms together.

Home-It’s Pants Hangers are super thin but sturdy, and velvet ensures clothes won’t slip off.

What we like: Extremely thin design, neutral color, indent for multipurpose hanging

Velvet hangers are winners because they are clean-looking, extremely thin, and easy to throw in luggage for on-the-go travel. Home-It’s Pants Hangers 10-pack bundle is ideal to pair with velvet top hangers, and you can hang roughly 50 pants on just half a closet rod thanks to their ultra-thin design.

Not only are they space-saving, but these multipurpose hangers have a strap indent so you have the option to hang tops with your pants. The steel clamps ensure your bottoms won’t fall onto your closet floor. One thing to remember about velvet hangers is their attraction to dust, so be sure to wipe them with a towel every so often.

The best plastic

 Titan Mall Pants Hangers
The oversized clips can hold up to 20 pounds.

The Titan Mall Pants Hangers are practical, economical, and easy to use.

What we like: Sleek black composition, large non-slip clips, durable chrome hook

You likely already have plastic hangers in your closet, whether you picked up a cheap pack yourself or kept the ones that came with your pants purchase. They’re the classic, simple solution for your closet, and the Titan Mall Pants Hangers are a slight upgrade that, with their rotating hooks, can hold more without snapping.

These hangers feature oversized clamps for a firm grip that won’t slip. They can hold up to 20 pounds and make finding options at the back of your closet easy with an attached 360-degree rotatable hook. Each pack comes with 12 hangers, making them a particularly economical buy, though they aren’t as sleek-looking as wood, stainless steel, or velvet options.

The best value

DOIOWN S Type Stainless Steel Clothes Pants Hanger
Rubber tips ensure clothes don’t slide off.

The Doiown S-Type Stainless Steel Pant Hanger is durable and compact for maximizing space.

What we like: Can hang five pairs per hanger, rust-resistant, modern and lightweight design

The Doiown S-Type Stainless Steel Pant Hanger allows you to hang up to five pairs of pants in one easy system for under $10. 

What makes these an even better value is the material. The stainless steel is durable and rust-resistant, so they’ll last and won’t snap even under heavy weight. You’ll save space, prevent your clothes from tears and scratches, and have a versatile organizer to easily hang leggings, dress pants, and funky overalls alike. Their unique design also prevents pants from slipping off and ending up on the floor without the need for clamps.

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