How To Get Franchise of Jollibee: Total Costs To Start Own Jollibee Outlet

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Jollibee is one of the oldest Filipino based fast-food chain. They have more than 1000 outlets all over the world and mostly they have proved their presence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and East Asia, North America, Europe.

Jollibee was founded in the year 1975. It was founded as ICE Cream Parlour in Cubao, and letter they started offering hot meals.

They started their first Jollibee outlet in 1978 and it is really very profitable business that anyone can start.

Let’s understand how you can start your own Jollibee outlet at your location. Here I am writing article on how to get Franchise of Jollibee store in your location.

History Of Jollibee

Jollibee is the one of the famous brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) that is based in Pasig, Philippines. JFC was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong.

He founded his first outlet as Ice Cream parlour and later they started Jollibee stores on customers demand of hot foods.

They generated 185.4 billion of Peso in 2020 revenue sheet with 6.4 billion Peso of not income.

You can find Jollibee Wikipedia page

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Qualifications Of A Jollibee Franchisee

There are some basic requirements which you must fulfill that to get franchisee of Jollibee.

  • Being an entrepreneur from inside
  • Have skill to group up people and motivate them.
  • Must have enough funds to fulfill the store needs.
  • Enough time to spend on work.
  • Knowledge of customers working process.
  • Have ability to spend time on 3 full month training.

How Much Funds Do You Need To Open Own Store

The financial requirement depends on the location you do live and the size of the store you do open. But I can say you must have around P25 to P40 million to start.

How To Get Franchise of Jollibee

So now, do you want to start to open your own Jollibee outlet? Then follow below steps.

1.)  First of all you need to visit their website here.

2.) Then click on download application form.

3.) Fill the application form and revisit their website from step 1.

4.) Now fill the form from the page and send application to

5.) You have to wait for application approval.

Send the application form to Jollibee Franchising Division
th Floor Jollibee Plaza
#10 F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila

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Private Islands On Sale and Rent: Where To Buy Private Islands In 2021?

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Want to have your own private island? Having your own island gives you pleasure and happiness and definitely, you can do anything that you want to do.

But that’s not very easy. To have your own island you have to spend thousands or millions of dollars. You can get an island in any region.

The most famous regions from where you can get islands are Africa, Asia, Canada, and Europe but these are not limited regions. You can also get your own private islands from regions like the Caribbean, America, and South Pacific.

In this article, you will get to know where to buy private islands and which private islands on sale.

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How Much It Costs You To Own Islands

Their many sellers in the market and buyers too but they are not able to find the correct rate of the island. Dealers also add their own money to this cost.

If you are able to get these islands from a direct seller then it will cost you less. Else you can easily find islands for around a minimum of $500K and it can cost up to anything.

Check for taxes and make sure to check if there is no issue with the government.

Private islands for sale cheap are also available on various sites.

You Can Buy An Island With No Government?

There were some islands that were unclaimed for a long time but later governments claimed them. If the island is not claimed by anyone yet then they are in conflict for sure.

You will rarely find unclaimed islands for sale.

In any case, if you find an island that is not yet owned by anyone then you can go there and claim it.

Where To Buy Private Islands?

Below are some sites from where you can contact dealers or owners for private islands. Make sure you are dealing with real owners and check for a proper map.

These are the best place to buy an island.

Private Islands Online Inc

PrivateIslandsOnline is one of the oldest sites on this list. They are in the market since 1999 and served more than hundreds of buyers directly. It has an office in Canada.

Almost 70K users subscribed to their updates which shows how active they are. Currently, they have more than 650 islands for sale and 250+ islands are for rent. Gillis island is available here for $110K.

You can either purchase a private island or can get it on lease. PrivateIslandsOnline provides the option to get islands in every continent of this world.

They have listed different types of islands like Developed, Partially developed, Non developed, Resort, and Business. Here you can find large islands for sale.

Website Link:

Vladi Private Islands

VladiPrivateIslands is operating for the last 4 decades and sold out more than 2000 islands. It has headquartered in Germany and also has offices in Canada and New Zealand. Currently, they have more than 200 islands listed that are for sale and over 180 islands are available for rent.

Vladi Private Islands is a licensed real estate company that is a member of FIABCI since last more than 30 years. You can go and meet their officials at their offices.

You can find the cheapest islands for $200K, there are some islands that are available for less than $80K too but they are just pieces of land from the Islands. If you prefer to share then you will love them.

Website Link:

Sotheby’s International Realty

SoTheBysRealty is another platform that allows you to find sellers and buyers of islands. They have the island to buy. Already sold out islands worth more than 114 billion US dollars.

Here you can find most of the places are luxurious.

Website Link:

What Is Chandler Island?

Chandler Island is an island that is 7 kilometers long and it’s most of the area is covered with ice. It is located at Addison, ME 04606, USA.

These are the free islands that he got

This island was actually given to YouTuber MrBeast. There is not much news related to this but anyone of you knows anything about this then comment down.

Frequently Asked Question

Are there any Islands for sale under 10K and 1K?

Yes, there are, but they are not worth it. It might include many issues in which you do not want to get in.

Where to buy an island cheap?

Private Islands Online Inc can help you to get one for you at cheap.

Island for sale in India?

The nearest best Island you can find near India is in the Maldives. Yeah, it is a bit far but it is the best island for those who are looking Island near India.

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