Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls GOP Rep. Nancy Mace ‘cynical’ and ‘disgusting’ for accusing her of lying about the Capitol insurrection

Nancy Mace and AOC
Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, left, and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, right

  • AOC and Rep. Nancy Mace got into a heated back and forth on Twitter over the Capitol siege. 
  • Ocasio-Cortez called Mace “cynical and disgusting” for publicly doubting her account of the attack.
  • Mace and some right-wing commentators have accused AOC of exaggerating her experience.
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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace got into a heated back-and-forth with Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter on Thursday after Mace accused Ocasio-Cortez of exaggerating the level of danger she felt during the January 6 Capitol insurrection. 

Mace and others on the right have accused Ocasio-Cortez, without evidence, of falsifying and exaggerating her experience. Mace, whose office is two doors down from Ocasio-Cortez’s, told Fox News that “no insurrectionists stormed our hallway” to undercut Ocasio-Cortez’s story. 

Notably, as CNN’s Daniel Dale pointed out, Ocasio-Cortez never said she definitively saw insurrectionists in the hallway or in her office, but did recount having her office door banged on and having a frightening experience with a Capitol Police officer in a Instagram Live on Monday night. 


Ocasio-Cortez pointed out that shortly after the insurrection itself, Mace was one of the most vocal GOP voices condemning the violence and recounting her own intense fear of the insurrectionists.

Mace said that after being sworn in on January 3 she sent her two children back to South Carolina because she was afraid of potential violence. She’s also said that, like Ocasio-Cortez, she barricaded herself in her office as the Capitol was breached.

Critics of Ocasio-Cortez, including Mace and some Fox News hosts and guests, have pushed the hashtags #AOCLied and #AOCSmollett, comparing her to the disgraced actor Jussie Smollett who was accused of staging a racist attack on himself in Chicago in January 2019. 

Mace responded: “FACT CHECK: have not once discounted your fear. We were ALL terrified that day. I’m stating the fact that insurrectionists were never in our hallway… because they weren’t. I deal in facts. Unlike you, apparently.”

In her Instagram live stream on Monday, Ocasio-Cortez recalled her experience of hiding in the bathroom of her office during the insurrection as she heard “loud bangs” on her office door and a voice shouting, “Where is she?”

The person eventually identified himself to be a Capitol Police officer but he failed to do so while he was banging on and shouting outside her door, Ocasio-Cortez said. 

“It didn’t feel right because he was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

In a separate Twitter thread, Ocasio-Cortez said it was “wild” to see Mace “discrediting herself less than 1 [month] in office w/ such dishonest attacks” and accused Mace of downplaying the trauma of all survivors of violent attacks.

“All I can think of w/ folks like her dishonestly claiming that survivors are exaggerating are the stories of veterans and survivors in my community who deny themselves care they need & deserve bc they internalize voices like hers saying what they went through ‘wasn’t bad enough’,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

In her Instagram livestream, Ocasio-Cortez publicly revealed that she is a survivor of sexual assault for the first, which she said compounded the trauma of the Capitol insurrection. Mace recently told the Washington Examiner that she  survived a sexual assault as a teenager, leading her to drop out of high school.  

Ocasio-Cortez also tweeted: “This is where the true damage of what @NancyMace is doing comes in. How many survivors are watching her? Who now, seeing her, won’t get care or will feel further shame or silence? Who won’t speak up bc they know there are voices in leadership ready to minimize their experiences?”

Mace replied, “But now, in typical @AOC fashion, you’re making this political, even going as far as saying I don’t ‘hear’ victims of assault – ME, of all people. You don’t know my story. SMH. Just stop it.”

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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace said that Trump ‘put all of our lives at risk’ during the Capitol riots, but rejected impeachment, calling the process ‘rushed’

Nancy Mace
Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina).

  • Freshman GOP Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina said on Sunday that President Donald Trump’s actions related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots “put all of our lives at risk.”
  • “We feared for our lives, many of us that day, and our staff,” she said. “My children were supposed to be up there. If they had been there like they were supposed to be, I would have been devastated, so we do need to find a way to hold the president accountable.”
  • Despite calling out Trump’s conduct, Mace voted against impeachment, calling the process “rushed.”
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Freshman GOP Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who has been sharply critical of President Donald Trump’s handling of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, said on Sunday that his actions related to the deadly attack “put all of our lives at risk.”

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Mace brought up a bipartisan push to censure Trump that could have been an alternative to the second impeachment of the president, which cleared the House of Representatives 232-197, with ten Republican votes.

Despite calling out Trump’s conduct, she voted against impeachment, describing the process as “rushed” and saying it didn’t give the president due process.

“With censure, that was one of the things that I believe we should have had up for debate,” Mace said. “It’s complex, constitutionally, but there were folks in both chambers and in both parties having the ability to look at that as an option, but we couldn’t even bring it up for debate or look at that as an option because we were really trying hard to figure out how do we hold a president accountable that put all of our lives at risk?”

She described the riots, which resulted in the deaths of five people, as “a traumatic event” for many members.

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“We feared for our lives, many of us that day, and our staff,” she said. “My children were supposed to be up there. If they had been there like they were supposed to be, I would have been devastated, so we do need to find a way to hold the president accountable.”

Mace was then asked about members who continued to object to the presidential election results after the riots, including the top two GOP leaders in the House, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

“I will tell you for me, as a new member, it was enormously disappointing,” she said. “I literally had to walk through a crime scene where that young woman [Ashli Babbitt] was shot and killed to get into the chamber to vote that night to certify what was supposed to be a ceremonial vote to certify the Electoral College. Yet my colleagues continued to object, and they knew this was a failing motion.”

On Jan. 7, Mace said on CNN that that Trump’s “entire legacy was wiped out” in the aftermath of the Capitol riots.

“We’ve got to start over,” she stressed at the time. “We don’t have the ground that we need to push forward and do the things that we need to do to be successful and work for and be the voice for hard-working Americans that believed in his message. We cannot condone the violence … We’ve got to rebuild our nation and rebuild our party.”

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