All the sneaky ways flower-delivery services get you to spend more money

  • You’ve probably turned to flower-delivery sites when you’ve needed a go-to gift for Mother’s Day.
  • Chances are, you’ve ended up with way more items in your cart at checkout than you expected.
  • Floral wires work as middlemen between the florist and the consumer, pocketing a big chunk of the florist’s money.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: Whether you wanna show someone you care, freshen up your home, or apologize ’cause you really, really messed up, everyone loves flowers, but they can get pretty pricey. Hop on a flower delivery site, and chances are you’re gonna spend a minimum $50 but you gotta pay, right? Maybe it’s a birthday or a holiday, but your special someone needs a bouquet to make their coworkers jealous.

Let’s look at buying flowers online. In order for a dozen red roses on the week of Valentine’s Day costs this much from major online retailers. Across the market, there’s a strong effort to upsell. Add a vase, additional $10. Want those roses long stem? How about balloons? Stuffed animal, Godiva chocolate, delivery before noon, a $40 bouquet of roses can easily turn into $100 order. These companies have a vested interest in getting you to add extras. Why? ‘Cause flowers themselves are pretty cheap.

And since flowers are most often gifts, consumers are more likely to add on other items to pad the perceived value of the gift, tacking on plush animals, chocolate, balloons, gift baskets and anything else you can think of. So where do all those add ons come from? Chances are you just bought your flowers through a floral wire delivery service. No, not floral wire, floral wire services or companies like these. They work as a nationwide network of brick and mortar florists. When you buy from any of these sites, it’s actually coming from a local florist.

Floral wires began 110 years ago as a way to build a delivery network outside of a specific florist limited delivery range. It started out through telegraph’s, hence the first one, Florists Telegraph Delivery Service. This was a cooperative of florists across the country. You know it today as FTD. And it stayed that way for over 80 years. It wasn’t until 1994 that something changed the entire industry. FTD was acquired and converted to a for-profit company, eventually listing on the stock market in 2005.

This began an industry-wide change as independent for-profit companies created competing wire services, which you recognize today as one 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora. It also changed the focus from florist helping florists to, hey, there’s money to be made here. Today wires work as floral brokers, middlemen between the florist and the consumer. Participating florists pay fees to be part of the network and to send and receive orders. The sending florist also gets a cut but a much smaller one.

Remember those add on items? Chances are, those have to do with the many acquisitions the wires have made in the last 15 years. For example, FTD has purchased, Shari’s Berries, and Interflora. 1-800-Flowers has acquired flower adjacent businesses like Harry and David as well as Napco which sells flower pots and vases. As flowers became a more competitive industry, wires started to run out of their consumer base.

Remember that delivery fee you paid, there’s a good chance that’s going directly to the wire. Florists have reported wires pocketing up to 40% of a given order, leaving the fulfilling florist to cover the cost of flowers, vase, add ons, labor and delivery and hope that there’s some profit left over.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average floor salary at $25,000 a year and jobs are expected to decline over the next 10 years. For every few florists enrolled in a wire service, there’s an independent florist trying to do it the old school way. Instead of working with a wire service, they maintain relationships with other florists for long-distance deliveries. In addition, fewer people are looking for arrangements, preferring loose cut flowers, which they can find at the local supermarket.

The last piece of the puzzle are the startups, new companies like the Bouqs company and UrbanStems. These aim to disrupt the floral wires control with a new model, buy flowers directly from growers or grow and assemble flower arrangements themselves and then ship them to you via UPS or FedEx. This drop shipping method is their innovation that aims to cut out the middleman, the traditional floral giants. As floral wires began to lose profits, they became acquired by companies that were not as familiar with the industry. FTD filed for bankruptcy protection in 2019, selling parts and paying debts on 217 million dollars.

According to court filings, it struggled to merge the new businesses and then blamed customers for being not as open to delivery fees in a world of Amazon free shipping. FTD lost 6% of its business in 2018, nearly 224 million. It sold its European business Interflora to The Wonderful Company, Teleflora’s parent company for only $60 million. Flower delivery services are still some of the worst-ranked industries when it comes to customer reviews and it makes sense we bring these delicate decapitated blossoms into our home and put emotional meaning into them while expecting them to travel from Colombia to our doorstep in peak condition.

People will always buy flowers, but florists need to adapt to a changing landscape if they don’t want to get snipped.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video was originally published in February 2020.

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34 Amazon Prime-eligible Mother’s Day gifts that are all under $25

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Driftaway mother's day
Give Mom her caffeine fix with a sampler from Driftaway Coffee.

  • Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to cost a lot or require endless searching.
  • Below, we rounded up 34 of the best gifts on Amazon, all under $25 and eligible for Prime shipping.
  • Still looking? Check out more Mother’s Day gift ideas here.

If the enthusiastic reaction to handmade cards, misshapen ornaments, and school plays is any barometer, getting your mom or guardian a great gift doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet.

And thanks to Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping perk, it also doesn’t require weeks of planning. Below, you’ll find 34 gems that are Prime-eligible, under $25, and solid gifts you can feel good about giving this year.

Don’t have Amazon Prime? Sign up for a free 30-day trial here to access all the benefits, including free two-day shipping. Due to COVID-19, some items may take longer than usual to deliver.

An irreverent adult coloring book

Maybe Swearing Will Help  Adult Coloring Book

Maybe Swearing Will Help: Adult Coloring Book, available at Amazon, $6.99

Adult coloring books have had a resurgence in recent years as a great de-stressor (Kate Middleton was one notable fan). But before then, we assume humans used swearing as the next best thing. Why not pair the two together for some truly balanced catharsis?

A milk frother for cafe-quality drinks at home

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery

PowerLix Milk Pro, $17.95

In order to make cafe-level drinks at home, you’re going to need a milk frother. And we think the best milk frother money can buy — for the casual foamed milk (and milk-alternative) enthusiast — is the Powerlix Milk Pro

A guide to the country’s best road trips

Road Trip USA  Cross Country Adventures on America's Two Lane Highways

Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways, $24.28

There are countless travel adventures to be had right in our own country. This guide to 11 cross-country road trips will inspire them to pick up their bags and travel as safely as possible

A coffee mug that will keep her drinks hot for hours

SUNWILL Coffee Mug

SUNWILL Coffee Mug, $11.89

This travel mug is insulated with stainless steel that will keep their hot drinks hot for at least three hours and their cold drinks cold for up to nine. You may not be able to brew her coffee every morning, but you can make sure she enjoys her cup of Joe for as long as possible. 

A media streaming stick

Roku Express HD Streaming Player

Roku Express HD Streaming Player, $24.99

The Roku Express is the most affordable of all the Roku streaming devices and comes with no shortage of features. They can confidently cut the cord since it houses all the major streaming services and channels, including the new and wildly popular Disney Plus

A sweet, handwritten card

Hallmark Pop Up Mothers Day Card

Hallmark Pop Up Mothers Day Card, $4.60

Sometimes the only thing they want is a card with a handwritten note inside — especially if you go big. But, if you’re looking for something simple and sweet, we’d recommend this one.

A funny book about crafting with cat hair

Crafting with Cat Hair  Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat, $9.38

Remember that lovable cat you adopted way back in March? You thought its talents stopped at giving you attention, love, and physical touch in isolation. But what if you told mom it could also help you make the rest of your gifts this year?

Aromatherapy soaking salts

herbivore botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals Natural Soaking Salts, $18

Detoxifying Himalayan pink salts and aromatic essential oils come together to make bathtime even more relaxing.

A dog calendar that will make the family pup look like an angel

Dog Shaming 2021 Day to Day Calendar

Dog-Shaming 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar, available at Amazon, $6.99

If they also have a dog whose diet consists of chair legs and their favorite pair of slippers, they’ll get a kick out of this dog-shaming calendar.

A stainless steel water bottle for temperature regulation

takeya water bottle

Takeya Actives Insulated Stainless Water Bottle with Insulated Spout Lid, $20.99

Takeya’s affordable sport water bottle is perfect for running errands or hitting the gym. It’s sleek, durable, and its double-wall vacuum insulation will keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24.

A few Insider Reviews team members swear by Takeya bottles. I still found ice cubes in this model 24 hours after filling it

A hidden gem cast iron fry pan

fry pan

Victoria 10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet, $24.99

The Victoria Cast Iron 10-Inch Skillet Fry Pan is the perfect skillet for cooking just about anything. It’s well-designed, extremely affordable, and as durable as you’d hope a cast iron pan would be. It has a long primary handle and a shorter secondary handle for steadying the pan as you carry or move it, as well as good depth and a wide surface perfect for searing steaks. The large pour spouts on either side make it easy to rid the pan of grease without any mess.

It’s also our top overall pick in our Buying Guide for cast iron skillets.

Smart light bulbs that connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home


Kasa Smart Light Bulb, $14.99

A smart light bulb is a perfect gift to get someone who’s been getting more curious about starting their own smart home or just loves the perfect ambiance. TP-Link’s bulb connects to the internet and can be controlled through a smartphone app, or a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

An award-winning cookbook


“Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking” by Samin Nosrat, $18.24

This “New York Times” bestseller and winner of the 2018 James Beard Award for Best General Cookbook teaches cooks how to master cooking techniques by looking at those four important elements — salt, fat, acid, and heat — that are in everything we cook and eat. It also includes 150 illustrations and infographics that reveal an atlas to the world of flavor by renowned illustrator Wendy MacNaughton. The book has also been adapted into a Netflix series. 

Fun, organizational sticky notes

sticky notes packet

Knock Knock To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet, $12.55

If she’s juggling more than her fair share of obligations, these fun (and helpful) sticky notes are a thoughtful way to make her daily tasks a bit more manageable. 

A deep-conditioning hair mask

hydrating hair mask

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask, $12.95

Encourage Mom to take some time to pamper herself with this deep conditioning treatment. It’ll cost you less than $15 and has more than 4,500 five-star reviews.

A hair towel that cuts drying time by 50% and prevents damage

Aquis, $21

Aquis Original Hair Turban, $20.99

Aquis’ cult-favorite hair towels can cut the amount of time it takes your hair to dry in half — a claim we’re happy to report holds up. The proprietary fabric also means there’s less damage to wet hair while it dries.

A cute loose-tea infuser


Bunny Rabbit Silicone Tea Infuser, $9.98

Add some fun to Mom’s tea time with a silicone tea infuser shaped like a cute animal — for example, this relaxed, reclining bunny. 

A magnetic phone mount


TechMatte MagGrip Car Phone Mount, $6.99

If she uses her phone to navigate, an unobtrusive, convenient car mount is a surprisingly thoughtful gift. This version is a favorite with over 6,000 five-star reviews. More than a few of our colleagues swear by this for hands-free navigation.

A popular micellar water

micellar water

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, $14.99

If you asked a beauty veteran what to pick up from a famed Parisian pharmacy, this micellar water would be on the top of the shortlist. The company estimates that a bottle is sold every two seconds, and it’s firmly seated on Amazon’s bestselling skincare products.

It gently cleanses skin and removes makeup without disrupting the skin’s natural hydrolipid film. Thanks to the water’s unique physiological pH, you shouldn’t even have to rinse. It’s also formulated to work with any skin texture.

An external battery

external battery

Anker PowerCore External Battery, $19.99

Make sure Mom never has to deal with the frustration of a dead phone again. The Anker PowerCore is equipped with high-speed charging tech and carries enough juice to provide nearly a full charge for iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, or almost two charges for an iPhone 8.

A multi-functional humidifier

essential oil diffuser

Urpower Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier, $25.99

Urpower,’s big humidifier has racked up over 9,500 five-star reviews and functions as an aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, and optional low-key night light. 

A cutting board shaped like her favorite place

cutting board

Totally Bamboo State Serving and Cutting Board, $19.99

Celebrate Mom’s favorite place on earth with these customized state cutting boards, which she can use during meal prep or for serving.

A plug that turns ordinary devices into smart ones

smart plug in

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug, $13.99

Turn her appliances into smart devices without shelling out hundreds of dollars. These plugs create smart outlets (no hub required) that will work with voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. She’ll also be able to turn electronics on or off from anywhere with her smartphone using the Kasa app.

Savvy, reusable alternatives to plastic wrap

bee's wrap

Bee’s Wrap Medium 3-Pack, $15

Introduce Mom to Bee’s Wrap, a safe, reusable, and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap that’s perfect for covering bowls, packing snacks, or saving cheese, fruit, veggies, and bread.

The tech is pretty simple — the warmth of your hands softens the wax-coated wrap and, as it cools, it sticks and creates a seal to store food naturally. She should be able to use each wrap several times a week for up to a year. 

A hard copy of Michelle Obama’s bestselling book

becoming by MO

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama, $11.89

Michelle Obama’s witty, candid memoir “Becoming” was a #1 “New York Times” bestseller. If your mom has any interest in learning more about the former First Lady, she may love owning her own hard copy — and getting to share her favorite parts with you.

A convenient, at-home cold brew maker

cold brew maker

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Maker, $19.99

Takeya’s Amazon-famous cold brew maker is an affordable, effective way to make a lot of cold brew at home without any expensive or out-of-the-way trips to Starbucks. It’s easy to use and fits nicely into most standard refrigerator doors. Personally, it saves me a few hundred dollars every year.

A better-looking Apple Watch band

apple watch band

Wearlizer Thin Tan Leather, $12.99

Dress up a potentially bulky watch with a more unobtrusive leather style. A leather band is strong and comfortable, and the Wearlizer option is one of the most affordable options.

A rapid egg cooker

Dash egg cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $19.99

Whether Mom likes her eggs hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, or served in individual omelets, this rapid egg cooker is bound to be a big morning routine improvement. It lives up to the name with eggs ready within minutes.

An affordable and effective wine bottle stopper

wine cork smart

The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 Vacuum Stoppers, $15.99

Vacu Vin’s internet-famous Wine Saver removes the air from wine bottles to keep it tasting fresh for up to a week — both red and white.

A cinematic cookbook

movie cookbook

“Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers” by Andrew Rea, $16.12

Behold, the perfect cookbook for the movie buff. It converts iconic movie moments into recipes — from the redemptive birthday cake in “Sixteen Candles” to the elaborate Timpano from “Big Night.”

A family-friendly board game

watch ya mouth

Watch Ya’ Mouth Original Mouthpiece Game, $15.99

A memorable Mother’s Day gift could be bringing over a fun game for game night!

A famous $13 at-home facial

healing clay mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, $14.95

The Aztec Secret clay mask is one of the bestselling skincare products on Amazon, and with good reason. It uses 100% natural calcium bentonite clay to deep-clean pores and refresh your skin. It’s so good – and cheap – that you might want to pick up an extra jar for yourself while you’re at it. It’s also one of the purchases we swear by for saving money on salon services like professional facials.

A ‘Humans of New York’ coffee table book


“Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton, $16.11

Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” series is one of the most powerful photographic campaigns to be conducted in the 21st century, leveraging the intimacy of random human-to-human connection and the powerful community of social media. This book serves as a tangible photographic census of New York City. 

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Walmart+ offers 2-hour grocery delivery for just $10 – and you can use the service for last minute Mother’s Day cards

This story was created by the Insider Reviews Team in collaboration with Walmart+. We earn money from our partners. Learn more.

Walmart Mother's Day cards

  • Walmart’s grocery service offers a wide variety of Mother’s Day cards that can be delivered in just two hours.
  • For two-hour Express Delivery, Walmart+ users pay a flat rate $10 fee, while regular shoppers are subject to an additional $7-9.
  • Shop Walmart’s collection of greeting cards here, and check out all of Insider Reviews’ Mother’s Day gift guides here.

Monthly Subscription (small)

We’ve all been there: you’ve found the perfect gift for the person you’re celebrating, but you’ve totally forgotten about the card. If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day card for your mom or Mother figure, don’t fret. With Walmart Grocery, you can get a card delivered to you in as soon as two hours.

Walmart’s selection of greeting cards can be found here, including cards specific to Mother’s Day as well as general greeting cards. Availability varies based on your zip code, and you can check if you live in an eligible grocery delivery zone here.

All Walmart shoppers can take advantage of two-hour Express Delivery, but Walmart+ subscribers can save $7-9 by avoiding an additional delivery fee. Rather than paying up to $19.95 for same-day delivery, Walmart+ members will only be charged a flat rate of $10.

You can learn more about additional Walmart+ perks here, and if you’re looking for gifts as well as a card, Walmart still has you covered with a selection of Mother’s Day gifts eligible for next-day delivery.

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30 best tech gifts for women that she’ll love this summer

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

The Fitbit Versa 3 makes a great gift for women who want a fitness tracker that doubles as a smartwatch.

  • Tech makes a great gift for anyone and everyone – no matter what time of year it is.
  • Ahead of the summer, we’ve found some incredibly useful tech gifts that will best fit her life and style.
  • Shopping for more gifts? Read all of our gift ideas in this helpful roundup of all our gift guides.

Every year, tech devices seem to get a little smarter and more useful. They make great gifts, too, because they often make life easier but aren’t necessities that people are willing to splurge on for themselves. As tech editors and reporters with decades of collective experience, we’ve pulled together a list of the best tech gifts for women that she’ll actually like.

Whether the lady in your life wants a pair of fantastic headphones that look good and sound great, hopes to track her fitness in style, or would love cool accessories for her phone, we have a tech gift for her in this guide. The picks below cover a variety of budgets, so there should be something for everyone whether you’re looking to spend $40 or $400 during the spring and summer gift-giving seasons.

A phone grip and stand


PopSocket Grip, available at PopSocket, from $10

PopSocket grips make it super easy to hold even the largest of phones. The grips stick onto almost any phone case, pop out twice to give excellent grip, and double as a stand when she wants to watch videos. PopSockets come in a multitude of colors, patterns, and styles, so you’ll be sure to find one she’ll love. PopSockets also sells grips that give back to select charities. I have PopSocket grips on all the different phone cases I use because I can’t imagine using my phone without one.

Apple’s new tracking tool to keep all of her essentials close by

Apple’s AirTags help you find lost items using the company’s network of 1 billion iPhones

Apple AirTag, available at Apple, $29 (additional case required for keyrings)

It’s easy for anyone to lose track of their things, but it suffices to say that women generally have more things to carry around and keep track of than most men. If the lucky lady in your life happens to be an iPhone user, then Apple’s new AirTags should be a well received gift. AirTags are shockingly affordable by Apple standards given their usefulness, offering direct navigation to tagged items (on iPhone 11 or newer) as well as using Apple’s FindMy network to track items outside of Bluetooth connectivity range.

A leather wireless charger

Courant wireless charger

Courant wireless chargers, available at Courant, $56 to $122.50

Wireless chargers don’t have to be ugly or boring. Courant’s wireless chargers and wirelessly charging battery packs are sophisticated and beautiful. They’re covered in leather and come in a few classy colors, including off white, black, rose, and light blue. We’ve used these chargers ourselves, and we’re certain she’ll love them. We particularly like the catch-all that has a space for keys, wallets, jewelry, and any other small items she may have. You can also personalize it with a short phrase.

Possibly the last umbrella she’ll ever need

yellow blunt umbrella

Blunt Metro Travel Umbrella, available at Amazon, $69

Chances are high that you can’t count how many umbrellas you’ve purchased in the past. The Blunt Metro Travel umbrella costs a pretty penny, but it’s designed to last, named our top pick for the best heavy duty umbrella. The umbrella features a 38-inch canopy with a wind-resistant radial tension system that can withstand winds of up to 55 miles per hour as well as blunted tips for safer commuting. And, with nine different colors to choose from, there’s sure to be one for her aesthetic.

A smart display

google nest hub

Google Nest Hub, available at Best Buy, $69.99

The Google Nest Hub puts all the smarts of the Google Assistant into a smart home hub with screen. That way, she can see visual answers to her questions, the weather forecast, news reports, YouTube videos, and more right on the screen as the Assistant reads back the information. It also has a speaker, so she can play her favorite music. Plus, the Nest Hub can control smart home devices. I use this smart display on my desk in my home office.

An affordable smart dog collar for keeping track of her best friend

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar, available at Amazon, $109.99

This relatively affordable connected dog collar would be an excellent gift for the dog-loving lady in your life. Known to us as the best affordable dog tracking GPS collar, the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar offers what it says on the tin as well as activity tracking to see how much exercise old doggo is getting on a daily basis. The collar comes in a variety of sizes as well as leather and “sport” fabric finishes.

However, just know before buying whether she will be willing to pay a subscription fee to get the most out of the Link AKC. This service costs either $9.95 monthly, $95.40 annually, or $166.80 for two years. This is certainly a considerable expense, but the service also includes a three-year replacement warranty, access to the Pet Poison Hotline from within the app, and the option to upgrade the collar if her pup outgrows it.

A solid tablet for ebooks, emails, and excellent streaming on a larger display

iPad Air Apple Pencil

Apple iPad, available at Apple, for $329

While most of us use our phones for almost every digital interaction and and distraction these days, sometimes a 6-inch won’t cut it. Apple’s base-level $329 iPad is an excellent gift for anyone seeking a tablet that can do just about anything. This iPad has a sharp display, lots of long battery life, and impressive performance (for its price) for anyone in your life that’s looking for that bridge between their phone and their laptop. 

Check out our review of Apple’s 8th-generation iPad

A piece of smart jewelry

bellabeat leaf

Bellabeat Leaf Urban and Leaf Chakra, available at Amazon, from $74.99

Bellabeat has been making gorgeous pieces of smart jewelry for years now, and the Leaf Urban and new Leaf Chakra make excellent gifts. Not only does Bellabeat’s smart jewelry look fabulous as a necklace, bracelet, or brooch, it also packs a lot of smart features. The Leaf Urban and Chakra can track activity, mindfulness breathing exercises, and sleep patterns. It also doubles as a silent alarm so she’ll awaken peacefully each morning. The company also has a new Leaf Crystal tracker that has a Swarovski crystal on it for $149.00 (pictured above).

A high-tech hair dryer that delivers salon-like results at home

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (refurbished)

Dyson Supersonic for $399.99

It may be expensive, but reviews suggest it’s worth splurging for. Dyson’s futuristic hair dryer measures air temperature over 40 times per second to prevent heat damage and operates much more quietly than other hair dryers. But what really makes the Dyson Supersonic worth the high price, is its results. Not only does it dry hair significantly faster than the average hair dryer, but it’s also probably the closest thing you’ll get to a professional blowout at home. Considering many of us may be reluctant to go to a salon for quite some time, Dyson’s dryer could be the perfect gift for anyone who dries and styles their hair daily.

Check out our guide to the best hairdryers in 2021

A bike mount for her phone


Quad Lock Bike Kit Universal Mount, $54.90, available at QuadLock 

Quad Lock’s bike mount makes an excellent gift for any cyclist who likes to take her phone along for the ride. The company makes several versions, but this universal one will fit any phone, thanks to its two-part design. The adapter sticks to the back of a phone and locks into the bike mount securely. It’s one of the best ones we’ve tried.

A smart herb garden

aerogarden harvest

AeroGarden Harvest, available at Walmart and Amazon, $129.06

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? AeroGarden’s Harvest herb garden isn’t super high-tech, but it is techy in that it uses hydroponics to grow delicious herbs and other produce quickly without much effort on her part. All she has to do to get her herbs growing is pop the seed pods in the planter, give it water regularly, and add the included plant food now and then. The planter does the rest, providing light on a schedule, moving the water, and alerting her when it needs more. In our tests, we had great success with this garden, and we’re sure she will, too.

A well-made desk pad that looks nice

grovemade desk pad

Grovemade Desk Pad, available at Grovemade, from $40

Desk pads serve multiple functions: they make a desk look nicer, they protect the desk from spills, and they can also provide a nice uniform workspace. These desk pads from Grovemade are very well made, with grippy natural cork backings and natural linoleum tops. The company also makes fancy leather and wool ones, but they do cost more. There are a few fun color options as well, so you should be able to find one that suits her style. I personally have the blue linoleum one on my desk, and it looks wonderful. Prices vary by size.

A Tile Bluetooth tracker for everything

Tile Pro, $34.93

Tile Mate and Tile Slim Bundle (two each, 2018 versions), available at Tile, $39.99

Everyone has lots of things to keep track of in their lives, and it can be easy to, well, lose track. That’s where Tile Bluetooth trackers come in. She can throw one of these on her keys or in her wallet so that she never has to go scrambling for one of those things when it’s time for work or an appointment.

A cool, artistic smart light

lifx beam

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Beam Kit, available at LIFX, $149.99 (available soon)

If her design aesthetic is modern and a bit funky, she might just love Lifx’s cool smart light beam kit. The Kit comes with six light beams that she can arrange on a wall in cool patterns to create accent lighting in her home. In the app, she can choose which colors she wants the beams to display and turn her space into an art exhibit. We tried the Beam Kit and we loved it.

The best portable game console around

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite, available at Walmart and Amazon, $199

It’s widely known by this point that women make up half — if not more — of the overall population of gamers, so chances are your favorite lady is just as excited for the next Super Mario as the boys are. Nintendo’s latest console is easy to take on the go and already features hundreds of excellent games.

An affordable home security camera

Eufy Security_Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt, $51.99, available at Amazon and Eufy

Eufy’s 2K Pan & Tilt Cam is one of the best home security cameras we’ve tested, and it makes a great gift for smart home enthusiasts. It offers crisp video footage, two-way audio, motion detection, and other smart features for a very reasonable price.

An attractive hybrid smartwatch

Fossil Charter HR

Fossil Charter HR, available at Fossil, $195

If she doesn’t like smartwatches, but she still wants to feel connected to her phone, a smart hybrid watch is a great gift to give. The Fossil Charter HR hides high-tech features inside a classic, attractive, simple, analog watch body.

You’d never know that this watch is so smart by looking at it, but it has a black and white screen that shows notifications, metrics, and the time. It can buzz with notifications, adjust to different time zones, track fitness with a heart rate monitor, control music, and wake her up peacefully with a silent alarm.

A gorgeous Bluetooth speaker

marshall stanmore ii speaker

Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Multi-Room Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker, available at Best Buy, $349.99

Marshall’s aesthetic is all about rock-n-roll, and this speaker will look great in her home. The Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker comes in three different colors: black, brown, and off-white with subtle gold or rose gold accents. It sounds great, too.

A fitness tracker that’s also a smartwatch

Fitbit versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3, available at Fitbit, $179.95

The Fitbit Versa 3 is the best-looking fitness tracker Fitbit has made to date. It looks a bit like a more angular Apple Watch and you can choose from a lot of different brands to personalize it to match her style. The Versa 3 has smartwatch features and apps, but it’s best at fitness tracking and keeping tabs on workouts.

An instant camera


Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Camera, available on Amazon, $164.99

Instant cameras make cute, fun gifts for shutterbugs, and the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 is a great option. Thanks to a nifty screen on the back, she can preview any photos she takes with it before she prints them — that way she won’t waste film on blurry shots. The camera also has 16 different filters, so she can get artistic with her photos.

A pretty phone case

case mate

Case-Mate Phone Cases for iPhone and Samsung, available at Amazon, from $5

Case-Mate has a huge range of cases for iPhones and Samsung phones, so you’re sure to find one that matches her style. Whether she wants a classic slim leather case, a clear case, or one that’s bedazzled, full of glitter, or covered in real pressed flowers, Case-Mate has an option.

The most popular e-reader

Kindle Paperwhite 2018 open cover.JPG

Kindle Paperwhite, available at Amazon, $209.99

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, so she can take it into the bubble bath with her and read until the water cools and the bubbles disappear. The text appears crisp and sharp, thanks to the great backlight and high-quality E-INK screen. Amazon has an unrivaled selection of ebooks available for download and she can get free ebooks or borrow library books on the Kindle. We tested this ebook reader, and consider it one of the best ones you can buy.

A good-looking smartwatch

Apple Watch SE Heart Rate

Apple Watch SE, available at Best Buy, from $279

The Apple Watch SE is Apple’s new, affordable smartwatch. We tested it and found that it offers nearly all the same features as the more expensive, high-end Series 6, but for much less. It comes in several great finishes including a classic rose gold one and she can choose from many different watch band options to suit her style. The 40mm casing is also perfect for smaller wrists. Beyond beauty, the Apple Watch has serious brains, too. It can track fitness, monitor her heart rate and health, and buzz with important notifications.

A pair of stylish glasses that block blue light from electronics

Felix Gray

Felix Gray Glasses, available at Felix Gray, from $95

Blue light from electronics can lead to eye strain and make it hard to fall asleep at night, so why not get her a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses? Felix Gray makes both prescription and non-prescription glasses that look great and work well to block out those harmful blue rays. I wear a pair of these every night to help ease my eye strain.

A beautiful wireless charger

Native Union

Native Union Drop Wireless Charger, available at Amazon, from $39.99 to $59.99

Most wireless chargers are boring black or white pucks that are functional but not very pretty. Native Union’s Drop charger is the opposite. It comes in a soft rose or dark graphite color that looks gorgeous. The top has grippy silicone on it in a cool pattern so her phone won’t slide off it while charging. There is also a leather version.

A pair of touchscreen gloves that are actually warm


UGG Touchscreen Compatible Gloves, available at UGG, $165

Touchscreen gloves aren’t always attractive, but Ugg makes some very nice ones with genuine leather and shearling for warmth and style. These gloves will make it easy for her to use her phone no matter how cold it gets outside.

A mega-popular smart speaker

Best Echo Amazon Echo 4th gen

Amazon Echo, available at Amazon, $69.99

If she doesn’t have a smart speaker yet, the new, round Amazon Echo will be a game-changer. This speaker has Alexa inside so she can ask the speaker to play music, answer questions, order products, play games, and so much more. If she has some smart home gadgets, Alexa can control many of those, too. We reviewed the new version and think it’s the best one yet.

A pair of truly wireless earbuds


Apple AirPods, available at Walmart and Amazon, $128.98

When it comes to convenience, truly wireless earbuds are the best. Apple’s AirPods are very popular with iPhone and Android users alike. They look fair subtle compared to many other bigger earbuds, and they’re incredibly easy to use.

A great pair of over-ear headphones

b&o h4

Bang & Olufsen H4 Headphones, available at Bang & Olufsen, $300

Bang & Olufsen makes some of the most beautiful over-ear headphones you can buy. The new H4 headphones are made from high-quality leather and anodized aluminum. Depending on what color palette your giftee likes, you may want to get her the black ones or the “limestone” ones. They sounded amazing in our tests, too.

A smart mug that keeps drinks hot


Ember Mug 2, available at Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy, $129.99

With the app-controlled Ember Mug 2, her favorite hot drink will never get cold again. In the app, she can choose the exact temperature she likes her beverage to be at for drinking, and the mug will keep it at that temperature for up to 80 minutes per charge. The mug itself is made of stainless steel that’s been coated in ceramic. We tested the mug and found it to be a life-changer.

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23 last-minute gifts you can still get in time for Mother’s Day, including gift cards and subscriptions

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Products in the Drunk Elephant The Littles™ 4.0 lying flat on a pink background

  • If you’re purchasing a Mother’s Day gift last minute, there’s still time to order something special.
  • We rounded up 23 options – from luxurious hair products to cookbooks – that will arrive by May 9.
  • If you’re not in a hurry, check out these 54 Mother’s Day gifts under $50.

Mother’s Day is around the corner and there are just a few days to get a gift for the moms in your life. For those living on the edge and have yet to pick up something, we have you covered with last-minute gift ideas that can be ordered, delivered, and presented, right in time for Mother’s Day. If you’re cutting it close, we also have recommendations for subscriptions and gift cards that can be purchased and gifted on the day of.

Here are 23 of the best last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that will arrive by May 9

The most stunning bouquet we ordered and reviewed

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - UrbanStems The Hema Bouquet on a living room table

Gift an UrbanStems bouquet, starting at $50

Let’s start with the Mother’s Day basic — a beautiful bouquet. UrbanStems offers a range of fresh, modern bouquets and other arrangements that are a step above the average flower mix. They were the best flower delivery service we tested, and the best part: they offer next-day delivery for 48 states and same-day delivery in New York City and Washington, DC.

A clothing subscription to switch up mom’s wardrobe

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A Stitch Fix subscription box, including tops, bottoms, outerwear and a pair of shoes

Gift a Stitch Fix subscription, $20

Amp up the traditional blouse you get mom with a Stitch Fix subscription, which will deliver a customized wardrobe based on a style quiz and the plan you choose. There’s a $20 styling fee, and then you can personalize your picks after.

A sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner set for salon-looking hair

Last minute Mothers' Day gifts - Kristin Ess The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner lying next to each other on a table

Gift Kristin Ess’ The One Signature Shampoo and Conditioner, $20 each

If healthy and shiny hair is important to mom, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, like Kristin Ess’ The One Signature line, won’t dry out hair, so it’s perfect to gift — especially with summer coming up. When ordering online from Target it will arrive by the weekend, or you can pick it up at a local store.

A clothing subscription to switch up mom’s wardrobe

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Everlane Gift Card in an envelope

Gift an Everlane gift card, from $25

For cozy, luxe basics, Everlane is one of our favorite retailers. Simply enter the gift card amount of your choice, print out a few options to stick in a Mother’s Day card, and you’ll be all set.

A pair of designer shades to sport this summer

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Ray Ban Clubmaster Square Sunglasses

Gift the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Square Sunglasses, $161

For a timely, practical gift for the warmer months, you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Ray-Bans. They’re one of our favorite retailers for womens’ shades and are Amazon Prime-eligible too.

An oversized beach tote for all the necessities

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - CGear Sand Free Gray Stripe Tote

Gift the CGear Sand-Free Gray Stripe Tote, $49.99

For moms who can’t get enough purses, crossbody bags, and clutches, gift her another carrier — a spacious beach bag. The CGear Sand-Free tote has a gray- and turquoise-striped design and is Amazon Prime-eligible. You can even fill it with a reusable water bottle, high-end sunscreen, and wireless headphones for the beach.

A smart tea kettle for making tea or preparing baby formula

Last minute Mother's day gifts - Smarter Electric iKettle standing upright on a kitchen countertop

Gift the Smarter Electric iKettle, $99

For frequent tea drinkers, the Amazon Prime-eligible Smarter Electric iKettle boasts Wi-Fi and voice activation with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant — you can control the temperature from the Smarter app on your phone. The iKettle is wonderful for new moms for hassle-free nighttime feeding.

A Walmart+ subscription for the savvy shopper

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A Walmart tote bag with what you can get with a Walmart+ Subscription inside, including groceries, Play-Doh, and a Nintendo Switch

Gift a Walmart+ subscription, $12.95 per month

Walmart is known to sell almost everything under the sun, and gifting mom a Walmart+ subscription adds the convenience of items shipped directly to your door. We tried it out and, whether shopping for groceries or video games, Walmart+ is a practical idea.

If mom is a big Amazon shopper and isn’t already an Amazon Prime member, here’s how to sign her up — a monthly subscription costs $12.99.

The comfiest pair of sneakers you’ll find

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman walking on pavement wearing the gray Allbirds Wool Loungers

Gift the Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers, $95

From grocery store runs to walks in the park, moms are frequently on the go. The Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers are some of the comfiest shoes we’ve reviewed, and the brand appeared not once, but three times in our best white sneakers for women guide. The shoes will arrive in two business days or can be expedited in one business day.

A nostalgic and sentimental coupon book

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A mother writing on one of the Knock Knock Vouchers for Mom

Gift the Knock Knock Vouchers for Mom, $12

If you have an all-I-want-is-a-card type of mom, the Knock Knock Vouchers for Mom is a fantastic, sentimental idea. It’s Amazon Prime-eligible and contains 20 “coupons” that you fulfill, ranging from breakfast in bed to a day without complaints (two things that mom will adore).

A wine subscription for the so-called sommelier

Last minute Mother's Day gifts  - A Winc subscription box and four bottles of wine on a doormat

Gift a Winc subscription, $39 per month

If mom is a wine fanatic, Winc is a fitting gift. The most affordable subscription starts at $39, which includes three $13 bottles of wine. You can also purchase a gift card for choosing bottles. You can read about our experience in using the Winc wine subscription service

A deluxe skincare sampler to boost hydration and self-care

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Products in the Drunk Elephant The Littles™ 4.0 lying flat on a pink background

Gift the Drunk Elephant The Littles 4.0 Set, $90

Skincare can be an expensive gift for Mother’s Day. Drunk Elephant, one of our favorite brands, offers the 4.0 Kit, a sampler of not one but eight great skincare products that include the Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer, the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, and the C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. And, these cruelty-free products are packed in a reusable case.

When ordering at Sephora, you can opt for one-day expedited shipping, or order and pick up at a local store.

A cookbook with 100 cookie recipes for the baker

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - The "100 Cookies" cookbook on a pink table surrounded by baking tools

Gift the “100 Cookies” cookbook, $23.55

If the kitchen is your mom’s most-visited spot, gifting a cookbook is thoughtful and will offer inspiration for whipping up more sweet treats. The Amazon Prime-eligible “100 Cookies” cookbook highlights — you guessed it — 100 cookies, brownies, bars, and other yummy recipes to bake over the weekend. 

If you want to splurge, you can pair it with one of our favorite KitchenAid stand mixers.

An Audible subscription for the reader

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman listening to an Audible audiobook while at the gym

Gift an Audible subscription, starting at $7.95 a month

For a really last-minute gift idea, Audible is an instantaneous subscription after ordering. The platform serves as a digital audio library of popular books — play them as you would your favorite podcasts. You can pair the subscription with some bestselling audiobooks.

A beauty and grooming subscription box to switch things up

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A Birchbox subscription box with assorted makeup and skincare items to its right

Gift a Birchbox subscription, $15 per month

Birchbox packages makeup, hair, and skincare products, which is perfect for providing mom with new products to try. It’s a perfect IOU to include in a card, so you’ll have something ordered in time for May 9.

A gel manicure kit if you can’t get to a nail salon

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit

Gift the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit, $79.99

Give mom a salon-like manicure without the need for an in-person appointment. Red Carpet is the best at-home gel nail kit we tested, and it will arrive from Ulta in two to three business days with premium shipping, or available for in-store pickup after ordering.

The Dyson Airwrap mom will never purchase for herself

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman curling her hair with the Dyson Airwrap Styler Volume and Shape

Gift the Dyson Airwrap styler, $778.99

If you’re chipping in with your siblings or simply want to splurge on mom this year, the Dyson Airwrap styler is your best bet. We tested it alongside a celebrity hairstylist and found it to be a quality, versatile tool that produces gorgeous salon looks with its air-and-no-heat technology.

A sleek essential oil diffuser for a fresh-scented room

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - The URPower Essential Oil Diffuser in use on a carpeted bedroom floor

Gift the URPower Essential Oil Diffuser, $19.99

While we love our candles, a diffuser is a no-flame option that will make a room smell like eucalyptus, peppermint, or fresh linen — the latter perfect is for bathrooms. URPower is our favorite essential oil diffuser on a budget and when paired with an essential oil kit, it’s an all-in-one thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day — Amazon Prime-eligible.

An exercise bike and work desk duo that’s super practical

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman on a call while on the Bike Desk 3.0

Gift the FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0, $299.99

Does mom want to stay active while working from home? The FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0 is a laptop desk and exercise bike hybrid that will get her feet moving while in meetings. Even better: it’s Amazon Prime-eligible and something that will boost productivity.

For an add-on, pair the bike desk with a pair of our favorite spin shoes we tested.

A Nespresso machine for cafe-style brews at home

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle

Gift the Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle, $160

If your gift recipient is always running to Dunkin’ or Starbucks, the Nespresso VertuoPlus will be much appreciated. It’s Amazon Prime-eligible, and it comes with a milk frother and a coffee pod sampler to get started. 

A waffle robe for getting ready after the shower

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - A woman wearing the Bohang Summer Waffle Bathrobe in Light Purple

Gift the Bohang Summer Waffle Bathrobe, $25.99

Fluffy robes are great for winter, but a waffle robe is perfect year-round — especially to throw on after a relaxing bath or shower. It’s Amazon Prime-eligible, comes in three colors, and feels like one you’d find at a hotel.

A meal delivery service to take some stress off cooking

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - The ingredients that come in a HelloFresh meal kit box alongside the final meal

Gift a HelloFresh meal kit subscription, from $33.97

Meal delivery is all the rage these days — you get pre-selected meal options shipped to your door, with pre-portioned ingredients included. We tested HelloFresh and deemed it as one of our favorite meal delivery kit services.

For shipping, HelloFresh offers expedited delivery, depending on the plan selected.

A gold bangle that is dainty and will match any outfit

Last minute Mother's Day gifts - Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle

Gift the Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle, $26.60 

Designer for less than $30? The Kate Spade New York Idiom Bangle is a classic, gold-plated bracelet proven to match any outfit. It’s also Amazon Prime-eligible and makes for a simple and dainty jewelry piece.

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28 clever Mother’s Day gifts under $50 that are all Amazon Prime-eligible

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

Shop Succulents Collection of 20
Succulents are a great gift for busy moms because they don’t require a lot of maintenance or water.

  • If you’re shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, Amazon Prime makes it easy.
  • We rounded up 28 memorable and clever Mother’s Day gifts under $50 with free two-day Prime shipping.
  • Browse more of our Mother’s Day gift ideas and check out all of Insider Reviews gift guides.

In many households, moms keep everything running. It’s easy to forget to buy a gift for a special holiday if mom buys and wraps the gifts for everything else. But there’s still plenty of time to pick out a thoughtful a gift under $50 that you’ll be excited to give your mom.

Amazon Prime comes in handy with free two-day shipping. We’ve rounded up 29 thoughtful gifts on Amazon that any mom would be over the moon to receive – all of which are available with Prime shipping.

Here are 28 Amazon Prime Mother’s Day gifts under $50:

A hilarious book about motherhood

mothers day gift: cat nat mom truths book

Gift the “Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths” book for $11.67

This book will have moms laughing, feeling supported, and thinking, Wow, I thought it was just me. It’s an easy read that puts motherhood into perspective. The writing style makes it possible to read in short spurts, whenever mom is able to manage a free minute or two.

A gift card so they can pick what they want

amazon gift card for mothers day

Gift an Amazon eGift card, from $25

Sometimes a mom just needs permission to spend $50 on herself. Gift mom an Amazon gift card and she can pick out whatever she wants.

A tasty gift basket

mothers day gift basket: chocolate crunch

Gift the Happy Mother’s Day Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket for $38.38

Sweet, salty, and crunchy, this gift basket hits all the basic cravings. The basket includes chocolate-covered pretzels, caramel corn, peanut brittle, and Ghirardelli chocolate.

Something to keep their coffee warm

Amazon Prime Mother's Day gifts under $50: unique gifts & fast shipping

Gift the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for $10.99

Moms are notorious for heating their coffee up in the microwave only to forget about it for hours. Help them keep their drink warm all morning with this coffee mug warmer.

A sentimental keepsake book

mothers day personalized gift: mom i wrote book about you gift

Gift “Mom, I Wrote a Book About You” for $14.95

This book is full of prompts, making it easy to create a sentimental and heartfelt gift for mom. The fun and meaningful prompts are designed to be completed in less than an hour. An hour of your time is well worth it for a gift mom will cherish forever.

Versatile wine glasses

wine glasses Amazon

Gift the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Stemware Pure Collection Cabernet, set of 4, for $48.13

Suitable for white or red wine, these glasses are ideal for any mom who likes to savor a glass at the end of the day. You can even send her some of her favorite wine to enjoy along with them.

A device to help them keep track of their belongings


Gift the Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker for $47.99

This small device connects to a smartphone and uses location services and a ring to help keep track of all the things mom tends to lose. Connect it to the TV remote, a purse, keys, or any other important item. The Tile can also work in reverse to find a lost phone.

Something to help them keep hold of their phone


Gift a Popsocket, from $9.99

Whether they have a toddler running around and never have a free hand or they’re scrolling photos of their grandbabies, a Popsocket will help them hold onto their phone. There’s a Popsocket for every mom, with countless designs and ones that even come with built-in lip balm.

A game for family bonding

taco cat goat cheese pizza game

Gift the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game for $9.97

This fast-paced game is fun and simple. It’s a unique new take on slap-jack, with the addition of silly moves. The game is recommended for people ages 8 and up, and there is no limit to the number of players.

A weighted blanket to help her de-stress after a long day

AckBrands 48" x 78"   15 Lb Weighted Blanket

Gift the AckBrands 15-Pound Weighted Blanket for $39.99

Help her relax with this 15-pound weighted blanket made from 100% cotton. The soft blanket has double stitched, reinforced edges so the inner stuffing won’t break through the fabric. Additionally, it’s made with smaller pockets than most, so the weight is more evenly distributed across the entire blanket.

A plug that streamlines life’s most mundane tasks

wyze smart home plug

Gift the Wyze Smart Home Plug, 2-pack, for $19.97

Controllable by voice, app, and smart assistant, these smart plugs will make mom’s life easier. They can use the smart plugs to turn on the coffee maker and control lamps while they’re away.

A personal coffee maker for their favorite brew

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

Gift the Chulux Single Serve Coffee Maker for $39.99

This single-serving unit is perfect for a Sunday morning cup of coffee. They can either use their own ground coffee in a reuseable filter or a premade capsule to brew in about three minutes. Not only is the device compact, but its 12-ounce water tank and drip try can be easily removed for cleaning.

A mother-daughter necklace to stay connected

EFYTAL Mother Daughter Sterling Silver Necklace

Gift the Efy Tal Mother Daughter Sterling Silver Necklace for $41

This sweet necklace will last a lifetime due to its 925 sterling silver material. It also comes gift wrapped and with a card, so you don’t have to worry about anything except presenting it to your mom. 

The chain measures 19 inches, but if it is too short or long, manufacturer Efy Tal Jewelry will adjust it for free; it’ll also replace the chain should it break within the first five years. 

An under-eye cream that is lightweight for delicate skin

Belei Triple Peptide Eye Cream

Gift the Belei Triple-Peptide Eye Cream for $16.59

This lightweight eye cream helps improve firmness and smooth out line lines around the eye. It’s triple peptide blend is effective but not irritating for sensitive skin, so it’s great for all skin types. Plus, it’s free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and phthalates so your mom can still stick to her clean beauty routine. 

An at-home spa-like treatment that works while they sleep

Bliss That’s Incredi-peel

Gift Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel Glycolic Resurfacing Pads for $14.95

Let mom enjoy spa-like treatments from the comfort of home and while they gets a good night’s sleep. These no-rinse peel pads will help skin look and feel rejuvenated with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid, protected with vitamin E, and moisturized with licorice root and calendula flower extracts. 

A gift she and her fur baby can enjoy

Woof Ceramic Dog Treat Jar With Bone Handle

Gift the Woof Ceramic Dog Treat Jar With Bone Handle for $27.98

For the mom who’s obsessed with their pooch, this ceramic treat holder will not only remind them of all their children — their babies and their fur babies — but it adds a decorative touch as well. The jar is 6 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches tall with a dog bone handle for added character.

A yoga block set to help them stay balanced

Gaiam Yoga Block + Yoga Strap Combo Set

Gift the Gaiam Yoga Block + Yoga Strap Combo Set for $14.98

For the yogi, this is a great starter kit or as a replacement for their worn-out equipment. The yoga block and strap can help with stability and balance to strengthen their core and improve spine alignment. In addition, the blocks and straps can help deepen their morning stretches and increase their range of motion.

A candle to remind them of home

homesick, $30

Gift the Homesick Scented Candle, from $34 (prices vary by state)

These handmade candles encompass famous scents from each state — great for someone who’s moved away from their home state. Homesick Candles are made with soy wax for a clean burn that lasts for 60 to 80 hours.  

A mug that warms her heart (and her drink) each morning

Mother's Day mug

Gift the One Awesome Mom Coffee Mug for $16.95

Remind your mom that they’re the best there is with this coffee mug. This mug is made from white ceramic that is able to withstand both hold and cold drinks and has a wide grip handle. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

A delicate watch that can be dressed up or down

Timex Women's Crystal Bloom Swarovski Accent Watch

Gift the Nine West Floral Rose Goldtone Watch for $36.75

This 38-millimeter Japanese-quartz watch is both equal parts fashionable and functional. The watch face has rose gold-toned hands and markers in an analog clock style on top of a 3D-printed floral pattern and finished with the leather-esque blush pink straps. This watch is not water-resistant, but we bet your mom won’t want to get such a pretty gift wet anyway.

A pair of comfy slippers that can be worn inside or outside

ULTRAIDEAS Women's Cozy Memory Foam Moccasin Suede Slippers

Gift the Ultraideas Memory Foam Moccasin Slippers, from $14.99

Treat your mom’s feet with these plush memory foam slippers. Available in three different colors, these slippers have a supportive insole and anti-slip and waterproof outsole for quick trips outside.

A smart speaker to help with daily tasks

echo dot 4th gen mothers day gift

Gift the Echo Dot (4th Gen) for $29.99

Mom can use this mini smart speaker equipped with voice-activated Alexa to play music, take a hands-free phone call, look up recipes, check the weather, and more. This Alexa speaker has over 50,000 other skills that can help make their life so much easier. 

A basket of goodies you can enjoy together

Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket

Gift the Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket for $49.95

You can never go wrong with snacks. Filled to the brim with cookies, crackers, hummus, and more, this Wine Country basket is filled with goodies you can enjoy together. Bring it to the park for a picnic, create an d’oeuvres platter before wine night, or use this to refill mom’s secret stash of treats.  

A succulent set that can be used to create a terrarium

Shop Succulents Collection of 20

Gift the Shop Succulents Unique Succulent (Collection of 4) for $22.96

Give mom unique succulent varieties to place around the house or spend the day creating a custom terrarium together. Each succulent comes in a 2-inch pot with fully rooted soil and plant care instructions.

A pair of casual shoes

UJoowalk Womens Canvas Slip on Fashion Sneaker Skate Shoe

Gift the UJoowalk Women’s Canvas Slip on Fashion Sneaker, from $21.05 to $22.99

These canvas slip-ons come in black or white and are perfect for everyday wear. The platform is less than an inch tall, so walking around in these is comfortable for moms of all ages.

A tea kettle that boils water in minutes

Willow & Everett Surgical Whistling Teapot with Tea Infuser

Gift the Willow & Everett Surgical Whistling Teapot with Tea Infuser for $33.99

Mom can enjoy a lovely cup of tea with this 3-liter stainless steel teapot. It has a nonslip silicone handle that won’t burn hands and a five-layer design to boil water quickly and efficiently. Also included is a loose leaf tea infuser that’s perfect for making a single cup of their favorite tea in minutes.


A seed spreader to make yard work less of a pain

Scotts Wizz Hand Held Spreader

Gift the Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Seed Spreader for $19.99

For the outdoor mom, help alleviate back strain and increase productivity with this battery-powered seed spreader. The Scotts spreader has a 5-foot spreading radius and can cover up to 2,500 square feet per fill and charge. It also has over 20 settings so she can target both big and small areas with little effort.

A decorative wooden calendar so she never forgets an important date

Wooden calendar board

Gift the Amosfun Birthday Calendar Wooden Wall Plaque for $12.89

Unlike traditional calendars that show every single day, this is meant for just the special ones that your mom cares about like birthdays (as in, yours), anniversaries, and holidays. The set comes with 50 wooden heart pieces and hangers that they can write on and place under each month.

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28 Mother’s Day food gifts she’ll want to dig into immediately

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

best mothers day food gits 2021 milk bar pie and cookies

Cards and a beautiful bouquet of flowers will always make for good Mother’s Day gifts, but if you really want to make her break out into a grin this Mother’s Day, food is the not-so-secret secret to her heart.

While sweets are usually the more popular gift option, don’t be afraid to gift a little outside the box and surprise her with a meal delivery subscription, gourmet salt, or hearty steaks.

We’ve personally taste-tested most of these food and drink gifts, and our satisfied stomachs can confirm they’re as delicious and indulgent as they look.

Here are 28 food and drink gifts for Mother’s Day 2021:

Beautiful bonbons with flavors like orange creamsicle and red bean

best mothers day food gits 2021 vesta

Gift the Vesta Mother’s Day Jewel Bonbons, $24

The Dominican and South Korean cultural backgrounds of husband-wife team Roger and Julia Choi Rodriguez shine through in this collection of carefully crafted bonbons. Flavors include Té Gengibre (Ginger Tea), Morir Soñando (Orange Creamsicle), Yuja (Yuzu), and Daanpaat (Sweet Red Bean). If your mom prefers bars to bonbons, we love the complex Vegan Matcha Oat bar. 

Healthy and sustainably made EVOO

best mothers day food gits 2021 pineapple collab

Gift the Pineapple Collaborative Olive Oil, $34

Pineapple Collab makes olive oil pretty enough to display. It’s 100% organic and grown in collaboration with olive miller Kathryn Tomajan. 

A virtual coffee tasting session, with a complete kit of coffee and equipment

best mothers day food gits 2021 bean and bean

Gift the Bean & Bean Virtual Coffee Tasting + Brewing (DIY Cold Brew), $65

Go beyond a simple bag of beans and gift Mom a coffee tasting session along with it. Taught by a certified coffee cupper, the class will give her a fresh appreciation for coffee brewing. The kit comes with a bag of Bean & Bean’s Downtown Blend, a Mr. Clever Brewer, a box of filters, and a bonus steeped bag. 

The oat milk dessert loved by New Yorkers

best mothers day food gits 2021 urban dessert lab oat milk ice cream

Gift the Whipped Urban Dessert Lab Oat Milk Ice Creme Gift Set, $99

New York City’s latest dessert craze revolves around oat milk, more specifically, oat milk ice cream. The plant-based, dairy-free desserts are now available on Goldbelly, where you can pick from flavors like Cinnamon Apple Crisp and Mint Chocolate Cookie. 

Responsibly sourced canned fish

best mothers day food gits 2021 scout seafood tinned fish

Gift the Scout Market Goods Bundle, $89.99

In case you haven’t heard, tinned seafood is the delicacy you shouldn’t sleep on. Scout’s delicious “Seacuterie” spread includes Atlantic Canadian lobster, PEI mussels in a smoked paprika and fennel tomato sauce, and Ontario trout with dill, a memorable departure from the usual charcuterie board. 

A library of super fresh spices

best mothers day food gits 2021 occo spices

Gift the Occo Cinnamon Sampler, $20

Occo sells tiny portions of organic, ethically sourced spices — just the right amount you need for the new recipe you want to try tonight. Depending on what your mom typically likes to cook, you can buy spices for specific recipes, like this themed collection of Caribbean-Creole dishes, or explore a particular spice family, like the cinnamon varieties above. 

The mixes to make chocolate-y Mexican drinks

best mothers day food gits 2021 monarca bakery chocolate mix

Gift the La Monarca Chocolate Beverage Combo Pack, $45

The bakery’s famous hot chocolate and Champurrado (a thick chocolate drink made with masa harina) draw visitors from all over Los Angeles. You and Mom can make both at home, with the help of a traditional Molinillo whisk. And, the bakery donates 1% of all sales to conservation efforts like butterfly habit conservation in Mexico. 

A box of mini cupcakes

best mothers day food gits 2021 baked by melissa cupcakes

Gift the Super Mom 25-Pack, $45

It’s pretty much impossible to eat just one of these bite-sized cupcakes, especially when they come in flavors like Midnight Munchies (it’s chocolate cake stuffed with dulce de leche and topped with a potato chip and pretzel brittle) and Sugar Cookie Dough. This limited-edition gift box also comes with a card for you to add a personalized message. 


A box of craft beers she might not be able to find locally

best mothers day food gits 2021 tavour craft beer

Gift the Mixed Beer Gift Set, $35

We’re big fans of the fun variety that Tavour offers, from milkshake-inspired IPAs to strong sours. She’ll need to clear some fridge space for this one. Gift cards are also available if she’d prefer to build her own box. 

An aperitif for Moms who don’t imbibe

best mothers day food gits 2021 ghia non alcoholic aperitif

Gift a bottle of Ghia, $33

Made from fruits and botanicals, this light and dry aperitif can be sipped on its own or mixed to create a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail. 

The internet’s favorite hot sauce

best mothers day food gits 2021 truff hot sauce

Gift the Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack, $69.99

While many hot sauces are all heat and no flavor, Truff serves up condiments that are sweet, complex, and mouthwatering. These might just be the fanciest hot sauces your mom will ever receive. 

A food delivery service that cuts down on prep work

Daily Harvest_Collections

Gift the Daily Harvest Custom Gift Box, $75

Online healthy food startup Daily Harvest can feed her from breakfast to dinner with its bowls, bites, lattes, and smoothies. It even offers almond milk and “ice cream.” She’ll be able to fill her custom box with any nine items she wants. Prep is as easy as popping the bowl into a microwave or dumping the ingredients into a blender. 

Cereal she won’t be able to stop snacking on

best mothers day food gifts 2021 magic spoon cereal

Gift the Magic Spoon Variety 4-Pack, $39

The favorite cereal flavors of childhoods past are back in less sugary, more nutritious, and just as delicious forms. The high-protein, gluten-free cereals from Magic Spoon leave healthy, boring “adult” brands in the dust and are perfect for the kid at heart who eats a big bowl of cereal for breakfast every day.

Tender, flavorful American Wagyu beef

best mothers day food gifts 2021 snake river farms meat

Gift a Snake River Farms gift card

The highly marbled, award-winning American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms is drool-worthy. If you know anything about your mom, she’ll know exactly how to make these cuts shine. 

A trio of fancy honey

best mothers day food gifts 2021 bushwick kitchen honey

Gift the Bushwick Kitchen Honey Trio, $49.99

This Brooklyn-based indie purveyor bestowed its gift of spicy, Meyer Lemon, and salted honeys to the world, and ice cream, cornbread, and even pizza have never tasted so good. Personally, I can’t imagine going back to regular honey after using this honey, which offers just the right amount of kick to bring out the flavors of your dish. 

A Sugarfina and vodka gift set

best mothers day food gifts 2021 sugarfina vodka

Gift the Van Gogh Pineapple Vodka with Sugarfina Tropical Gift Box, $57 

Whether mom’s after a refreshing tropical cocktail or chewy gummies, you really can do no wrong here. Shop more ReserveBar x Sugarfina gift box options here.

Proof that Japan has the best snacks

best mothers day food gifts 2021 bokksu japanese snacks

Gift the Classic Bokksu Box, $44.95

Bokksu’s curations of creative Japanese snacks has delighted food lovers in countries all over the world. The snacks are sourced directly from artisan makers in Japan and each box revolves around a different theme each month. She’ll get to enjoy 20 to 25 snacks, along with a tea pairing, and learn about each product’s origin. 

A gift box of her favorite candy

best mothers day food gifts 2021 economy candy

Gift the Economy Candy Gift Box, from $35

Chocolate covered this and that, green M&Ms, gold M&Ms, a 1950s vintage collection, a ’70s one — the list is endless. You just have to choose the size: snack ($35), economy ($50), family ($75), or candy crazy ($100) and call it a day.

Decadent, chocolate-covered strawberries

best mothers day food gits 2021 sharis berries strawberries

Gift the Shari’s Gourmet Dipped Full Dozen Fancy Strawberries, $49.99

Shari’s Berries doesn’t settle for simple chocolate strawberries. It dips the fruit in a layer of white or milk chocolate, then tops on additional chocolate drizzle, ground coffee, and mini chocolate chips. 

Jams and jellies to up her PB&J game

best mothers day food gifts mouth jam set

Gift the Mouth Stand By Your Jam Set, $92

Conjuring memories of PB&J-making sessions and sunny picnics, this set of rich, gourmet jams and jellies is sure to be devoured quickly. She’ll get a whole array of flavors, from a bright apricot-orange to a multi-faceted cherry rosehip hibiscus. 

Wine handpicked by sommeliers

best mothers day food gits 2021 sommselect wine

Gift the SommSelect Explore 4 Gift Pack, $128

Don’t know much about wine but still want to impress your mom? SommSelect takes care of the bottle picks and curation for you, so you can simply sit back and listen to her rave about her new favorite wine. The wine varieties in this collection hail from all over the world, from the Finger Lakes in New York to Swartland, South Africa. 

A Murray’s Cheese gift box

best mothers day food gifts 2021 murray's cheese

Gift the Murray’s Greatest Hits Cheese Box, $95

Four of Murray’s cheeses (Engish cheddar, mini brie, gruyere, and manchego) paired with cherry preserves, sea salt, and olive oil crackers, and Marcona almonds.

A coffee subscription that takes her around the world

best mothers day food gifts 2021 atlas coffee club

Gift the Atlas Coffee Club 3-Month Starter Pack Subscription, $60

Experience the unique coffee of three different countries through an Atlas Coffee Club subscription. Whether she’s a whole bean, ground, light roast, or dark roast type of gal, she’ll get a cool world tour of coffee she’s never tried before.

A salt-tasting flight

mothers day food gifts 8

Gift the Jacobsen Salt Co. 6 Vial Infused Salt Set, $30.23

Another underrated ingredient that can make a big difference is flavored salt. She’ll proudly display these salts — PureFlake, black pepper, black garlic, pino noir, habanero, and rosemary — in the included wooden stand and receive suggested pairings for each salt. After sampling this diverse array, she can order the full size online. 

Cookies and pie from Milk Bar

best mothers day food gits 2021 milk bar pie and cookies

Gift the Milk Bar Cheerleader Box, $82

For the biggest cheerleader in your life, this combo pack features two of Milk Bar’s greatest hits: chewy cookies and the famously rich and gooey Milk Bar pie. 

A matcha-ceremony set

best mothers day food gifts matcha set

Gift the Jade Leaf Matcha Ceremony Set, $59.95

Matcha is about the ritual of preparation as much as it is about the flavor and antioxidant benefits. This set contains all the tools and instructions she needs to make a cup of matcha at home — no more overpaying at the trendy shop in the city. 

The healthy-eating program she’s been wanting to try

best mothers day food gifts sakara life eating program

Gift the Sakara Life 5-Day Program, $350

The Sakara Life clean eating program is all the buzz in the health and fitness worlds, but does it really live up to the hype? Give Mom an opportunity to see for herself by gifting a one-week trial. It’s not cheap, but the meals are made from fresh and organic ingredients, taste great, and will be delivered right to her door.

Baked goods that are hard to get right

best mothers day food gifts 2021 scones

Gift the Seven Sisters Scones Dozen Sampler, $56

Pastries like muffins and brownies usually get all the glory. Seven Sisters Scones, however, focuses exclusively on the humble scone, and does it justice. Often maligned for being dry and crumbly, the scones from this Georgia-based bakery come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors to enjoy for breakfast or with a warm beverage. 


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Disney Plus offers gift subscriptions for new subscribers – here’s how to have one sent in time for Mother’s Day

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.

disney plus gift

Gift Subscription (small)

Disney’s on-demand streaming service, Disney Plus, offers ad-free access to a growing library of movies and shows from all of the studio’s major brands and franchises. If that special Disney fan in your life hasn’t subscribed yet, you can help them tune in with a Disney Plus gift subscription.

A Disney Plus gift subscription costs $80 and is sent as an email code on a date of your choosing. This makes it easy to schedule delivery for holidays and special occasions, including Mother’s Day on May 9.

You can find detailed instructions on how to order a gift subscription below.

Here’s how to gift a Disney Plus annual subscription:

  1. Visit this page to purchase the gift.
  2. You’ll enter your information, your recipient’s name and email, and what date you’d like the code to be delivered.
  3. The $80 fee will be charged to your account as soon as you make the purchase.
  4. Your recipient will visit, select the offer, and manually enter the code printed on the email.
  5. Once redeemed, the recipient will be credited a one year subscription to Disney Plus.
  6. If the recipient doesn’t see the gift confirmation email in their inbox on the delivery date, Disney recommends that they check their spam folder.
  7. If the email still can’t be located, you can contact Disney Plus customer service to have the code resent.

Restrictions of the Disney Plus gift subscription:

  1. The gift subscription can only be redeemed by new Disney Plus subscribers.
  2. The redemption code is one-time use only and non-transferable.

Once they’ve activated the subscription, your recipient will get:

  • Unlimited, ad-free access to thousands of movies and series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox.
  • Unlimited downloads they can watch anywhere, anytime.
  • The ability to stream on up to four devices simultaneously and add up to seven profiles.
  • A GroupWatch feature that allows them to sync and watch streams with friends and family virtually.

Can Disney Plus gift subscriptions be used for the bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu?

Disney Plus gift vouchers are only available for an annual subscription to Disney Plus, but recipients can still upgrade to the streaming bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ for a discounted price. Here’s how to upgrade and save:

  1. Redeem your Disney Plus gift subscription voucher and create a Disney Plus account.
  2. Visit the Disney Plus Billing Details page and choose the option to switch to the Disney bundle.
  3. You will now be upgraded to the $14 a month bundle plan with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+.
  4. A monthly credit equal to the value of your gift subscription will then be applied to the monthly bill for your bundle.

Gift Subscription (small)

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53 Mother’s Day gifts under $50 that still feel thoughtful and personal

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mother's day gifts under $50

  • Mother’s Day is this weekend, but there’s still plenty of time to get a nice gift for her.
  • It’s a great opportunity to show thanks for your mom or guardian with a thoughtful gesture.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune – there are plenty of great gift ideas for mom under $50.
  • See more Mother’s Day gift ideas here.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, but there’s still plenty of time to get mom something nice. While nothing shows your appreciation for mom like year-round love and support, a Mother’s Day gift she’ll love is always a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune either. Thankfully, most of the mom figures I know genuinely prefer something that says how much you love her, or how actively you thought about her needs, more than a high price tag. There are plenty of wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas under $50 to be found – and 53 of them are listed for you below.

Here are 53 of the best mother’s day gifts under $50

A personalized tea towel with a family recipe

mothers day gifts under 50 personalized recipe tea towel

Gift the Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel, $24

Take a favorite family recipe and turn it into the ultimate personalized Mother’s Day gift thanks to Etsy. You can upload a photo of a recipe card with your order so the recipe is printed in the original handwriting of a loved one.

A colorful scarf she can craft herself

mothers day gifts under 50 tie dye kit

Gift Free People We Gather Warm Kaleidoscope Dye Kit, $45

If mom loves to craft, consider getting her this fun dye kit as her next project. The kit walks you through the basics of working with fiber reactive dyes and comes with a cotton scarf and three dyes so she can create her own tie-dye masterpiece. Plus, she can use the dyes again on future crafting endeavors.

A cheerful vase

best mothers day gifts under 50 flower vase

Gift Anthropolgie’s Lizzie Vase, $28

These chic vases come in three beautiful colors and a variety of shapes. It looks great as a colorful decor item on its own, but to really up the ante you can always add some fresh blooms for mom too.

mothers day gifts under 50 essential oil diffuser

Gift the SpaRoom Mysto Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, $39.99

This chic essential oil diffuser blends in with just about any decor and is super simple to use. Just pop open the top, pour in some tap or bottled water, add a few drops of essential oil, plug it in, and it fills the air with mom’s favorite scent.

A decadent treat for mom’s sweet tooth

mothers day gifts under 50 macarons

Gift Harry & David Artisan Macarons, $49.99

This delivery sure to satisfy mom’s sugar cravings comes with 12 macaron cookies, handcrafted from scratch. Flavors range from Espresso Coffee to Raspberry for a nice variety and express two-day shipping is including with this gift to ensure it gets to mom on time.


A wine holder for an extra soothing bath

mothers day gifts under 50 shower wine holder

Gift the Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder, $38

This handy and smart wine holder suctions right onto the shower wall so mom can take a glass of wine into the bath with her for extra relaxation. It even comes with a plastic wine glass so mom doesn’t have to worry about any potential broken glass and can get straight to unwinding.

Super cozy slipper socks

mothers day gifts under 50 bombas socks

Gift the Bombas Gripper Slippers, $40

Easy to slip on and wear around the house these super soft slipper socks feature a brushed lining and silicone grippers to prevent any sliding. Plus, Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair bought so you can feel good about giving mom this gift and giving back at the same time.

A heart-shaped succulent

mothers day gifts under 50 heart succulent

Gift Urban Stems The Cora Plant, $35

Urban Stems makes sending fresh flowers and plants to mom a breeze if you won’t be seeing her in person this year. This cute succulent is in the shape of a heart for an extra touch of love.

An at-home spa kit

mothers day gifts under 50 pampering set

Gift the Little Pampering Gift Set, $44

Help mom unwind and have a pampering day from home with this gift set. It includes a lavender boil oil, soap, shower steamer, lip balm, and a scented candle.

An all-in-one hairdryer and brush

mothers day gifts under 50 revlon one step

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer, $41.51

This all-in-one brush and hairdryer is one of our favorite products and makes it a breeze for mom to style her hair and easily create volume and soft curls.

A lightweight yoga mat

Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

Gift a Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat, $50

Manduka is known for making some of the best yoga products, and this five-star-rated mat is no exception. If she loves fitting a yoga class into her busy schedule, she’ll appreciate this mat. Not only does it have a great grip and come in plenty of fun colors, but it’s super light, so she can easily tote it around with her to class and back. 

A box of unique Japanese snacks

bokksu thumb

Gift the Bokksu Classic Gift Box, from $39.95 per month

If she loves to travel and experience new cultures through food, she’ll love receiving a Bokksu Box. The classic gift box is filled with a selection of 20-25 unique Japanese snacks, sourced directly from artisan makers in Japan, so she can get a little more adventurous with her snacking. 

A pure silk sleep mask

slip sleep mask

Gift the Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask, $50

Give Mom a little bit of luxury with this silk sleep mask. Not only will it block out light and feel great on her skin, but it’s made with Slip’s proprietary Slipsilk which won’t tug or leave creases on her skin. 

A luxurious body moisturizer


Gift the Nécessaire Body Lotion, $25

If body lotion doesn’t sound that exciting to her, Nécessaire’s version will probably change her mind. The formula is simple — clean ingredients, full of nourishing vitamins, and quick-absorbing. It’s so good we’ve fought over it

A “book of the month” membership she can look forward to every month


Gift a Book of the Month Membership, from three months for $49.99

If she loves to read and isn’t ready to go 100% digital, we can’t recommend a Book of the Month membership highly enough. Each month, she’ll find a curated selection of the best new hardcover titles spanning a broad range of genres. The mix of both fiction and nonfiction titles is sure to impress even the pickiest bibliophiles. 

A beautiful bouquet of farm-fresh flowers she can keep in the house

a bouquet of flowers

Gift a bouquet from The Bouqs, from $36

You can grab her a potted plant if she enjoys caring for them over time, but another great option is sending her a beautiful bouquet of flowers that she can enjoy for a few weeks with minimal effort and then throw out. If you want to get her something more lasting, you can pick up a vase ($10-$249), too. 

A Himalayan salt block she can use for just about every use cooking

Himalayan Salt Plate

Gift the Himalayan Salt Plate, $49.95

If your mom likes to cook (or, if someone else does the cooking and she just loves to eat good food), a Himalayan salt block may be a thoughtful gift. People love how they give meals enhanced flavor that can’t be mimicked by a frying pan. Plus, the minerals in salt are supposed to give a more nuanced flavor than table salt, and the amount of saltiness will be regulated by the type of food (moist food absorbs more, fatty foods repel it).

Himalayan salt has a very stable crystal structure, which allows it to hold a temperature very well. Mom can chill it to serve as a platter for sushi or heat it over the grill or stovetop to cook veggies. 

A good-looking, efficient cold brew bottle

a cold brew bottle

Gift the Blue Bottle Hario Cold Brew Bottle, $35

Does mom love cold brew? Grab her this elegant glass cold brew bottle from the popular coffee startup Blue Bottle. It’s slim enough to fit in the fridge without displacing anything else, and it looks much nicer than the plastic versions you’ll find at a similar price point on Amazon. 

A pro-level photo book

artifact uprising, $15+

Gift an Artifact Uprising Custom Softcover Photo Book, from $15

These beautifully designed photo books look just like a personal magazine, curated by you for her — and full of 30 pages of your best and most cherished memories and people. 

A scratch-off that benefits charities


Give a card from LottoLove, from $5

When you scratch off a card from LottoLove, you won’t win any money. Instead, you “win” a charitable prize that’s donated to someone in need. There are four possible prizes, which help provide clean water, solar light, nutritious meals, or literacy tools. Each card costs just $4.95, but gives back in invaluable ways. To date, LottoLove and its charitable partners have impacted lives in over 60 countries.

A hidden gem $30 cast iron fry pan

victoria cast iron

Gift Large Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, $29.99

The Victoria Cast Iron 12-Inch Skillet Fry Pan is the perfect skillet for cooking just about anything. It’s well-designed, extremely affordable, and durable like you’d hope a cast iron pan would be. It has a long primary handle and a shorter secondary handle for steadying the pan as you carry or move it, and it has good depth and a wide surface perfect for searing steaks. The large pour spouts on either side make it easy to rid the pan of grease without any mess. It’s also our top overall pick in our guide to the best-cast iron skillets. 

A set of sheet masks to relax and keep her skin hydrated


Gift a Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask, $4.80

Make sure she has the fun tools to take a night off whenever she wants. These five sheet masks will hydrate her skin and keep it looking its best, but they’re also just a lot of fun to put on after a long day — and it’s nice knowing they were a gift rather than something she had to go out and buy herself. 

Framed memories


Gift a Framebridge custom-framed art or photo gift, from $45

Moms really do love looking at pictures of their kids. Why not make an impactful gift by framing a family memory or a great picture of the two of you? Plus, sites like Framebridge make it easier by letting you customize each step of the process online instead of grabbing a frame from the store and having to figure out how to correctly size and print something yourself. Framebridge will guide you through the process and let you know if the resolution is high enough to look good on mom’s mantle. 

A pair of beautiful earrings she can wear with anything

M_earring_midi_hoops_V3 (1)

Gift a pair of Mejuri Midi Hoops, $50

There’s something satisfying about being able to afford to give your mom something delicate, luxurious, and special. Too often our moms put us first and themselves last, and something that isn’t strictly “necessary” is a good way to make sure they feel pampered from time to time.

Mejuri is an Insider Reviews favorite, and the Canadian company will likely be a new one of hers as well. 

A coffee service that figures out what flavors she likes and gets smarter over time

driftaway coffee gifts mother's day

Gift a Driftaway Coffee Set, from $44

If mom likes coffee, she might love Driftaway. The Brooklyn-based startup is helping people figure out which flavor profiles of coffee they really love, and then uses that information to customize shipments of fresh coffee to them that their taste buds should really love.

The first delivery will be a tasting kit to help determine what flavors she loves most. From there, the service will get smarter at catering to her preferences every time. 

A silk pillowcase

silk pillow case

Gift the Celestial Silk Pillowcase, from $36.99

Silk pillowcases reduce frizz and damage to hair and make it look shiny and healthy. They also reduce the likelihood of forming new wrinkles and they won’t absorb skincare products as easily as cotton pillowcases. 

This particular Celestial Silk pillowcase is one of the internet’s hidden gems. It’s $40 on Amazon and we rated it the best silk pillowcase you can buy in the Insider Reviews buying guide. Read a personal review here

Dedicated makeup towels

mother's day gifts under $50

Gift the Weezie Makeup Towels, $40

We’ve personally discovered Weezie’s makeup towels are unexpectedly useful, and so will your giftee. These small, dark towels won’t reveal unsightly makeup stains and they come in three cute embroidered styles.

A popcorn maker and a movie night in with you


Gift the West Bend Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper, $39.99

Bring over a comfy throw blanket she can keep and turn on Netflix for a quality movie night with your lifelong best friend. It’s no joke that quality time goes a long way for a gift, especially when it’s for your mom.

Board games and a fun night with the family that she doesn’t have to plan


Gift the Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition, $15.99

You may be too old to glue macaroni to a card and call it a present, but your mom still doesn’t equate value with money.

If you grab a couple of family-friendly board games and head to your parents’ place for a night in with them and your siblings, that might be the most memorable Mother’s Day gift you could give. Bring along some flowers, chocolate, wine, or one of the smaller gifts on this list as a token offering as well. Then, offer to do the dishes at the end of the night.

An Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

Echo Dot

Gift the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation), $24.99

Gift the Google Home Mini, $29.99

There’s an ever-so-slight learning curve in figuring out what Amazon’s Alexa can and can’t do, but once that’s passed, the Echo products can forecast the weather, read an audiobook, play music, order a pizza, tell Dad jokes, or any number of things Mom should find both helpful and fun. Be aware this isn’t the newest model, but it still works great and comes at a lower price point. 

The Dot is also kind of the entry-level Echo product, which is perfect if your mom is just getting used to the technology. If your family is already ingrained in the Google ecosystem for tech, you might want to grab the Google Home Mini instead for the same price. 

A subscription to try out new and well-loved beauty products without having to find or buy them herself

a birchbox subscription

Gift a Birchbox 3-Month Subscription Gift Card, $45

In general, subscriptions are some of the best gifts that you can give. A monthly treat can be a really nice thing to look forward to, especially when each delivery reminds you of your family. Every time an installment is delivered, your mom is reminded of how much you care.

Birchbox is a particularly good one for mom. It combines monthly deliveries of small personalized beauty and skincare samples with an easy-to-use e-commerce shop. Birchbox will send an assortment of highly-rated or brand-new items for her to test every month instead of having to go in blind to Sephora and buy full-sized versions. If she really loves something, she can buy herself a bigger size on Birchbox or elsewhere easily.

You can gift a woman’s subscription gift card for 3 months for $45, 6 months for $84, or a full 12 months for $156.

The best reading subscription online


Gift a Scribd membership, $8.99/month

Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of books, audiobooks, and magazines for less than $10 a month with Scribd (or $13 per month for access to Scribd and the New York Times). If she wasn’t a bibliophile already, Scribd will make her one. I’ve been a subscriber for years and I think it’s hands-down the best deal for online reading

A new lipstick from a natural makeup company that she’ll love

44958338_068_b (1)

Gift the RMS Beauty Lipstick, $28

One barrier to smarter, healthier makeup is figuring out which of those natural brands out there actually do the job. One great and thoughtful gift for mom could be introducing her to a brand that actually works, and one which requires no research or risk.

RMS Beauty is a fan-favorite for its lipsticks on their own merit, with the clean ingredients as a huge plus. 

Childlike cereal for adults

Magic Spoon cereal

Gift all four Magic Spoon flavors, $39

Gift a Magic Spoon subscription, $35.10 per month

Magic Spoon is a new “childlike cereal for adults” that’s high in protein and low in sugar — and all four flavors are delicious. If you want to treat your mom without incurring any dentist-related concerns, Magic Spoon may be a fun way to introduce her to a new brand. 

A stylish toiletry bag

Hunter S DarkMoss Top Open

Gift the Dagne Dover Small Hunter Toiletry Bag, $35

Self-care should make us feel good, from beginning to end. A nice toiletry bag with ample smart organization is one way to make sure that ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ are clutter-free and beautiful. This bag is made out of a really cool neoprene material and comes in a variety of pretty colors, from a bright poppy red to more muted tones like the mossy green seen above. Dagne Dover is also best-known for its thoughtful, next-level organization.

A luxe diffuser that smells amazing and she can feel good about keeping out in the house


Gift the Snowe Rinse and Repeat Diffuser, $40

More stylish than a plug-in, this fresh floral diffuser uses custom-blended essential oils and will look nice, take up little space, and fill mom’s house with a relaxing blend of Calla Lily, green leaves, and dew drops. I actually have one of these diffusers in my own house, and I love the look and how subtle but effective it is.

A cleaner, more efficient multivitamin

ritual prenatal vitamin

Gift the Essential for Women Multivitamin, $30 per month

Ritual is most known for its Essential for Women multivitamin, which fills in the gaps of women’s diets and was inspired by founder Katerina Schneider’s own experience of shopping for vitamins while she was pregnant. Earlier this year, it dug deeper into its original prenatal health roots with the launch of its second product, a prenatal vitamin. Regardless of where women are in their life, Ritual works to build health with cleaner, more efficient vitamins.

Wireless charging pads


Gift the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone, $38.90

Gift the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for Android, $31.97

We tested the Belkin BoostUp charger with several iPhones and Android phones, and it worked perfectly — which is why we ranked it the best wireless charger that you can buy. It looks great, has excellent traction so your phone won’t slide off while charging, and it juices up any phone quickly.

Wireless charging is traditionally slower than wired charging, but the Boost Up pad with 15 watts of power should charge your devices faster — so long as they support fast wireless charging.

A Daily Harvest gift card for healthy smoothies and soups that take 30 seconds to make

daily harvest $25 $250

Gift a Daily Harvest Gift Card, from $25

Help your mom start off 2020 on a healthier note with Daily Harvest, a subscription service that sends healthy, pre-portioned superfood-packed smoothies, overnight oats, soups, and more to your home either weekly or monthly. The food combinations are developed by a nutritionist and chef, and the company is backed by big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams. We tried the service’s smoothies and really enjoyed them.

A next-gen hair wrap that uses threads finer than silk to dry wet hair faster and without friction damage


Gift the Aquis Chevron Weave Hair Turban, $30

These Aquis hair towels have become extremely popular in the last few years. They’re designed with AQUITEX technology that uses ultra-fine fibers that are split into strands thinner than silk, so this towel won’t grab at hair cuticles like regular bath towels that break and damage wet hair — which is when it’s most vulnerable. It also claims to reduce drying time by up to 50%, which sounds hyperbolic until you’ve tried it yourself. This is the one I own and it works far, far better than I had even dared to hope. 

A cute tea infuser


Gift the Fred & Friends Brew Bunny Tea Infuser, $9.98

Let mom take a cue from this reclining bunny and spend some time relaxing, sipping her favorite kind of loose tea (which you could pick up as an accompanying gift). 

A streaming media player

Roku streaming player

Gift the Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player, $24.99

Roku’s media streamers are the best in the business, and the Express is a good entry-level system that comes at an affordable price. Your giftee can stream TV shows and movies from all their favorite streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. If you’re able to spend a bit more, the Roku Ultra is our top pick overall.

A beautiful hand-poured candle

a scented candle

Gift a Brooklinen Wake Scented Candle, $35

Bring the fresh scents of a salty sea tide, kelp, and driftwood into mom’s house with this chic, hand-poured candle from the ever-popular home startup, Brooklinen. 

A reusable smart notebook

rocketbook notebook

Gift the Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook, $24.98

Handwritten notes can help keep her organized and manage a seemingly endless to-do list. It’s a $30 notebook, but surprisingly handy. It sends notes to the cloud so she can access them from her devices later, and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

A rose-scented roll-on perfume she can carry with her and reapply when she’s on the go

a rose perfume oil

Gift the Kai Rose Perfume Oil, $50

Kai’s rose perfume oil features a blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics, layered with rose absolute, and comes in a small, easy-to-use roll-on vial. The rose scent packs an extra punch while remaining subtle and not overwhelming. We’re big fans of the beauty brand, and we have a feeling your mom will like it, too. 

A keepsake ‘What I love About Mom’ book


“What I Love About Mom by Me” Book, $9.95

You know she’s the greatest, but maybe you haven’t been telling her that enough. Fill this little keepsake book with all the reasons you love her, so she can always be reminded of how appreciated she is.

A custom quote print

minted custom quote

Gift a personalized quote print, from $38

Spotlight a quote from her favorite film, book, or song, or even quote mom herself. There are many font colors, sizes, and frames to choose from.

A personal-styling service

stitch fix review 2

Gift a Stitch Fix gift card, from $20

Shopping isn’t everyone’s favorite activity — or, if it is, not all of us have the time for a trip to the mall. That’s where the stylists at Stitch Fix come in. A great gift for busy moms, the service delivers the newest trends and styles to fit any occasion and price point. 

A travel-planning service that does all the work for her


Personalize a travel itinerary at Journy, $25 a day

An expert trip designer will curate the perfect travel experience based on her interests and preferences, and can even help make hotel or restaurant reservations.

An REI membership


Gift an REI Co-op Membership, $20

An REI membership offers a lifetime of benefits for a one-time purchase. That includes 10%-back dividends, special offers, access to in-store REI Garage sales, and special pricing on REI classes and events. Find out more here

A passport cover that will age well

Standard Passport Cover Blue 401 280_nzoom

Gift a Leatherology Standard Passport Cover, $50

Grab mom a beautiful leather passport cover that will age well and make traveling abroad easier. This one comes in 17 different colors, too. Leatherology is one of our go-to gifting shops, since the leather is high-quality, surprisingly affordable, and comes in beautiful gift-ready boxes. For a personal touch, monogram it for $10.

A stainless steel mug that will keep her coffee hot for hours on end

hydro flask $29.95

Gift the Hydro Flask Mug, $24.95

This mug is a common desk companion for the Insider Picks team. The 12-ounce coffee mug has the company’s proprietary TempShield insulation that made its water bottles famous among outdoorsmen and the average person alike. This mug will keep hot drinks hot for up to six hours, and cold drinks cold up to 24 hours. Read a full review of it here.

A mini Jo Malone set

jo malone set

Gift the Jo Malone London Mini Luxuries Set, $50

Pamper mom with this starter set from Jo Malone that includes a Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne for a fresh new fragrance, The Peony and Blush Suede Body Crème, and a delicious English Pear and Freesia Miniature Candle.

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6 flower delivery services that offer same-day and next-day delivery for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts

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Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

There’s a reason flowers have earned a spot as model gifts, especially for Mother’s Day. They’re beautiful, make every living space feel instantly fresh and cheerful, and they remind mom every time she sees them that you love her.

There are plenty of superb online delivery services (many of which we’ve tested and used in our own lives) that ensure mom will get a beautiful, blooming surprise delivered to her before the big day. All of the companies in this guide, (with the exception of the subscription service) offer same-day or next-day delivery on select flower arrangements.

From farm-fresh flowers to bouquets paired with chocolates, we gathered six companies that offer beautiful arrangements and extra fast shipping. Mother’s Day, however, is a really busy time for ordering flowers. If you want a little bit of cushioning between your order, the scheduled delivery, and Mother’s Day itself, you’d be wise to order now – and we definitely encourage it. Before you start shopping, enter your ZIP code on the website to see the delivery options available in your area.

Here are six companies you can count on for last-minute flower deliveries.



Flower Delivery Service (small)

Delivery: Free next-day or one-day Fedex delivery in the continental US, same-day delivery in DC and NYC, no deliveries on Sundays and Mondays

UrbanStems offers a wide range of arrangements, from fresh flowers to live plants, and is our favorite flower delivery service. There are curated gifts sets, or you can add in extras like candy or hand lotion at check-out.

Some special gift bouquets include vases, but most regular bouquets require you to buy one if you’d like to send one with the bouquet. UrbanStems recommends vases to match each particular bouquet. Packages are shipped in gift boxes, while hand-delivered bouquets arrive in the signature UrbanStems tote to keep flowers fresh as they’re transported.

The company offers next-day delivery in the continental US, though flowers can only be delivered Tuesday through Friday, so plan ahead if you want them to arrive on a special date. If you, or the person you’re sending the flowers to, live in NYC or DC, you can get same-day delivery. The flowers will even be hand-delivered for free by an UrbanStems courier.

Read our full review of UrbanStems


FTD flowers

(FTD) (small)

Delivery: Anywhere in the US with same-day delivery for some arrangements, perishable gifts like chocolates or some flowers are only shipped via UPS next-day delivery

Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) has been delivering flowers since 1910. It offers beautiful bouquets, but you can also get succulents, chocolates, and other gifts delivered through the site. FTD bouquets are handmade with flowers carefully selected by partnering local florists. Most of the arrangements come in nice vases, and you can even choose how full you want the bouquet to look.

FTD is our favorite service for same-day delivery. The company works with local florists to fill your order, which can result in variation between bouquets. The designs are more traditional than modern, but with flowers, the classics truly never go out of style. 

Read our full review of FTD 


floracracy flower delivery service review 2021 lead

Personalized Flower Arrangements (small)

Delivery: Next-day delivery included in price of arrangement, no delivery on Sundays or Mondays

For a last-minute gift that still feels extremely personal, we recommend Floracracy. Every Floracracy bouquet is completely customized to your specifications: you use the brand’s design tool to select the style, shape, colors, and even the flowers in your arrangement. Each flower is paired with a meaning, making it easy to craft an arrangement that makes a personalized statement.

 The unboxing experience is even special: most orders come with a vase, gold-accented shears, a book for pressing flowers, and a letter that you can either write yourself or have the company write for you based on details you provide. If mom chooses to donate the vase to a women’s shelter when she’s done with it, Floracracy will send the shelter flowers. 

Floracracy is our best flower delivery service for custom arrangements. While the arrangements are on the pricier side, next-day delivery is included in the price of every order. 

Read our full review of Floracracy

The Bouqs Co.

Croptest (1)

Flower Delivery Service (small)

Delivery: Same-day or next-day for select bouquets, no delivery on Sundays or Mondays

The Bouqs Co. pairs with eco-friendly farmers to bring you fresh flowers. Some bouquets are shipped directly from the farm, and you can even see a picture of the farmer, a map of where the flowers came from, and a video of the farm. 

Bouqs supports small farms as well as local florists for their Hand Crafted bouquets, which can also be delivered same-day in select locations.

Delivery dates vary by the bouquet. Bouqs makes it easy to see the earliest available ship date for its bouquets and has next-day shipping, but it’s smart to shop in advance if you can. Placing your order before 2 p.m. EST will give you the most available delivery windows.



Flower Delivery (small)

Delivery: same-day delivery on select bouquets, more available next-day

Amazon’s Mother’s Day offerings range from fresh bouquets to chocolates and other classic gifts. You can select fresh cut flowers, live indoor plants, or fresh wreaths for the front door. Amazon Prime is useful for nearly everything else in life, and its fast two-day shipping applies even to fresh bouquets for mom. Select blooms come in their own glass vases and have free next-day shipping

For best-sellers like the Benchmark Orange Life is Good Bouquet, flowers are shipped in bud form for optimal vase life. For all bouquets, you’d be wise to check their specific delivery instructions. Delivery options can vary based on the seller, from free overnight delivery to limitations during the week.

If you want, you can check the “This is a gift” box at checkout to include your own note to mom.  



Flower Delivery Service (small)

Delivery: Same-day delivery on select bouquets every day of the week with time restrictions, more available next-day 

1-800-FLOWERS is a family owned company that has been around for 40 years. They have the process down. And because it’s a larger company, you’ll find hundreds of different flower arrangements to pick and choose between. You can also get gifts like teddy bears and chocolates to pair with your flowers.

For farm fresh flowers, you’ll want to shop the site’s special selection of bouquets to suit your needs.

Some arrangements offer same-day delivery, but you’ll find many more options with next-day delivery. The same-day delivery options have deadlines for placing your order: Monday through Friday by 2:30 pm, Saturday by 1 pm, and Sunday by 11:30 am. You can easily order using their website or mobile app. 

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