The 5 best cooling mattress toppers for hot sleepers in 2021

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to desperately kick off your covers and wait as the cooler air washes over you? Do you dread getting into bed in the summer, knowing that your mattress is going to be uncomfortably warm? Whether you’re someone who just sleeps hot or needs to get better sleep during warm weather, investing in a cooling mattress topper can make you more comfortable and help you to sleep through the night.

When your bed isn’t working for you, buying a mattress topper can help to correct some of the issues at a more affordable cost than you’ll see if you buy a new mattress. They can refresh an older mattress, or they can add cushion, breathability, or cooling properties to a newer mattress that you don’t want to replace. The mattress toppers in this guide all offer some sort of cooling effect.

Buying a mattress topper can be a challenge since you can’t try them out and most stores don’t carry a wide selection for you to feel and inspect in person. We researched and ranked the following toppers according to their cooling effect, their benefits (such as washable covers and reduced motion transfer), their price, and their overall performance.

Here are the best cooling mattress toppers:

Best cooling mattress topper overall

theracool mattress topper

Not only does the Therapedic Tru-Cool 3-Inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper feature cooling technology, but it also reduces motion transfer.

Cooling technology can go a long way in helping you to sleep more comfortably, but it’s not the only factor in getting a good night’s sleep. The Therapedic Tru-Cool 3-Inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper is our top pick because of the multiple ways it keeps you comfortable at night.

TruCool cooling technology helps to keep this topper comfortable, even on hot nights, and the Serene Foam allows heat to dissipate quickly, contributing to your cool sleep.

The Serene Foam offers other benefits too. It has billions of microscopic air capsules that help to enhance the support that the foam provides while simultaneously reducing the pressure on your body. This is a valuable quality since pressure on hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles (depending on how you sleep) can lead to pain, stiffness, and sleep disruption.

This foam also reduces motion transfer, so you’re disturbed less when your partner shifts around. The polyester blend cover is breathable and made of a double-knit performance fabric that is both soft and durable. The cover is also machine washable for convenience.

This topper is backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. It’s a good all-around choice that offers cooling properties plus features that enhance the overall quality of your sleep. This topper is endorsed by the American Sleep Association and is made in the US.

Pros: Cooling technology, reduced motion transfer, reduced pressure points for a more comfortable sleep, 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Cons: Foam can be spot cleaned only, 3-inch topper may add too much height to some beds

Best cooling mattress topper on a budget

linespa mattress topper

The egg crate design of the Linenspa 2-inch Convoluted Gel Swirl Mattress Topper helps improve airflow while cooling gel beads disperse heat to keep you cool.

While most of the picks on our list rely on simply gel beads to keep you cool, the Linenspa Convoluted Gel Swirl Mattress Topper also integrates an egg crate design to improve airflow. Memory foam is known for getting notoriously warm overnight, and gel beads may not be enough to overcome that if you sleep particularly hot.

The improved airflow you get with an egg crate design means your entire body won’t be firmly hugged by heat-retaining foam. But don’t worry, the memory foam is still soft enough that it will cradle you as you sleep and reduce pressure points.

The Linenspa Mattress Topper comes in both a two-inch and three-inch thickness, but the two-inch design is much more budget-friendly. It will also sleep a bit firmer since there’s not as much foam for you to sink into. If you prefer a softer feel, the three-inch design might suit you better, but it will be more of an investment.

It may actually serve you, in the long run, to opt for the three-inch topper, though. The three-inch design seems to be more durable than the two-inch topper. There are several reports of the two-inch topper tearing with repeated use simply due to how thin it is at troughs of the egg crate design.

Pros: Cooling gel-infused foam, egg crate design improves air flow, memory foam helps soften sleep surface

Cons: Two-inch topper is vulnerable to tearing

Best hypoallergenic cooling mattress topper

Lucid mattress topper

The 3-inch Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper offers temperature regulation, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing properties.

The 3-inch Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress Topper takes a unique, natural approach to enhancing your mattress. This topper is infused with StayFresh bamboo charcoal, which gives it some desirable properties.

The topper harnesses charcoal’s ability to reduce odor, which helps to keep the topper smelling fresh. Additionally, the bamboo charcoal infusion wicks away excess moisture, which helps to keep you cool and comfortable even on hot nights.

This mattress topper is also equipped with a PureFlow ventilated design, which maximizes breathability and airflow to help regulate temperature and prevent heat buildup. The moldable foam conforms to your body’s curves while also eliminating pain on pressure points like elbows, hips, and knees.

The topper is naturally hypoallergenic, reducing bacterial growth and discouraging mold. It’s backed by a 3-year warranty. The topper has CertiPUR-US certification, meaning it was made without the use of any harmful chemicals, so you can sleep well.

This mattress topper is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Pros: Odor-reducing, moisture-wicking, ventilation maximizes airflow for temperature regulation, hypoallergenic, 3-year warranty

Cons: Can take a few days to fully expand after being unpacked, no cover included

Best luxury cooling mattress topper

PlushBeds mattress topper reg

Handcrafted with organic wool that’s not treated with chemicals, the PlushBeds Luxury Wool Topper helps to regulate your bed’s temperature year-round.

If you’re looking for a truly deluxe mattress topper, the PlushBeds Luxury Wool Topper is a top-quality handcrafted option. The topper is filled with wool, so it’s soft and plush, and you can take advantage of wool’s natural temperature-regulating properties without relying on petroleum-based foams.

Because wool naturally regulates temperature, this mattress topper helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, offering just the right amount of insulation.

PlushBeds uses wool that that Global Organic Textile Standard has certified as organic. Plus, PlushBeds manufactures its wool mattress toppers with environmental and socially responsible best practices.

The wool used is never chemically treated, whereas wool toppers by other brands may be treated with harsh chemicals or detergents. It’s naturally non-allergenic and helps to minimize mold spores and mites.

While this mattress topper has a higher price point than others, it’s also of a higher quality. The cotton exterior has a 400-thread count for a luxurious feel, and the topper is hand-tufted and hand-stitched right here in the United States.

This mattress topper is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Of course, this is not the pick for you if you have a wool allergy.

Pros: Made with organic wool, handcrafted here in the United States, wool offers natural temperature regulation year-round, topper is non-allergenic

Cons: Higher price point than other mattress toppers, don’t use if you have a wool allergy

Best for intense cooling

Body pad

With pressure-activated cooling, the Cool Care Technologies Cooling Pad is versatile and portable, offering cooling comfort wherever you need it.

Unlike traditional mattress toppers, the Cool Care Technologies Cooling Pad exists specifically to provide cooling properties, rather than to add padding or cushion. But it’s not going to cover your whole bed. This body pad measures 43.4 x 27.6 inches, making it ideal for personal use.

It’s activated by pressure and offers cooling relief for up to three hours – plenty of time to fall asleep, or to fall back asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. This pad doesn’t require water, electricity, or refrigeration. When it’s time to recharge the pad, simply let it sit in a cool place for 30 minutes.

This pad also has an advantage over traditional mattress toppers in that it’s easily portable. You can use it on the couch, in a recliner, or even while in a lounge chair outside for cooling relaxation.

Because the pad doesn’t use water or electricity, it’s safe to use in bed. You can lie directly on top of it, or place a sheet over it. For continuous cooling, invest in two pads so you can swap one out while the other recharges. For supercharged cooling, you can put the pad in the freezer prior to use.

Pros: No electricity, water, or refrigeration required; portable; recharges in 30 minutes

Cons: Cooling doesn’t last all night, doesn’t cover entire bed

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