8 Ways to Make £500 This Month

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If you’re looking for some extra cash this month, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways you can make up to £500 in the month. If you don’t believe us, keep reading to see the proof.

  1. Online Website Testing and Mystery Shopping
  2. Make £500 This Month By Selling Your Stuff
  3. Sign up to Shepper to Make £500 This Month
  4. Check Your Tax Status
  5. Claim Money Back From Your Energy Supplier
  6. Set Up a Side Hustle That Helps In The Community
  7. Freelance Online to Make £500
  8. Become a Part-Time Virtual Assistant
  9. The Final Breakdown


Online Website Testing and Mystery Shopping

Make money mystery shopping

Seeing as we’re all online anyway, you might as well make money surfing the web.

There are many ways to do this from online website testing to mystery shopping. Some of these are more complicated and time consuming than others.

One way that requires you to do very little is an app run by Ipsos Mori, the respected market research company – in fact they’ll pay you just for signing up!
The Ipsos Iris UK app quietly collects user behaviour in the background while you use your phone or tablet. It sends the info to Ipsos without you needing to do anything at all.

The Ipsos App pays you £5 per month plus £10 for signing – so that’s £15 in your pocket

Make £500 this month by Selling your stuff

Do you have old clothes in the back of your wardrobe you never wear? Or maybe books you don’t read or needed for courses you’ve now completed? Rather than leaving them to gather dust, get some cash for them instead.

Sites like Depop are great for selling clothes, while eBay and Facebook Marketplace are perfect for selling anything and everything – from books to wardrobes.

If you sell 5 items at £10 a pop, that will make you £50 in a month. Don’t forget to account for shipping and postage costs if you’re selling though, as these can eat into your profits if you don’t add them to your selling price.

Of course, there’s no limit to the amount you can sell or the amount you can make from this. The only limit is the amount you have to sell!

Sign up to Shepper to make Extra Cash this month

Shepper is a service for businesses across the UK that runs checks on their marketing, retail displays, even rental properties, to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The app uses Shepherds to undertake tasks for businesses. This saves the business so much money, gives you the opportunity to make extra cash in your spare time, and improves service for customers.

You can get paid between £2 and £20 for a task. Shepper says you can expect to earn around £10 for a 45-minute task. So, if you decide to do two 45 minute tasks a week you could earn £80 in a month.

Check your tax status to see if you can get a refund

Tax isn’t usually seen as a way to make money – more a way to lose money! But, you may be entitled to a tax refund.

There’s a surprising amount of reasons why you could get a tax refund, so check here to see if you fit the criteria. More people than ever could qualify for a tax refund this year, thanks to Covid-19 impacting working hours (and even redundancies). If you’re self-employed and made Payments on Account in July for your current tax year, you could also be due a refund if it turns out you overpaid.

Each situation is unique, so it’s hard to say exactly how much money a tax refund could make you. However, if you’re entitled to a refund it’s likely to be at least £50 in a month.

Are you due a Council Tax refund?

One lesser known thing is that if you’re the only person living in your home, you’re entitled to a Council Tax discount of 25%. If you’re now receiving Universal Credit or some other benefits, your low income could mean you’re entitled to additional Council Tax support. Some councils have a backlog at the moment – so your refund will be backdated to the date you applied.

Due to Covid-19, local councils currently have the power to give council tax reductions of up to 100 percent on bills – meaning you’ll pay nothing – for many people on benefits. They also may offer one-off grants to low income households to reduce the bill by £150.

Some people have managed to negotiate a Council Tax refund by getting their home re-evaluated for the Council Tax banding. It’s a complicated process, starting with lots of legwork and research with the VOA – but if you think your property should be in a lower band (based on similar houses around you), it’s worth claiming. You could get thousands of pounds refunded if your property is moved into a lower tax band.

Claim Money Back From Your Energy Supplier

Make £500 in a month by claiming refunds

A staggering number of people overpay their energy bill and actually have a surplus on their account.

According to 2019 research, around 12 million of Britain’s households are in credit to their energy suppliers to the tune of £1.5 billion collectively. One in 10 that were owed a tax refund were owed over £200.

You can claim this money back or use it to lower your next bill if you are in credit.

There’s also a number of people that have missed out on money left in their account when they’ve switched suppliers. If you’ve switched in the past 6 years while you were in credit, you could be able to claim an average of £50 back from your old supplier.

If you’re on a low income and you’re struggling to pay your bills, you could also be entitled to receive an energy grant to reduce or eliminate your energy debts. Find out more here.

Taking the average you could claim back £50 this month. Of course, you may be entitled to far more, so make sure you check carefully!

Set Up a Side Hustle That Helps in the Community

Making money can often be seen as a self-focused act that only benefits you and your family. But, you can also help your community.

There are plenty of side hustles that can help your neighbours and make you some cash on the side. Popular options are dog walking and car washing – both things many of your neighbours will really appreciate.

For more suggestions of how to make money ethically in your community click here.

These odd jobs can quickly add up for you too without taking a large amount of your time.

If you walk a dog twice a week while charging £10 an hour, you’ll have an extra £80 in your pocket at the end of the month!

Freelance Online to Make £500

The internet can be a big distraction but also offers lots of opportunities to make money.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork can be great for picking up freelance tasks as they have thousands of listings from all over the world.

They have a range of jobs on offer from copywriting to graphic design and even social media. Whatever your skillset, you’re bound to find a job that fits.

The amount you’re paid depends on the job and your experience, but you could make at least £10 an hour.

Working two hours a week could therefore make you £80 in a month!

Become a Part-Time Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) are essentially freelancers who work in an administrative role for a company or client remotely. They hire out their administrative or creative assistance to various clients and businesses and assist with their needs from home.

Some people hire VAs full time, but you can also work on a part time for a number of clients depending on their requirements each week. This gives you the flexibility to work when you want and make some extra cash without overwhelming yourself with too much work.

You could earn around £25 an hour as a new virtual assistant. Working just 2 hours a week, you could realistically make £200 a month.

The Final Breakdown

Still not convinced this adds up to over £500 in one month? Here’s the maths:

Online website testing – £15
Selling your stuff – £50
Signing up to Shepper – £80
Claiming back tax – £50
Claiming from your energy supplier – £50
Setting up a side hustle – £80
Freelancing – £80
Becoming a virtual assistant – £120
Total – £525

More Money Making Tips

If you need to set up a passive income (or two!) for continued extra revenue, try these articles next.

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30 Ways to Make Money Online

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The online world creates many opportunities, particularly when it comes to making some extra cash. Here are 30 ways to make money online:

  1. Make Money Online Surfing the Web
  2. Cashback Sites to Make Money Online
  3. Make Money Online with Social Media
  4. Make Money with Online Courses
  5. Sell Your Stuff
  6. Online Jobs to Make Money
  7. Make Money Online by Investing
  8. More Tips to Make Money

Make money online by Surfing the web

Make money online surfing the web

We all surf the web on a near daily basis, but you can actually get paid just to do this. Here’s how:

1. Surfing the web

Ipsos is a world-renowned consumer research company. To make money from it, just download the Ipsos Iris app. You’ll need to complete a short 5-minute survey before the app activates. And that’s it.

You’ll get a £10 bonus just for downloading the app – and up to £10 a month every month afterwards. So, without changing anything about your day, you can earn up to £130 a year!

2. Online surveys

Completing online surveys can be an easy way to make in excess of £50 a month. But, it’s not always straightforward. Check out our article explaining the dos and don’ts of online surveys.

3. Review things

You can also get paid to review things online. Companies will send you items to test – and you get to keep the item as well as receive payment for your review.

User Testing pays you to test and review websites – something there is always demand for!

4. Mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers get paid to pose as real customers and review a company’s products or services. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash in your free time.

You can sign up to become a mystery shopper on sites like this.

5. Watch videos

Sounds simple right? Well it is. Sites like Swagbucks will pay you for watching videos.

You earn points by watching videos which can then be redeemed for vouchers for companies like Amazon and Paypal.

6. Competitions

These aren’t guaranteed to earn you money or get you free stuff. But, entering competitions is quick and easy and you may win some great prizes. Just remember to set up a separate competition email address – otherwise you could be inundated with lots of spam emails!

Check out some of Money Magpie’s competitions here.

Cashback sites to make money online

These are sites which essentially give you money back for doing your online shopping through their site.

7. Quidco and Top Cashback

Two popular cashback sites are Quidco and Top Cashback.

Not only will you get money back when you shop through them, but there are also referral bonuses. Both sites currently offer a £25 bonus for each referral.

Make money online through Social media

If you find yourself spending hours scrolling aimlessly through social media, why not make that time more productive and start making money from it?

8. Become an influencer

This will take some commitment and won’t make you thousands straight away. But if you have a social media following of 1000+ you could class yourself as a micro influencer. From here, you can start reaching out to brands to collaborate on partnerships. Not all brands will pay you, but you should at least get some free samples.

As your following grows and you become more established brands might start reaching out to you directly and offering a larger payment.

9. YouTube

Much like Instagram, once you start building a following you can start making money from working with brands and promoting products.
You also have the option to make money from advertising revenue. You can qualify for this if you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in a single year.

10. TikTok consultant

The latest social media trend to take us all by storm is TikTok. Many influencers and brands are still struggling to get their heads round it and make the most of it.

That’s where you come in – if you’re a TikTok wizz. You could other your services as a TikTok consultant and help people grow their accounts.

11. Twitch streaming

Gamers can make money streaming their games on sites like Twitch. Essentially, you get paid to play video games. What’s not to love?

You make money by people subscribing to your channel. The amount paid by your subscribers is split 50/50 between you and Twitch.

12. Start a blog

This will take a bit of work. But, if you enjoy writing, website creation or are simply passionate about a topic, it could prove very lucrative.
You can make money from blogging by running sponsored posts and through advertising revenue. It may help to build up a following before you start approaching brands for sponsored opportunities.

make money online by running Courses

Why not use your existing qualifications and skillset to make money online? Tutoring, selling ebooks and running your own course can be great ways to help others while making some cash yourself.

13. Tutor

Online tutoring is a great way to make some extra cash and is very flexible. You can set the lesson times yourself and work around your own schedule.

You can either set up on your own or join a site like My Tutor. Most sites will expect you to have relevant qualifications – like GCSEs and A Levels – in the subjects you want to tutor.

Another option is to teach English as a foreign language.

14. Sell ebooks

Do you have expert knowledge about a particular subject? From social media tips to ancient history, there will be demand for an ebook about it.
You can write and design your own ebook and sell it online.

15. Start your own course

If you feel you have more to share than will fit into an ebook, you could run a whole course. These are relatively easy to set up online and you can sell them to anyone interested.

16. Translating

You will need to speak more than one language to be able to get work as a translator. But, if you’re bilingual, you can find plenty of work translating documents.

Another option is to be a sign language interpreter. Some webinars and courses need interpreters to help make their content more accessible.

Sell things to make money online

Make money online selling stuff

Selling things is one of the most straightforward ways to make money online. But, don’t worry if you don’t have lots of stuff lying around that you don’t use. There are plenty of other ways to make money from selling things.

17. Sell your stuff

Do you have old clothes in the back of your wardrobe you never wear? Or maybe books you don’t read or needed for courses you’ve now completed? Rather than leaving them to gather dust, get some cash for them instead.

Sites like Depop are great for selling clothes, while eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for selling anything and everything – from books to wardrobes.

18. Sell products you create

If you’re creative, you could consider selling some products you make yourself.

Popular options are handmade jewellery, candles, and drawings. You could also design and make novelty facemasks, as we all need them at the moment!

People always like to buy bespoke products from small, independent brands, so you’re likely to be able to find a market for it.

19. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is when you start an online business and sell products to buyers without ever actually stocking the items themselves. Instead, when a dropshipping store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – and has it shipped directly to the customer.

This reduces the risk to you as you won’t be left out of pocket from purchasing lots of stock that wasn’t sold.

20. Sell pictures

If you have a knack for snapping the best shots, you could make money by selling your pictures or videos online.
Lots of sites, like Getty Images and Shutterstock will pay you for your pictures.

Online jobs to make money

There are plenty of part time jobs you can do online to make some extra money. Here are a few examples.

21. Shepper

Shepper is a service for businesses across the UK that runs checks on their marketing, retail displays, even rental properties, to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Essentially, you accept tasks to complete. You then get a checklist to make sure you complete everything. This could be as simple as verifying that a property is empty, or performing several checks at a time.

A task pays between £2 and £20. Shepper says you can expect to earn around £10 for a 45-minute task – meaning you can earn £100 in a day!

22. Copywriting

Content is key. Any company with an online presence needs an endless stream of content to post. This is where you come in. As a copywriter, you’ll write materials a firm can use on its website, social media channels and in email correspondence.

23. Web development and social media help

This one’s for techy people. Small businesses are always looking for support setting up their websites and social media channels. You could set up a website for them in exchange for a fee.

24. Virtual assistant

If you’re organised this is the job for you. As a virtual assistant, you’ll be in charge of booking appointments, scheduling meetings, organising calendars and other similar tasks.

You could either apply for a role with one person or company or encourage people to hire you on an hourly basis when they need some extra support.

25. Virtual nanny

A slightly unusual role, but popular at the moment while parents are juggling home schooling and working from home.
Childcare.co.uk is placing virtual nannies with families to supervise children from afar.

26. Freelancing sites

These can be great for picking up odd jobs. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork have thousands of listings of freelance opportunities.

Setting up a profile is free and you can start applying for roles as soon as you’ve been approved.

27. Easy online tasks

There are sites that will pay you to do easy jobs online – from things like taking a picture to giving your opinion on a product or idea.
One site which is easy to get started on is Mobeye. You can choose tasks, complete them and then get paid.

Make money online through Investing

Investing isn’t necessarily guaranteed to make you money – your money is at risk. But, it is possible to make money online from investing.

28. Investing

Getting started with investing can be a daunting task – if you’re unsure, it could be worth seeking professional advice.

Some apps, like Trading 212, make investing more accessible and can help you get started more easily.

29. Plum

Plum is more focused on saving than investing, but can also help make you money.

The app runs savings challenges which will help you save more money each month. They also regularly run referral bonuses, where you can get £25 just for getting a friend to sign up too.

30. Matched betting

Again, matched betting is not guaranteed to make you money, but you can make money online from it.
If you’re interested in matched betting, you should check out Money Magpie’s ebook on the topic.

More Money Making Tips

If these ideas have got you wanting more when it comes to making money online – and elsewhere – try these articles next to boost your coffers further!

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Earn Money as a Virtual Santa

Reading Time: 4 mins

This year’s been a tough one – but you can still make money before it finishes! With most Santa’s Grottos closed this year, you can snap up the opportunity to make money as a virtual Santa, instead. Here’s how to earn cash in the next few weeks!

  1. What Is a Virtual Santa?
  2. What You Need to Be a Virtual Santa
  3. How to Market Your Service
  4. Getting Paid
  5. More Ways to Make Money

What Is a Virtual Santa?

Being a virtual Santa could nab extra cash in time for Christmas

Virtual Santa does the same job as an in-real-life one – except on Zoom! Lots of families will miss out on visiting Santa’s Grotto experiences this year, but still want to entertain their children. That’s where Virtual Santa comes in.

You’ll host a unique video call with the family to talk to their children and give them a special message from Santa. You can choose how long you want each call to be, and set your rate accordingly. Some Virtual Santas have set up entire grottos in their homes, garages, or office spaces to really add to the experience, too!

What You Need to Be a Virtual Santa

This is a no-experience-necessary type of job. However, if you have any experience as an actor, or previously as an in-person Santa, that could really help!

You need to:

  • Be confident talking to strangers
  • Have a great knack for communicating with young children
  • Be able to stay in character for the whole video call

As for the equipment you need, it’s very simple! The basics you need to become a virtual Santa include:

  1. A Santa suit!
  2. Reliable internet connection
  3. Decorations for your background
  4. A high-quality webcam and microphone
  5. Access to reliable video call software like Zoom
  6. A diary like Calendly so people can book their call slot.

If you want to go all out, consider roping in a friend to play the part of Santa’s Elf, too!

When you’re taking bookings, it’s a good idea to ask the children’s names on the booking form. This way, you can greet your customers by name as soon as the call starts – which is a great way to play into the “Santa knows everything” ploy!

Finally, if you want to look professional and encourage more sign-ups, consider creating a website using a service such as Wix or WordPress.

Tax and Being Santa

Even Santa pays his taxes! If you’ve not earned anything else through self-employment this year, you may not need to register with HMRC as self-employed. Why? Well, this is a side earner – it’s unlikely to net you over the personal allowance of £1,000 a year that can be made before you must declare it.

However, if you make more than £1,000 – or you have other self-employed activities in this tax year (either completed or coming up before April), you must register as self-employed with HMRC. You might be doing your virtual Santa gig while on furlough or working reduced hours with your day job – you’ll definitely need to let HMRC know about your second income if this is the case. It could impact your tax code.

How to Market Your Virtual Santa Service

The great thing about being a virtual Santa is that you don’t need a fancy website to get started. It does help, though, to have a social media profile or two to get started with your marketing.

There are lots of ways you can tell people about your Santa Service, including:

  1. Post on local Facebook groups
  2. Use the NextDoor app to tell local people about your service
  3. Tell your friends and family
  4. Contact local charities and groups – if you offer some free sessions in return, they will help promote you!
  5. Get in touch with local nurseries and primary schools
  6. You could even find your local parish newsletter for an advert!

It’s also worth getting in touch with colleagues, posting on other social media such as Twitter, and you could even make a TikTok video!

Getting Paid as Santa

How to get paid as a virtual Santa

The most important thing is to make sure you’re paid for your service. With something like a Virtual Santa job, the amount you’re charging is relatively small. For a ten-minute call, most people would be willing to pay around £5-£10 depending on what you’re offering in the call. If, for example, you and your Elf will sing a Christmas song to entertain your young customers, you could charge at the upper end of this range.

As it’s not a lot of money in each transaction, get payment up front before the call. Once someone is booked into your calendar, send them a Paypal link or your payment details. Make sure you keep a spreadsheet of your bookings, payments, and amount earned. You’ll need this information to report to HMRC for tax purposes!

Getting payment in advance helps guarantee commitment from your customers. They’re more likely to actually turn up to the call if they’ve already handed money over! However, as you know you’re dealing with families with young children, do understand if your customer doesn’t join the call when they’re supposed to. If they apologise with a legitimate reason – including toddler tantrums causing delays! – try to reschedule if you can. Those who simply don’t turn up… well, that’s their loss!

More Ways to Earn Money This Christmas

There are plenty of ways you can earn money from home this Christmas, from passive income streams to tutoring online. Try these articles for inspiration:

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