Everlane’s Perfom Leggings are on sale for $40- here’s how they look on 7 people of different heights and sizes

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Everlane Performance Leggings
  • Everlane launched The Perform Legging, its first-ever activewear piece, in January of 2020.
  • One year later, the brand released The Perform Pocket Legging, which shows off a new pocket design.
  • Insider Reviews team members of different heights and sizes put both leggings to the test.

Perform Legging (small)Perform Pocket Legging (small)Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Everlane, the startup that’s home to a dozen Holy Grail basics, has added to its first-ever activewear piece the design element that can take any garment to the next level – deep pockets that actually work.

The Perform Pocket Legging is a follow-up to Everlane’s first foray into performance wear, The Perform Legging, but with the addition of a long exterior pocket on each leg. You can securely store your possessions, making exercising and walking around town more convenient and even hands-free. What Everlane got right the first time and keeps for the second model is the extra-high-waisted fit and breathable, sustainable fabric with medium coverage.

Besides the variance in pockets, one of the key differences between the two versions is the new one’s leg-lengthening seams. The Perform Legging strays away from seams for a smoother look, while The Perform Pocket Legging uses them to create contours that compliment the natural shape of your body.

The differences between The Perform Legging and The Perform Pocket Legging are small, but notable enough to potentially sway your purchase decision. We’ve broken down all of the distinctions to help you decide and shared our experiences after testing both pairs below.

The Perform versus The Perform Pocket

The Perform Legging

The Perform Pocket Legging

Color options: black, ink grey, bitter chocolate, deep aegean, pine, heather charcoal, copper, lichen, brandy rose

Color options: black, cobalt, sand dune

Material: 58% recycled nylon, 42% elastane

Material: 58% recycled nylon, 42% elastane

Sizing: XXS-XXL

Sizing: XXS-XXL

Inseam: 25 inches for ankle length, 28 inches for regular length

Inseam: 25 inches

Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Care: machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Made in: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Made in: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Original price: $58

Original price: $58


Everlane recommends sizing up if you’re between sizes for The Perform Legging, and a few of our testers back this piece of advice. For The Perform Pocket Legging, we didn’t run into this issue and instead stuck to our usual sizes.

Our personal reviews of Everlane’s Perform Pocket Legging

Everlane Perform Leggings
Left: The Perform Legging; Right: The Perform Pocket Legging

I’m a little over five feet tall, and I ordered The Perform Legging in a size large with an ankle-length inseam (definitely the right call if you’re short like me). I wore my pair to a few SoulCycle classes in The Before Times to test out how well the waistband stayed in place, which was my main concern since soft, silky leggings tend to roll and tug more. I know some of my coworkers had issues with the waistband rolling down, but even during what was the most intense class I’ve ever taken, my pair stayed in place. I don’t think I’d wear these if I were doing a ton of squatting or lifting because the material is relatively thin, but for a spin class or leisurely wearing, these are a new favorite for me.

The pocketed version of these leggings is also great. The material is the same, but there’s some seaming down the front to keep the pockets from pulling weirdly. The seams don’t always align when you’ve been moving around a lot so that can be annoying, but comfort-wise, the flat seams make no difference.

Update: It’s been about a year that I’ve been wearing The Perform Legging, and they’ve become my favorite for warm weather. They’re thin and breathable enough that I don’t feel suffocated or super sweaty in them, but even after tons of washes, they’re not so thin that I don’t trust the material when I bend over to pick something up. – Sally Kaplan, deputy editor

Everlane Perform Legging
Left: The Perform Pocket Legging; Right: The Perform Legging

As a full-time-freelancer-turned-full-time-editor-working-from-home, leggings have been acceptable workwear for me for years. But there’s something special about the Everlane Perform Legging. I’m 5-foot-8 and between sizes, so I ordered the large because I was afraid the opacity would be an issue if I sized down. The leggings bunched ever-so-slightly around my ankles, but I didn’t really mind it.

The leggings were made from some of the most lightweight material I’ve ever put on. The slick material ensured there was no chafing between my thighs as I walked, too, which is always a bonus. I loved the high waistband, and how it didn’t roll down. I tend to feel super constricted in the waist of leggings that don’t fit well, but The Perform Legging was snug without being suffocating.

And while I loved the original Perform leggings, the pocket version was actually much more comfortable. Instead of having a small pocket on the waist, the pockets are on the legs, which makes for an even smoother waistband. They’re my preferred “pants” for running errands because I don’t have to bring a bag. – Maria Del Russo, style and beauty guides editor

Everlane Perform Pocket Legging
The Perform Pocket Legging

I’ve never quite enjoyed wearing leggings, as their natural tightness can often feel uncomfortable. However, The Perform Pocket Legging has turned me into a believer. These leggings are so soft, flexible, and lightweight that you might forget you’re wearing them. The new deep pockets definitely pay off, with my phone staying perfectly snug while I take long walks and also during floor workouts. And though the added seams do move around a bit, I like how they shape my form and make the leggings stand out from other more basic pairs.

I’m 5-foot-5 and the XS fits me comfortably, crops a few inches above my ankles, and passes the squat test. Plus, the waistband supports my movements rather than interrupts them. For care, following Everlane’s instructions helps the material hold up after several washes. The only thing to note is that the air seems to go straight through the leggings when worn in colder weather, so I mostly enjoy sporting them around the house and during low impact workouts indoors. -Katie Decker-Jacoby, style and beauty reviews fellow

everlane leggings 2
The Perform Legging

I liked the overall feel of these leggings. The fabric was soft and felt expensive and high quality. When I first put them on, I felt they were a bit tight. Throughout the day, they were comfortable to wear but the waistband rolled down a ton. I’m not sure if it’s because I am short or they were a little too tight on me.

Overall, I like the way they feel and think they look great. I would be curious to see if an XL would fit a little better on me, but I have never worn an XL in leggings so I’m not sure the sizing is all that accurate.

Update: After wearing these leggings more over the past few months on my quarantine runs and walks, I would definitely buy them again. While they’re not necessarily my go-to for lounging, they have become my favorite pair of leggings to work out in. They feel supportive and cool, and when I’m wearing them, it almost feels easier to run. And I’ve had no issues with the waistband rolling during runs. – Elisabeth Chambry, strategic partnerships manager

everlane performance legging review
The Perform Legging

I’ve tested dozens of exercise leggings over the past six years and after trying these out, Everlane’s Perform Legging has joined my heavy rotation for moderate workouts. They’re great for someone who’s looking for a breathable legging that feels like a second skin, but they’ll be a letdown to anyone expecting them to be compressive or thick. And if you’re between sizes, you’ll want to size up.

I prefer a lean legging, so these were perfect for me. They’re silky, breathable, and so comfortable you can forget you’ve even got them on. I appreciate the extra-high waistband and that the regular inseam is nice and long on me (it bunches slightly on me at 5-foot-7). The size small was perfect for me. Some reviewers note they run small, but I didn’t find this to be the case as a 26-27. They helped cool me down in pilates and barre classes, and I didn’t experience rolling in the waistband. – Mara Leighton, senior E-learning reporter

everlane leggings review
The Perform Legging

The overall fit of Everlane’s Perform Legging was good. The ankle inseam was perfect and the waistband was over my belly button, so I felt like the leggings weren’t going to slide down or move anywhere. However, the material was just too thin for me. I didn’t feel comfortable bending over in fear of the material becoming completely see-through.

As far as comfort and performance goes, I felt cool and dry all day. I wasn’t too surprised by that given how thin the material was – there’s no way heat could get trapped inside. Overall, I think they’re great leggings for lounging around at home, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them to the gym where I’d be stretching and squatting. – MoMo Lamping, manager of culture & employee experience

everlane perform legging
The Perform Legging

One of my favorite things about The Perform Legging is the fabric. It’s silky smooth and truly feels like a second skin – I don’t even really feel like I’m wearing anything. But, the thin fabric definitely has its faults. At times, I felt like you could see the outline of my underwear, which I am not a fan of, though I think that wouldn’t be a problem had I gotten a darker color.

The regular inseam fits my 5-foot-6 frame well. I had some bunching at the ankle, but the fabric is so lightweight it didn’t bother me at all. In theory, I like the high-waist band, but it just wouldn’t stay put. When I sat, it rolled down so I had to keep pulling it up. This could be because the fabric isn’t super compressive or because I got the wrong size, but I can’t be sure. Other than the waistband issue, I think the leggings fit like a glove. If you see me running errands or lounging on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll probably have these on. – Remi Rosmarin, former reporter

Cons to consider

For the regular Perform Legging, some experienced issues with the waistband rolling down and the thinness of the fabric. It seems best to sport this pair while lounging at home or during low impact workouts, as Everlane itself notes.

For the new Perform Pocket Legging, our testers noted that the added seams don’t quite stay put. Also, because the material hasn’t changed, the fabric is still quite thin and might be better for wear indoors and during less intense exercises.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, both The Perform Legging and The Perform Pocket Legging earn spots in our legging sequence thanks to their blend of recycled nylon and elastane. We can’t stop raving about how soft, light, and comfortable the two leggings feel, though the long pockets on the newest version take rank. The deep pockets make life a little easier, whether you’re running errands or hitting the home gym.

Perform Legging (small)Perform Pocket Legging (small)

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Spanx is best known for its shapewear, but its leggings are the real unsung heroes – we had 4 people test their fit and function

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spanx leggings review 2

In the 22 years since being founded by Sara Blakely, Spanx has firmly entrenched itself into popular culture and become synonymous with looking and feeling confident in your evening dress.

Though it’s usually associated with smoothing, panty line-eliminating shapewear, another part of its business – which has expanded far and wide to include activewear, swimwear, and men’s underwear – is quietly raved about, too.

Spanx leggings have earned their own share of fans because they feature the same comfort and flattering look of the famous shapewear, but take everyone’s favorite form of pants-that-aren’t-really-pants. 

Spanx Leggings

A few of the most popular Spanx legging styles are the Faux Leather Leggings ($98), Faux Leather Moto Leggings ($110), and the Look At Me Now Seamless Leggings ($68).

The sleek and slick Faux Leather Leggings are slimming and make an ordinary outfit instantly more edgy, while the Moto version turns the edge up further with its textured moto seams. Though you’d expect these styles to be uncomfortable or restrictive, they’re quite stretchy and have control tops.

Meanwhile, the stretchy knit Seamless Leggings are an attractive legging basic you’ll default to on the weekends, but won’t feel ashamed to wear out of your home.

In total, Spanx sells more than 30 styles of leggings, from “Jean-ish” to luxe velvet to active. They run from $58 to $128, with most styles priced around $100 to $110 – on par with premium athleisure brands. The Spanx difference, however, benefits from a design philosophy that has both comfort and style in mind, and executes through features like shaping waistbands and the absence of center seams. 

We tried a few pairs of Spanx leggings to see for ourselves what the big deal was and came away impressed with their fit, quality construction, and flattering style. You can read more about our experiences and shop all of Spanx’s leggings below. 

Shop all leggings at Spanx here.

Shop Spanx leggings at Nordstrom here.

EveryWear Mesh Side Stripe Leggings

spanx leggings review

For both stylistic and functional, breathability purposes, I love leggings with mesh details or panels, so I was immediately drawn to this pair. They have a lengthening and slimming mesh stripe down each leg that somewhat mimics the popular side stripe pant look of the moment, but has its own unique effect. 

Your legs and butt will look great in these leggings because the fabric compresses and hugs your curves, but they’ll also feel surprisingly comfortable the whole time. They’re stretchy, and though I wouldn’t work out in them, they easily adapted to the unexpected squats and light jogs that can be required during an active day in the city.

The other parts of the comfort equation were the soft, antimicrobial finish and breathable fabric that allowed me to wear these leggings from day to night. — Connie Chen, senior reporter

Look At Me Now Cropped Seamless Leggings

spanx leggings review 3

I’m firmly in camp “leggings as pants,” and this semi-high-waisted pair has everything going for it. The extreme opacity means I never have to worry when I  bend over to pick something up (which is often, I have a cat and a slippery phone), and the seamless construction is incredibly smoothing and comfortable. There’s no elastic strip in the waistband, so there’s no digging. The waist is basically just a continuation of the leggings themselves.

They’re also not as tight as Spanx shapewear, but they still hold me in without pressing too hard anywhere. I don’t wear these to work, but I do wear them as often as possible when I’m not in the office. I’m also 5-foot-1, so cropped leggings fit me perfectly as regular-length pairs.  — Sally Kaplan, senior editor

EveryWear Icon Leggings

spanx leggings review

I was prepared not to love Spanx’s leggings. I spend most of my time in athletic leggings, and I had decided I’d outgrown athleisure pairs. I stand corrected.

The Every-Wear leggings are flattering and slimming, and surprisingly thin enough to wear all day comfortably. The four-way stretch lets you move around unencumbered. The design is smart: the absence of a center-seam and a waistband-free construction makes the transition from what is essentially shapewear to a more natural second skin (and no muffin top). It hit at my natural waist, and the seams in back work both functionally and as a kind of slimming and uplifting contour.

All in all, they’re movement-friendly, make for a lean and streamlined silhouette, and avoid most of my athleisure complaints. $110 is expensive, but I’d personally rather own one pair of these than three inferior pairs. —Mara Leighton, senior reporter

Active Printed Leggings

spanx leggings review 5

Spanx makes my all-time favorite pairs of tights, so I had high hopes for its leggings. And my faith was not misplaced … the Active Printed Leggings are amazing. They’re breathable, supportive but not suffocating, and surprisingly comfortable, offering more stretch than similar compressive leggings I’ve tried that makes them much easier to get into and out of. I’m not sure what witchcraft went into the design, but they also manage to create a smooth-all-over look I love. —Ellen Hoffman, Insider Reviews Executive Editor

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Spanx Leggings
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