The best women’s laptop bags in 2021 to keep your computer safe in style

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All of the best women’s laptop bags
All of our favorite women’s laptop bags.

  • Laptop bags are an essential way to protect laptops during commutes.
  • The best bags are protective, stylish, and spacious.
  • The Lo and Sons O.G. 2 is our favorite for its combination of protection and style.

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Whether it’s for a trip to school, the office, or the coffee shop, a good laptop bag is an essential computer accessory.

A laptop bag’s most important job is to protect the device it’s carrying, so it should be able to withstand some impact. But a good bag should also fit everything you need while looking stylish enough to make you want to carry it everywhere.

We’ve spent months testing laptop bags to find the best ones. We’ve chosen options for just about every shape, style and budget – from classic briefcase style to luxurious totes and everything in between.

Here are the best laptop bags for women:

The best laptop bag overall

Best overall women’s laptop bag  Lo and Sons O.G
Best overall women’s laptop bag: Lo and Sons O.G. 2

The Lo and Sons O.G. 2 is fashionable, spacious, and versatile, offering the best blend of protection and style. 

If you are looking for a bag that oozes sophistication, the Lo and Sons O.G. 2 fits the bill. The premium materials and thoughtful design make it feel as luxurious as it is practical and protective, which is why it’s our top pick. It starts at $378 and comes in black, caramel, and gray. 

The nylon exterior is light, smooth, and water resistant, while the leather on the handles and trim feels sturdy yet sleek. The O.G. 2 has two large compartments – one exclusively for a laptop, and one main compartment with several interior pouches that could easily fit an iPad and other personal belongings.

A pocket on the bag’s back also opens up at the bottom to function as a pass-through luggage slip, which is a great perk for frequent travelers.  

There’s also a dedicated shoe pouch – a unique feature for laptop bags – located in an exterior zipper pocket on the main compartment’s side. However, this pouch must be unrolled from the main compartment, which can look a bit awkward and isn’t very consistent with the bag’s generally sleek design.

 The O.G. 2 comes in medium and large – though the laptop pocket is the same size on both bags.

The thickly-padded dedicated laptop pocket with spill resistant zippers makes this the most protective bag out of the ones we’ve tested. Its high-quality material, spacious interior, and beautiful, classic design help to cement its place as our best overall laptop bag.

The O.G. 2 Overnight Bag (button)
The best laptop bag for versatility

The Puffle by Go Dash Dot is the best women’s laptop for versatility
The best laptop bag for versatility: The Puffle by Go Dash Dot

The Puffle by Go Dash Dot is a fresh and fun take on the classic duffle bag with laptop protection and a clever design.

Go Dash Dot’s Puffle is a new take on the classic duffle in the style of what has become one of handbag world’s biggest trends: oversized pillow bags. The $218 Puffle has a fun and distinct look, but its versatility is what makes it a standout choice for those seeking laptop protection in a large everyday carryall. 

In fact, you could call the Puffle two bags in one. That’s because one of the bag’s main features is its small removable pouch that snaps to the back of its main compartment.  You can even connect the included cross-body strap to the pouch to create a mini purse, or even slip a belt through the rear loops to fashion it into a fanny pack. 

The Puffle’s main compartment also includes a padded, Velcro-secured 13-inch laptop sleeve as well as plenty of unstructured space to fit clothes and other belongings. The bag also sports exterior water bottle holders, a phone pouch, and another zipper pocket.

Like the O.G. 2, the Puffle also comes with a dedicated shoe compartment, but this one is zipper-protected and located near the bottom of the bag. It’s spacious enough to fit small boots and can also be accessed by opening the bag’s main compartment. This can be useful if you need more space in the main pouch, and the design is generally more functional and seamless than that of the O.G. 2.

It comes in Black, Denim, Iridescent, and Mint Chip, and is even machine washable, making it a great choice for those looking for an all-in-one laptop bag and purse solution.

The Puffle (button)
The best laptop bag for storage

The best women’s laptop bag for storage is the Bellroy System Messenger Bag
The best laptop bag for storage: the Bellroy System Messenger Bag

The Bellroy System Messenger Bag offers tons of room in a spacious and functional messenger style. 

Messenger bags aren’t for everyone. But those who love them will surely adore the Bellroy Systems Messenger Bag‘s clever construction. At $199, it’s not the priciest bag on this list but certainly skews toward the premium end. 

The large main pocket is closed through a unique fold-over design that uses magnets to clasp the top of the bag shut while a G-hook clasp folds it over and keeps it secure. This looks like it could be complicated to use, but it’s actually surprisingly intuitive while also offering protection against the elements.

Inside, the bag boasts a padded laptop sleeve that can fit a 16-inch laptop, a  smaller fabric divider capable of fitting an iPad, two collapsible side pockets for a water bottle or individual shoes, as well as small mesh zipper pockets for accessories. 

There is also a large zipper pocket on the rear of the bag that can be used for extra storage, or opened to function as a luggage pass-through. 

The bag is large and can get heavy when full, which might make it difficult for some to carry, especially those who already struggle with cross-body styles. However, the padded removable shoulder strap does ease some of the pressure, and we like that the weather-resistant nylon has a rugged feel to it.

Ultimately, the Bellroy System Messenger Bag is a well-made and a great choice for fans of the messenger style. It’s large enough to fit just about anything you might want to carry, and comes in Basalt and Black color options. Another bonus: it comes with a three-year warranty.

System Messenger Bag (button)
The best laptop bag for style

The best women’s laptop bag for style is the Dagne Dover Signature Tote
The best laptop bag for style: Dagne Dover Signature Tote

The Dagne Dover Signature Tote is a stylish laptop bag that offers lots of functionality.

If style is your top priority in a laptop bag, look no further than the Dagne Dover Signature Tote, which starts at $245. This bag is made out of colorful coated canvas and features a leather trim with handles that easily drop out of the way when you don’t need them.

This classic tote only has one large compartment that is secured by a zipper. Unfortunately, the zipper only seals the middle portion of the bag, leaving the ends exposed. This allows for easy access, but I prefer to have my belongings completely secured. 

The tote features a 13-inch laptop sleeve in the Classic model, and a 15-inch laptop sleeve in the Legend model. Both are secured by a thick strap with a strong magnetic closure. There are also dedicated interior pouches for pens and a phone, along with smaller pouches for other accessories as well as an interior zipper pocket. I found the detachable neoprene water bottle holder particularly useful as it prevented my beverage from sweating through to the other contents of the bag. 

The Signature Tote comes in Onyx, Bleecker Blush, Ash Blue, and Graphite, along with seasonal colors that are a bit more fun, such as Pinkish, Lime, and Pomelo. The Classic size costs $245, while the slightly bigger Legend costs $265. 

There are certainly plenty of good laptop totes out there, but few can match Dagne Dover’s  wide variety of fun colors. If you’re looking for a bag full of style and are willing to pay extra for it, then the Dagne Dover Signature Tote is the right pick.

Signature Tote (Legend) (button)
The best laptop bag on a budget

The best women’s laptop bag on a budget is the Targus 14 inch Cypress Slim Case with EcoSmart
Best laptop bag on a budget: The Targus 14-inch Cypress Slim Case with EcoSmart

The Targus 14-inch Cypress Slim Case with EcoSmart is compact, protective, and best of all: affordable. 

Sometimes the best bag is the one that gets the job done with the least amount of fuss. That logic applies to the $52.99 Targus 14-inch Cypress Slim Case, which is designed for holding your laptop and not much else.  

Despite the bag’s simplicity, it offers a decent amount of storage. I’m able to squeeze a computer, an iPad with a slim keyboard, and a book in the main compartment, while all of the power cords fit in the front pocket. It’s tight, but it works. 

It has one main compartment with a laptop sleeve, as well as a smaller front pocket with an organization panel for pens and other accessories. The back has a Velcro-secured luggage strap, and the bag also comes with a removable padded shoulder strap. That’s about it.

The bag comes in gray with black accents and is attractive but not particularly stylish. The environmentally-friendly design is made of a woven plastic that’s constructed from 12 recycled water bottles. The fabric doesn’t feel plasticky at all;  instead, it seems soft yet durable to the touch. The bag is thoroughly padded, adding a good level of protection from drops and spills. 

All told, the 14-inch Cyprus Slim Case with EcoSmart offers a tremendous amount of value for those seeking an affordable yet protective laptop bag. The style might be too utilitarian for some, but there is little doubt that this bag fulfills its intended purpose exceptionally well.

14-inch Cypress Slim Case with EcoSmart (button)
The best laptop bag for value

The best women’s laptop bag for value is the Targus 15 inch Newport East West Tote
Best laptop bag for value: Targus 15-inch Newport East-West Tote

The Targus 15-inch Newport East-West Tote offers plenty of pockets, weather-resistant nylon, and excellent laptop protection for significantly less than premium totes. 

At $102.99, Targus’ tote looks and feels as elegant as bags more than twice this price. 

Sure, the Newport East-West Tote lacks the genuine leather finishes of more premium bags, and the gold zippers don’t look as expensive as those on other models. But the build quality and overall appearance hold up nicely to the competition, making it an excellent value.

The tote is made of a black weather-resistant nylon material and features leatherette accents. The interior laptop sleeve can fit a 15-inch computer and is fastened by a Velcro strap. 

The main compartment also has an organizational panel of pouches for pens and other accessories, and an interior zipper pocket. On the back, you’ll find a luggage strap along with a side-opening zipper pouch, while the front has another zipper pocket for easy access to your phone.

The bag is spacious, well organized, and protective. The well-padded laptop sleeve is so deep that it runs the full length of the bag to keep  your computer thoroughly out of sight. Overall, this bag has more storage and a more fashion-friendly design than our budget pick, which might make it worth the extra money depending on your priorities.

Unfortunately, this tote has one major flaw: the interior fabric is a loud Hunter Orange and is only available in that color. This black and orange combination results in an unintended Halloween vibe that can certainly make the overall product unappealing to some.  

But for those who like to rock Halloween year-round — or don’t mind the interior color — this bag offers all the storage and protection you need at a reasonable price.

15-inch Newport East-West Tote (button)
Other women’s laptop bags we considered

Other women’s laptop bags we considered including the Dagne Dover Weston
Other laptop bags we considered including the Dagne Dover Weston

Dagne Dover Ryan Laptop Bag: We love Dagne Dover bags, and the Ryan Laptop Bag is no different. This neoprene bag comes in lots of fun colors, has lots of pockets, and is thoroughly protective. Ultimately, we found the $135 price for a 13-inch bag and $155 for a 15-inch bag to be a little too expensive for a bag that could barely fit a laptop, iPad, book and accessories. 

Dagne Dover Weston Laptop Bag: The Weston is similar to the Ryan, but only comes in one size and offers fewer color options. Like the Ryan, it is made of neoprene and has lots of organized space for your belongings. The slightly rounder shape of the Weston gave it a little more room to store stuff, but the bag didn’t hold its shape well when carried — it sagged unattractively in the middle. Like the Ryan, the Weston is also priced at $135.

Targus 15.6-inch Cypress Briefcase with EcoSmart: This bag is a larger version of the slim case listed earlier. It features two large main compartments as well as a front pocket, and is big enough to fit just about anything work-related you can throw at it. This bag is made out of 20 recycled plastic bottles and comes with a padded shoulder strap for crossbody carrying. Even so, the bag can get too heavy to carry comfortably when it is full, while its $72.99 price tag seems a little steep for its utilitarian design. 

Targus 15.6-inch Cypress Convertible Backpack with EcoSmart: Targus took its 15.6-inch briefcase and added removable backpack straps to create a versatile bag that can be carried three different ways. The nicely padded backpack straps can easily be unclipped and tucked away in their own zipper compartment for easy storage. The bag comes with another strap, so it can be worn crossbody, as a backpack, or held like a briefcase. The versatility of the design means that the bag doesn’t look particularly stylish when worn in every position. This is particularly true in backpack mode where it looks like you have a briefcase on your back, not a  normal backpack. The bag costs $89.99 and is available in black and gray.

Lo and Sons Seville Tote: This luxurious leather tote offers one main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve secured by a leather-button strap, and plenty of interior storage. The exterior shell is interchangeable and comes with a nylon travel shell that is lightweight, water-resistant, and has a luggage sleeve. The Seville Tote is expensive — it starts at $346.80 — and lacks exterior pockets, which means there isn’t a spot for quick access to your phone and other essentials. This is a real drawback at this price, though the bag still has a lot to offer those looking for a premium tote.

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The 4 best women’s laptop bags in 2021

  • Laptop bags are essential: they need to be stylish, easy to carry, and durable.
  • Options range from techy styles with lots of pockets, to luxurious leather totes.
  • Our pick for the best laptop bag for women is the Ryan Laptop Bag from Dagne Dover.
  • Check out Insider Reviews for more reviews, guides, and recommendations.

Laptop bags are one of the trickiest accessories to get right. We all want something that is stylish and easy to carry, but also durable enough to withstand a long commute. 

Some people prefer to stuff their laptop in large, fashionable bags, but we recommend finding something that at least has a dedicated laptop compartment. Luckily, there are plenty of attractive and protective options available.

The new generation of laptop carriers runs the gamut from techy styles with tons of extras to fashionable tote bags in luxurious leather. We love all different kinds of bags and have included a mix on this list to suit a variety of worker’s needs.

We are currently in the process of testing a whole new batch of bags to see if they stack up to the ones already on this list. For now, the following four bags reign supreme.

Here are the best laptop bags for women:

The best laptop bag overall

dagne dover $135

The Ryan Laptop Bag from Dagne Dover is super functional, complete with the brand’s signature interior compartment system, and very cute.

Pros: Tons of compartments, detachable key fob, convertible straps, water resistant
Cons: Expensive

Laptop bags that actually look like laptop bags can be cute. The everyday-bag masters over at Dagne Dover have proved it with the design of the Ryan Laptop Bag, which is both stylish and very practical. 

It’s very similar to the brand’s best-selling Signature Tote, with a more durable, tech-friendly exterior made of water-resistant neoprene. The interior contains Dagne Dover’s signature compartment system. There’s a laptop sleeve, a key ring, several card slots, and mesh pockets to organize your workday essentials. A zippered exterior pocket allows you to stash items you reach for on the go, like your subway card, passport, and cell phone. 

The Ryan is available in both Medium ($135, carries most 13-inch laptops) and Large ($155, carries most 15-inch laptops) sizes and can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag.

“I wish the Dagne Dover Ryan Laptop Bag had existed while I was in college, because it would’ve actually held up to all the heavy study materials and the laptop I carried around campus,” Insider Picks reporter Connie Chen wrote in a previous review

If you are a teacher or member of the military, you are eligible for a 20% discount on any Dagne Dover purchases you make. Simply fill out this form using your official education or military email address and the company will give you an exclusive code to use at checkout.

The best affordable laptop bag

Ytonet laptop bag

With nearly 1,000 5-star customer reviews on Amazon, the Ytonet 17-Inch Laptop Bag is a relative bargain that will not let you down.

Pros: Affordable, has a lot of compartments, expandable, water resistant

Cons: Not the most stylish

You truly do not need to spend a ton of money in order to find a good quality laptop bag you’ll actually want to carry every day. Sure, the Ytonet 17-Inch Laptop Bag is not the most stylish option on the market. But it’s not hideous, and it is practical and affordable.

This sleek, structured rectangular bag contains a multitude of compartments to hold everything you could possibly need for one workday (or a full week of them). Seriously, there’s an individual pocket for a cell phone, laptop, tablet, passport, pen, umbrella, water bottle, and even clothing! 

You can pack for a short business trip using just this one bag. There’s even an expandable zipper to give you more room, effectively turning your laptop bag into a duffle. The bag has a 4.6-star rating based on nearly 1,300 Amazon customer reviews and has been praised by Travel + Leisure.

The best stylish laptop bag

best laptop bag for women - dagne dover

The Dagne Dover Signature Tote is as attractive as a far less useful bag, but with all the functionality of the more utilitarian Ryan Laptop Bag.

Pros: Lots of interior pockets, fits 13-inch or 15-inch backpack, high-quality materials

Cons: Expensive

Dagne Dover really knows what its doing as far as work bags go. The Signature Tote is very similar to the more utilitarian in appearance Ryan Laptop Bag we chose as our top pick, only it doesn’t look like a laptop bag at all.

If style is a top priority for you, you can’t go wrong here. The Signature Tote is made of coated canvas with leather trim. It has a classic and simple silhouette that won’t go out of style or clash with anything in your closet. 

Dagne Dover’s founder and CEO Melissa Mash sums up our feelings about the tote best: “It’s no longer good enough to just be ‘arm candy’. Nowadays we expect the services and products we use to multitask, to be data-driven, and to work harder,” Mash told Insider Reviews’ director of content strategy Ellen Hoffman in a previous interview. “Dagne Dover is the only brand in the handbag market that does so while continuing to be stylish and organized.”

This bag comes in a bunch of colors and four sizes, but the Classic ($245) and Legend ($265) styles are the only ones large enough to fit a laptop. Inside both models is a padded compartment large enough to conceal a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop, respectively, three pen loops, a phone/MetroCard pocket, a detachable key leash, and a neoprene water bottle holder. 

Just about everyone is a fan of the Dagne Dover Signature Tote. “I lead a fast-paced, on-the-go life and expect functional products that can adapt to my needs and perform beyond expectations. I want a product that fuses style with athlete-caliber function. [Dagne Dover’s] Classic Tote does — and then some,” Hoffman wrote in her review. The bag had also been featured by Best Products, Travel + Leisure, The Strategist, and Harper’s Bazaar

If you are a teacher or member of the military, you are eligible for a 20% discount on any Dagne Dover purchases you make when you fill out this form using your official education or military email address. The company will give you a special discount code to use at checkout.

The best travel laptop bag

best laptop bag for women

The O.G. 2 Overnight Bag from Lo & Sons is a stylish upgrade for the frequent professional traveler.

Pros: Water resistant, stylish, comes in two sizes, easy to carry, optional key leash

Cons: Expensive

Our affordable pick is a great option for travel but if you’re looking for an upgrade, the O.G 2 Overnight Bag from Lo & Sons should be on your radar. Its predecessor comes highly recommended by Insider Reviews editors.

Not only are the overnight bags super cute, with a water-resistant nylon exterior available in a variety of chic, understated colors, they’re extremely functional for overnight trips or use as an airplane personal item. One of the more unique features is the adjustable back panel that slides over a rolling luggage handle for easy transport as you move from security to your gate. You can choose from two sizes: medium ($378.00) and large ($398.00).

Carry the bag top-handle or use the attachable messenger strap and toss it over your shoulder. A series of pockets, including a padded laptop sleeve and a side pocket for shoes, make organization easy. Lo & Sons says the internal laptop sleeve for both sizes of the bag fits up to 13-inch laptops. Some 14-inch and 15-inch laptops can fit inside of the main compartment of the bags, but do not fit inside of the padded laptop compartment.

“With all of the smart features, I’ve found I’m able to fit just about everything I need for a weekend away in this one bag,” writes Insider Reviews reporter Remi Rosmarin of the previous model. Travel experts at Huffington Post and Good Housekeeping are also big fans.

Better yet, the O.G. 2 linked here has a dedicated laptop sleeve, and it has been reinforced for stability when fully packed up.

Other women’s laptop bags we look forward to testing

Everlane The Oversized Carryall
  • Everlane oversize Caryall: This large catch-all bag has a dedicated laptop compartment and comes from the maker of our much loved – but now discontinued – Everlane Form bag.
  • Cuyana Tall Structured Leather Tote: Cuyana is known for its sustainable and ethically-sourced bags. This tote features a dedicated laptop compartment and is made from Italian leather from a woman-owned factory. 
  • Bellroy System Messenger bag: This laptop bag is for travelers on-the go. It has a padded laptop pouch and lots of pockets – including ones that pop out and back in when not in use. The bag’s luggage slip also fits over travel luggage handles.
  • Go Dash Dot Puffle bag: This fun bag is Go Dash Dot’s take on the classic duffle bag. It can be worn on  the shoulder or as a cross body. It has a dedicated laptop compartment, as well as an interior zipper that can release a shoe compartment for  more depth.
  • EaseGave laptop bag for women: This stylish and affordable bag has a dedicated padded laptop pouch with a reinforced bottom and comes in 13 different colors.
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