Nancy Pelosi says she will ‘never forgive’ the Capitol rioters for the ‘trauma’ they caused Congressional staff and members

nancy pelosi
WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 11: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) answers questions during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol on July 11, 2019 in Washington, DC. Pelosi answered a range of questions including comments on a recent flap with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and more progressive members of the House Democratic caucus.

  • Nancy Pelosi reflected on the January 6 Capitol insurrection in a new USA Today interview Tuesday.
  • The Speaker of the House said she was never “personally afraid” because she had so much security.
  • But many Members of Congress and staffers are still processing the trauma, she told the outlet.
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Nancy Pelosi says she wasn’t “personally afraid” of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6. But that doesn’t mean she plans on forgiving the rioters anytime soon.

In a new interview with USA Today that coincides with the Speaker of the House’s 100th day in session, Pelosi discussed the chaos of the Capitol insurrection, as well as the long-lasting impacts on those present.

Pelosi was evacuated from the Capitol campus to a secure off-site location on January 6 as a mob of Trump supporters breached the Capitol following a “Stop the Seal” rally. During former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, House impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett said Pelosi was evacuated quickly because some of the rioters had publicly stated their desire to hurt or kill her.

“That’s what they were setting out to do,” she told USA Today.

But if she hadn’t been safely evacuated in time? Pelosi said she wouldn’t have gone easily.

“Well, I’m pretty tough. I’m a street fighter. They would have had a battle on their hands,” she told the outlet.

She then reportedly suggested she could have used her four-inch-high stilettos as a weapon.

Though she joked about her own experience, USA Today journalists Susan Page and Ledyard King said the speaker’s voice became lower and “more intense” when she discussed the insurrection.

Pelosi told the outlet that her significant security presence made her feel safe during the riot, but she did worry for everybody else present.

“I’ll never forgive them the trauma that they caused to the staff and the members,” she said, noting that many are still trying to process the ordeal.

“I do think it will have an impact on how people decide to come to work here or stay to work here and the rest,” Pelosi said.

She told USA Today that she will soon introduce legislation meant to tighten the Capitol’s security and also suggested the possibility of establishing a select committee to investigate the Capitol attack if the 9/11-style commission continues to stall.

“The one thing among our members that is consistent is – we must find the truth,” she told the outlet.

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Man who ‘repeatedly’ assaulted multiple officers during Capitol riot planned, boasted on a social media account named for Trump, authorities say

capitol riot military
In this Jan. 6, 2021 file photo rioters supporting President Donald Trump storm the Capitol in Washington.

  • A New Jersey man was arrested Wednesday over his alleged role in the January 6 Capitol attack.
  • Court documents claim Christopher Quaglin assaulted multiple law enforcement officers during the riot.
  • Quaglin’s search history after the siege shows eight visits to the FBI’s “seeking information” page.
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A New Jersey man accused of “repeatedly assaulting multiple law enforcement officers” during the January 6 Capitol insurrection has been arrested and charged in relation to his participation in the attack, months after his internet search history suggests he was worrying about that very outcome.

Christopher Joseph Quaglin was arrested Wednesday on charges of assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers or employees, civil disorder, and obstruction of official proceeding, according to the US Justice Department.

Quaglin appeared virtually in federal court Wednesday where a judge decided to release him on house arrest, according to

In court documents, authorities say Quaglin participated in the Capitol siege in Washington, DC, where he helped lead the charge into the building and assaulted numerous officers during the process, including attacking authorities with a stolen riot guard and spraying a “chemical irritant” at officers trying to stop the break-in.

Dressed in a red, white, and blue shirt, a black helmet with a camera attached, and a gas mask, Quaglin was easily identifiable in video footage from that day, which authorities say shows Quaglin assaulting both Capitol police officers and Metropolitan Police Department officers multiple times in various locations throughout the afternoon.

Before rioters breached the building, Quaglin can be seen on officer body worn camera footage approaching the police line separated by a fence and starting to engage with officers “seemingly unprovoked,” court documents said.

“You don’t want this fight. You do not want this f—ing fight. You are on the wrong f—ing side. You’re going to bring a f—ing pistol, I’m going to bring a f—ing cannon,” Quaglin reportedly said. “You wait! Stay there like a f—ing sheep! This guy doesn’t know what the f— is going on.”

In another video, Quaglin can be seen shoving an officer holding the perimeter, documents said. Surveillance footage reportedly shows Quaglin engaging with an officer while appearing “increasingly agitated and pointing his finger,” before proceeding to “hold and push” the officer by the neck, which appears to contribute to the officer starting to fall.

Court documents say additional video footage shows Quaglin physically pushing at least five different officers during the chaos of the break-in.

Quaglin is also accused of spraying a chemical irritant at officers who were trying to stop the rioters from entering the Capitol, court documents say.

After the insurrection, law enforcement agents say they received a tip from an anonymous source who provided Facebook Live videos of the riot from Quaglin’s Facebook account, which was named “Chris Trump.”

The witness told authorities that Quaglin frequently posted on his social media accounts about the 2020 Presidential election and about going to the Capitol on January 6. According to legal records, many of Quaglin’s posts from the Capitol were deleted on January 7.

But that didn’t stop Quaglin from publicly planning his involvement prior to the attack or boasting about it immediately following the event.

In the aftermath of Joe Biden’s November victory, Quaglin reportedly sent a slew of Facebook messages to other accounts hinting at his eventual involvement in the attack.

“I’m going to war…I’m writing my letter to my wife and people will have it…But I might not even make it back,” Quaglin reportedly wrote on Facebook in November. “It’s over…I’m fighting if not…like on the streets in dc. Full body armor.”

In a video taken from his hotel room following the January attack, authorities say Quaglin said: “I’ve been pepper sprayed like twenty f—ing times, I’m sure I’m going to make the news.”

Authorities investigated Quaglin’s Google account history after the riot and found a search for “guy gets bear sprayed at capital” made on January 8. On January 20, his history shows visits to a web page titled, “Countries where you can buy citizenship, residency, or passport.”

And between January 28 and January 31, Quaglin’s account history shows eight total visits to the FBI’s “seeking information” for Capitol violence webpage.

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Judge rules that a Capitol protester accused of attacking police with bear spray will stay in jail

Capitol riot
Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they push barricades to storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C on January 6, 2021.

  • A man accused of carrying bear spray to attack police officers on January 6 will stay in jail.
  • A federal judge ruled Monday that George Tanios will be detained ahead of his trial.
  • Tanios’ friends and family members testified on his behalf, saying he was kind and non-violent.
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A federal judge lambasted a West Virginia man accused of carrying and using bear spray to attack Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick during the January 6 insurrection before ruling the defendant would stay in jail ahead of his trial.

In a Monday court hearing, prosecutors revealed new video of Sicknick and other officers reacting to being sprayed during the pro-Trump siege earlier this year.

George Tanios of Morgantown, West Virginia, and Julian Khater of State College, Pennsylvania, were arrested on March 14 and charged with conspiring to injure officers and assaulting federal officers, among other charges relating to their participation in the January 6 attack, according to the Department of Justice.

The agency said the two men were seen in video footage working together to “assault law enforcement officers with an unknown chemical substance by spraying officers directly in the face and eyes.”

In court Monday, the Justice Department showed video of Sicknick and two other officers reacting to allegedly being sprayed by Khater, according to CNN. One video reportedly captures the three officers being sprayed, while another captures Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards saying, “I got it right in the eye,” the outlet reported.

Sicknick, 42, died one day after the riot. He was hospitalized following the attack with injuries he sustained during the chaos, but investigators have not released an official cause of death, nor have they tied the alleged bear spray incident to his death.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials discovered video of Khater asking Tanios to “give me that bear s*it, according to the criminal affidavit. Tanios reportedly responds, “Hold on, hold on, not yet…it’s still early.” Khater then retrieves a canister from Tanios’ backpack and walks to an area within “a few steps” of the police perimeter, legal documents said.

The video reportedly shows Khater aiming a canister in the direction of the officers while “moving his arm from side to side.” Court documents said Capitol Police Officers Sicknick, Edwards, and Metropolitan Police Department Officer D. Chapman were all standing within a few feet of Khater and all reacted to being sprayed in the face, retreating and bringing their “hands to their faces and rushing to find water to wash out their eyes.”

Magistrate Judge Michael John Aloi told the courtroom Monday it was hard for him to “look at this as anything other than an assault on this nation’s heart,” according to The Daily Beast.

“Why would you not just turn the other way and go home?” Aloi reportedly said. “The fact that all of them weren’t thinking about that is just frightening to me. And that was a choice. Choices all along the way,” Aloi said during Tanios’ hearing.

Aloi’s decision to detain Tanios ahead of his trial came after more than half a dozen witnesses, including Tanios’ former employees, friends, and family members, were called by the defendant’s legal team and told the court Tanios was non-violent, the Beast reported. His sister, Maria Boutros reportedly testified that her brother was a “jokester who worked too many hours” and had never previously been in legal trouble.

“We have no doubt that Mr. Tanios’ family loves him very much, but we would just point out that these family and community ties were in place before he committed these crimes that he’s accused of,” said Assistant US Attorney Sarah Wagner on Monday.

Aloi noted that Tanios appears to have bought the bear spray prior to the event in DC, according to CNN. The outlet also reported that his co-defendant, Khater, who remains in jail, had spoken to the FBI about Tanios, confirming the alleged plan to obtain bear and pepper spray prior to the rally.

“They were supporting a president who would not accept that he was defeated in an election,” CNN reported Aloi said. “We’ve created this culture, radicalized by hate…to refuse to accept the result of the democratic process.”

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A Pennsylvania man said he would find a local Democratic Party office and ‘shoot it up’ for Donald Trump, and then he did, authorities say.

GettyImages 1230646653
Trump supporter, John Hess of Centralia, Washington holds a “stop-the-steal” sign as members of the Washington National Guard, State Police and a fence surround the state Capitol in Olympia, Washington on January 17, 2021.

  • Anthony Nero of Worcerster Township, Pennsylvania, is charged with cyberstalking and making threats online.
  • A Trump supporter, Nero promised he would find a Democratic Party office and “shoot it up.”
  • He’s accused of firing three shots at the local Democratic headquarters in Norristown.
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A Trump supporter in Pennsylvania threatened to shoot up a local Democratic Party office, boasted to party officials that it would be hard to catch him, and then was arrested this week after apparently following through on this threat, according to a federal criminal complaint.

On January 6, the day of the pro-Trump insurrection at the US Capitol, Anthony Francis Nero, 48, logged onto Facebook and sent a message to an unknown recipient stating that he would “go find a local Democrat Office and shoot it up. LOL,” federal authorities allege in the March 2 complaint.

Anthony Nero court docs
Section of the federal criminal complaint.

A day later, he pulled up the website for the Montgomery County Democratic Party and sent a message through their web form, federal authorities said. “With this stolen election and Coup d’etat, violence is the only language you bloodsuckers understand,” he wrote, according to the complaint. “TRUMP YOU!! You fucking traitors. Random acts of violence are difficult to investigate. Have fun.”

Less than two weeks later, on the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, three shots were fired through the window of the Democratic Party’s office in Norristown, appearing to have come from a .45 caliber handgun. Two bullets struck a desk inside.

Nero was taken into federal custody on Wednesday and taken to a detention center, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. According to investigators, he did not cloak his location while using his Verizon cell phone, allowing investigators to trace him.

An FBI special agent, executing a search warrant last month, also claims Nero did not delete his web history, which resulted in it auto-completing the fake email address he used to threaten local Democrats: “”

Firefox also auto-completed the address of the Norristown Democratic headquarters.

When local police served Nero search warrants, he also informed them that he had a .45 caliber handgun in the trunk of his Lexus. It was loaded, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, which in February charged Nero with terrorism, terroristic threats, carrying a firearm without a license, and reckless endangerment.

In a surprise to the accused, the federal government took over the case on Wednesday. Nero is due to appear in federal court on Friday for a detention hearing.

The man became a suspect, according to the FBI, after a confidential source tipped off law enforcement that he had been threatening local Democratic officials.

Nero’s criminal defense attorney did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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An ex-girlfriend tipped off the FBI about an alleged US Capitol rioter after he called her a ‘moron’

GettyImages 1230465183
A pro-Trump rioters breaks into the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

  • Richard Michetti has been charged with entering restricted grounds at the US Capitol.
  • The Pennsylvania man was turned in by his ex-girlfriend after he called her a ‘moron’.
  • She provided text messages and videos to the FBI.
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A Pennsylvania man was outed by his ex-girlfriend after trying to stop Congress from recognizing President Joe Biden’s election victory, according to court documents.

The woman may have decided to tip off law enforcement after being insulted.

“If you can’t see the election was stolen, you’re a moron,” Richard Michetti texted his ex-girlfriend, according to the criminal complaint. “This is our country do you think we live like kings because no one sacrificed anything?”

“[T]he vote was fraud and trump won but they won’t audit the votes,” he added.

Michetti’s former partner provided the FBI with text messages and videos a day after the January 6 insurrection. She also identified him in other images that appear to show him inside the US Capitol.

The FBI also obtained a receipt showing that he checked into a DC hotel on January 5 and checked out a day later.

Michetti charged with entering a restricted building, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and obstructing the work of Congress.

He was arraigned Tuesday at the US District Court in Philadelphia and released on bail, according to The Morning Call.

Numerous investigations, including those led by elected Republicans, found no evidence that there was any significant fraud in the 2020 election. Nonetheless, former President Donald Trump enflamed his supporters – and threatened state election officials – culminating in the breach of the US Capitol that delayed certification of Biden’s win in the Electoral College.

More than 265 people have now been arrested and charged with taking part in the Capitol riot.

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Ex-NYPD officer charged with using a flagpole to assault a cop during the US Capitol riot

GettyImages 1230456954
A pro-Trump mob clashes with police on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.

  • Thomas Webster appeared in court Tuesday over charges he assaulted a police officer.
  • Webster is a former member of the New York Police Department.
  • Prosecutors accuse him of using a flagpole to attack an officer at the January 6 US Capitol riot.
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A former member of the New York Police Department appeared in court Tuesday to face charges that he assaulted a police officer with a dangerous weapon during the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.

According to a criminal complaint, Thomas Webster, who was arrested Monday, was carrying a metal flagpole with a US Marine Corps flag on it when he began verbally harassing a member of the Metropolitan Police Department, declaring him a “commie” and a “piece of shit.”

Then, prosecutors say, Webster shoved a metal gate into the man and then lunged at him, “striking at the officer with the flagpole numerous times.”

He is at least the second man to be charged with using a flagpole to attack a police officer during the insurrection.

“You can see him ripping the officer’s protective gear off, the gas mask or the helmet that he was wearing at the time, which … caused the police officer to choke. It cut off his air at least for a short period of time,” Assistant US Attorney Benjamin Gianforti said Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

A man is seen attempting to rip a face mask off a police officer outside the US Capitol

The actions were caught on body camera footage. Prosecutors say Webster can also been seen on a YouTube video in restricted grounds at the US Capitol. “Send more patriots,” the man in the video states. “We need some help.”

Webster, who runs a landscaping company, was identified with screenshots from the video by an administrator at his children’s high school, according to the complaint.

If convicted, he could face more than a decade behind bars.

Webster is currently being held without bail until his next court appearance on March 3, with US Magistrate Judge Andrew E. Krause calling the video footage he reviewed “disturbing” and “well beyond First Amendment speech.”

His lawyer, James Monroe, said he intends to plead not guilty.

More than 250 people have now been charged in connection with the violence on January 6.

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